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Geoff is the owner of the Vault - a centre and shop for games and gamers of all kinds. Geoff has been an avid RPG gamer for most of his life, and setting up The Vault has been his dream. Geoff is a visionary, always coming up with new ideas, his implementation of which leave a lot to be desired. He is cursed by being both happy and energetic ALL THE TIME (you know the kind of people), which can get on some people's nerves. Although he is the general overseer of the whole Vault, Geoff spends most of his time in the RPG Vault, playing card games or reading the latest D&D supplement. Geoff also has a large collection of bladed weapons and is an expert with all of them. How this came about, noone is entirely clear.



Nikki is a first year college student doing arts - which gives her plenty of time to work at the Vault. Nikki says she is 19, but in terms of cynicism and world-weariness, she is about 500. It is not entirely clear why. Nikki is a hard and efficient worker, but she can be occasionally sidelined by distractions such as a Magic: The Gathering challenge or kicking Dave's ass in Unreal Tournament. Nikki works at the RPG Vault desk most of the time. Nikki is a trainee witch, and seems to have developed an affinity for the element of air.





Dave is also a college student, and is doing a course in computer science. He is lazy and hardly ever turns up for lectures, but manages to succeed based on his mastery of all things electronic. Dave considers himself to be the l33test gamer in town, and has amazing skill at most games, especially strategy games. To his disgust, Nikki is still better than him in Unreal Tournament - with the exception of Capture the Flag, at which Dave is the master. Dave spends his working hours at the CyberVault desk or in "The Box", where the LAN PCs are kept. A recent accident involving 20 overclocked AMD Athalon CPUs and a power surge has left Dave with strange markings on his body(not shown here) and the ability to spontaneously create items from computer games at will. He has managed to conceal this from other people by saying it is a tattoo - even though the pattern occasionally shifts.



The mystery character. Stavros is the security guard for the Vault. He is very big and strong, and has a scar on his face whose origins he will not disclose. He will not tell anyone anything about his past other than that he was born in Eastern Europe. He is better than Dave at Quake 3.





Phil and Lloyd

Phil(left) and Lloyd(right) are regulars at The Vault. Oddly, they had no history in gaming whatsoever before they came to the Vault(with the initial intention of trashing the place). They are fiercely competitive, and seek to outdo each other at everything. However, when either is threatened by an outsider, both will move in to crush the interloper. Other than that, Phil is the smart one, Lloyd is the violent one.


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