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The constant struggle of the Donegal Chieftains and their clans down through the centuries against the encroachment of neighbouring clans, meant they were in a constant state of readiness for battle.  This made them into s fit, sturdy and agile race.  Their descendants maintained the fitness and agility of their forefathers, by their day to day lifestyle in trying to sustain a living in difficult and hostile terrain.

It is no wonder, therefore that the Rosses has produced an abundance of talented sports men and women.  This book covers all the main sports - Athletics, Soccer, Gaelic, Boxing and Cycling.  Many great names in these fields are covered, including Pa Sharkey (boxed for Ireland in the1956 Olympic Games), Packie Bonner (Ireland goalkeeper), and Jimmy Sweeney (played baseball for the Boston Red Sox).  Successful sports personalities of today are also detailed.

If you are a sports fan, and have memories of the great teams and personalities to emerge from the Rosses, this book will be an invaluable resource for you.