Church of Assumption, Templeorum.

It was built between 1810-1814. Though located in the part of the parish with the lowest population density, it is the official Parish Church of the Catholic parish of Templeorum, as was its thatched predecessor built in 1720, and from which the present parish derived its name. Previous to 1720 the geographical entity known as the parish of Templeorum was referred to as Fiddown or Owning and Templeorum. In church design Templeorum is a barn type structure as distinct from the more common cruciform type common to its period of construction. As a rural parish church it is regarded as finest in the diocese of Ossory and one of the finest in the country. Aspects of its interior are modelled on the Catholic Cathedral on Barronstrand Street, in Waterford city. Namely the fine plaster pillars lining each side of the nave and the Romanesque ornamentation of the pillars upholding the back gallery and choir, visible as you enter the church. The Lacy brothers worked as contractors on both churches, hence the resemblance, as they took their inspiration from the Cathedral in Waterford