"As a descendant of Irish emigrant ancestors, I bought the book hoping to learn what life was like for my fathers' family.  What I found in the book exceeded my expectations.  I expected to learn the history of the area, to be informed as well as entertained by the stories of a remote community in Donegal.  My hopes were amply fulfilled - I learned far more than I expected, including such matters as the Plantation of Ulster, the Famine, the 1798 Rebellion, the War of Independence and Native Rule affecting the Rosses, and I enjoyed many wonderful stories including most memorably for me, the story of the Arranmore Pearls.  What emerges is a history of a people of imagination, strength and courage, a people with artistic and intellectual ability, a people of faith who value Ireland, as well as their independence, their home and land and family, just as my family still does today in the USA.

I have always had a great feeling of pride in my O'Donnell, Donegal and Ireland heritage.  'The Story of The Rosses' justifies my pride.  I consider the book a must-have for anyone who wants to understand their Irish heritage.  'The Story of The Rosses' is a great history of rural Ireland, and fills in the gaps that many of the genealogical community can only wonder at - beyond names and dates of our ancestors, who were they? what were their interests? desires, passions, fears and loves?  Reading this book is an experience of knowledge and pride, and I and all Irish are indebted to Ben O'Donnell for preserving the Story of The Rosses for us."
- Gail O'Donnell, Virginia, USA

Ben O'Donnell has done an outstanding job of collecting data about the Rosses, and weaving it into a very interesting and informative book.  I learned so much about the area and the people, and have a renewed appreciation for my ancestors from Arranmore and the difficulties they endured before coming to America.
- Beverley Miller, California, USA

I've just finished reading The Story of The Rosses.  It was a wonderful book, well written, and a love for the Rosses showing in every word.  The pictures were great!
 - Julie Chitwood, Arizona, USA

The book arrived yesterday in excellent condition.  I was surprised it got here so soon.  This book is a valuable treasure for me.  It has given me an insight into how my ancestors lived (originally from Lettermacaward) long ago.  I got so engrossed in the book, that I felt I was back in Ireland.
 - Susan Doherty, Melbourne, Australia