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The Island Trust was established in 1987 as a non-profit making registered body with Charitable status.Diarmud and the Island Trust

It exists to promote the cause of the islanders of the inhabited islands off the coast of Ireland. Islands which are often in need of services and job opportunities to ensure that they survive as thriving communities in the 21st Century.

Much has been done in recent years to provide running water, electricity, transport and job opportunities, but much remains to be done if these windswept, beautiful islands in the Atlantic are going to retain thriving local communities.

The islanders are self-sufficient people who have a unique culture and for the most part speak Gaelic as their mother tongue.

The Island Trust produce a magazine, An t-Oileánach (The Islander) with news and views from the Islands. Contact us for details.The Island Trust

The Island Trust: Registered Charity no. 8349



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