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In 1994 a touring exhibition,
visited Dublin, Galway, Donegal
and the Isle of Achill.

A souvenir brochure was published to celebrate the event.

Take a look at some of the beautiful illustrations and a selection of the poetry from the brochure.

To purchase the brochure........

Turf Banks, Achill
Turf Banks, Achill, Oil on Canvas
Desmond Turner R.U.A




Summergrazing on Inisclug,
under the weight of a western sky
in the last decade of the 20th century

Dermot Seymour


Between islands

John F. Deane

I stood, reaching my hand up
to grasp his hand;

over the island of Achill
the night sky was vast,

star after star drawing my face upwards,

the depths and silence,
his silence answering;

he hoisted me
onto a plinth of bog earth

where I was lost, suddenly afraid,
watching the star sheen on his face.

(from "The Stylized City", Dedalus Press)

Weathered Currach
Black & White Photograph
Peter Jankowsky

Flag Iris
Flag Iris,
Vicki Crowley

The Hay-Carrier

Paul Durcan

Have you ever saved hay in Mayo in the rain?
Have you ever saved hay in Mayo in the sun?
Have you ever carried above your head a haycock on a pitchfork:
Have you ever slept in a haybarn on the road from mayo to Egypt?
I am a hay-carrier.
My father was a hay-carrier.
My mother was a hay-carrier.
My brothers were hay-carriers.
My sisters were hay-carriers.
My wife is a hay-carrrier.
My son is a hay-carrier.
His sons are hay-carriers.
His daughters are hay-carriers.
We were always all hay-carriers.
We will always be hay-carriers.
For the great gate of night stands painted red -
And all of heaven lies waiting to be fed.

(from "A Snail in My Prime")

Old Wall, Dooagh, Achill
Alexandra Van Hout
Old Wall, Achill
The Yawl Race
The Yawl Race
Seosamh Ó Dálaigh

To Receive the Catalogue

Islands Oileáin

60 pages, 11.6" x 8.2" - 29.5cm x 21cm
Brochure contains colour illustrations, poems and prose.
Send cheque payable to 'The Island Trust' to:

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