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Saggart Church

Saggart Church

The Church of the Nativity of the BVM is a striking feature of Saggart village and the sourrounding areas.The lovely stonework, windows, plaster and internal fixtures make it an important part of the heritage of the area. The north-western approach to Saggart is dominated by the square tower of the parish church on an elevated site at the edge of the village.The nineteenth century church constructed of local stone has served the conmmunity as  a place of worship for 150 years. The building was started in the 1830's just after Catholic Emancipation and completed before its dedication in 1849. A major benefactor to the new Church was the McDonnell family  who ran the Swiftbrook Paper Mills in Saggart. A brass plaque in  the Church porch is dedicaied to the family and was installed in 1927 by Rev. Joseph McDonnell member of the family. 

Many of the craftsmen who built the church may have been journey-men who moved from place to place as the demand arose and work became available. They would have included stone- masons,carpenters, plasterers and glaziers.Local men were also employed and persons with horse and drays were given plenty of work hauling stone and timber from the Wicklow quarries and saw mills.

A visit to the church should include a close inspection of the door.and window stone surround, the plaster centre-folds and the foliage decoration at the top ot the support pillars, the outstanding stained glass window over the altar to remind us of the skill of these craftsmen.The wonderful stained glass window over the altar is one of the most important features in the church. The work was executed by the Dublin firm of John and David Casey who had a stained glass business in Marlborough Street, Dublin and completed many works during this period of church building.

        Sketch of the interior.


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