My Project On Badgers


A badger is a mammal.

Badgers have black and white striped faces. They have grey fur on their bodies and black on their legs. Male and female badgers look alike, but males are slightly bigger.

Badgers walk on all four legs. They usually shuffle along with their head down. They often stop to listen for danger and sounds from animals.

Badgers eat worms, birds, eggs, insects, snails and berries.




My Report On Dolphins

The dolphin is a wild mammal. It has dark black eyes which help it to see under water. Its belly feels silky and wet. A fluck is a tail that helps dolphins to swim. Their blow-hole lets the dolphin breathe. Dolphins are found in Florida. Some dolphins live in fresh water, some dolphins live in salty water. If dolphins are ill, other dolphins will help it until it is better. Their family is called delphinin. Adults bottle nosed dolphins weigh up to 400-600 pounds.

By Michelle


My Report On Foxes

Foxes are a kind of wild dog that is a mammal. A fox has a bushy tail, large pointed ears and a long muzzle. Red foxes have bright and rusty red or orange-red fur. Foxes live wherever they can find food and somewhere to hide. It can live in an earth, den or a hole. Sometimes foxes crawl into an old badger’s den or a rabbit’s den. Foxes trot and walk on all four legs. They can also swim well when they have to. Most foxes carry their tails straight back when running. Foxes eat almost any animal they can catch, including rabbits, birds, frogs, mice, earthworms and beetles. I saw a fox in a zoo.

Daniel G.


My Report On Hamsters

A hamster is easy to tame, and great fun to own. You will have to look after it and take good care of it, and make sure that it is healthy and well fed. They have four little paws with a small tail. Hamsters are very curious and love to explore. They are also fun to play with. There are lots of types of hamsters. There is one type called The Dwarf Hamster, and it is so cute! Hamsters are good pets but are sometimes wild and vicious. Hamsters are nice to have but hard to look after.

By Dean


My Report On Horses

A horse is a wild mammal. Today there are over two hundred breeds of horses and ponies. A group of horses is called Equus. Horses come in all different colours, but most horses are brown or white. Lots of horses are used for horse-riding. Horses live all over the world. Some horses live in stables. Wild horses can run as fast as a car. Others can run the same.

By Ciara


My Report On Kittens

It is a pet. A kitten is a young cat. They have night vision and can see better then us at night. It lives in a house. It can jump higher than us. It has warm fur and is cuddly.

by Daniel K


My Report on Kittens

A kitten is a mammal. They are dry and fluffy animals. Kittens fur is all wet when they are born. They stop feeding on their mother’s milk at nine weeks old. The kittens keep clean by using their tongues to keep their fur clean. Grown up cats still like to play and explore but they also like to rest in the sun. Kittens are found all over the world. Kittens live in all types of house. Sometimes they climb into bags and boxes. Kittens fight and roll around the floor. It sometimes climbs up into trees.

by Orla


My Report On Lambs

 A lamb is a mammal. When a lamb is born it is wet and tired. The lamb’s legs are very wobbly. The lamb stands up but quickly falls over.

They live with all the other sheep in the flock.

When the lamb’s legs are strong it follows their mother wherever she goes and they eat grass.

Lambs are reared for their wool and their meat.

by Karroll


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