Church of Assumption, Owning.

Church of The Assumption Owning pencil drawing by Bill Moore

Owning was completed in 1798. As with Templeorum it replaced a thatched chapel built in c. early to middle 1700s. Like Templeorum it was built by means of tenant farmer monetary subscription in accordance with their means and local voluntary labour. The only people paid were the qualified contracted stone masons and carpenters. In design it is cruciform; in the shape of the Cross of Christ. As with all churches it has undergone renovations down the years. Initially it had two entrance doors instead of the one we see today. Attached to its sacristy, like Templeorum, was the living quarters of the curate. It was not until the post Famine, 1850 and onwards that individual houses a distance from the church were built for curates. Owning has both pew seating in the nave and three galleries overhead, one housing the choir and organ. Pews were bought by individual parishioner family subscription at its time of construction and the families who subscribed sat in their own pew for Sunday and Holyday Masses.

Owning Chuch extract