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Chaos Squats

Chaos Squats have given themselves over to the power of Chaos, seduced by dreams of power and riches long ago. When they were found to have turn over to Chaos, they were cast out of their homeworlds, and fled to the Maelstrom where they gather their strength to bring the Squat nation to its knees. Their entire worlds have been corrupted by chaos, and instead of barren rock wilderneses they are covered in plains of bone, obsidioan or flesh. The sky screams and burns, and strange warped creatures wander the surface and feed on each other. The hellish worlds of the chaos squats lie near the Maelstrom, a rift in the warp like the Eye of Terror, close to the galactic core. It is on these cursed worlds that the Chaos Squats have dwelt for centuries, burning in hatred at normal squats and raiding their Holds. Chaos Squats have the following special rules:

Chaos: The Chaos Squats may ally with Chaos forces, replacing slots from their unit allowance with troops from the Chaos Codex. In addition, the Leader of the army may have Chaos rewards and gifts as normal.

Orks: Chaos Squats do not hate Orks, and often accompany ork raids into loyal squat territory. Chaos Squats may ally with orks in the normal way.

The Chaos Squats do not always defend like normal Squats(ie. disregard the Home Guard rule).

Chaos Squats do not gain the following wargear, so it should be stricken from their Armory: Inherited Artifact, Plasma Field Generator, Phoenix Bolts, Guild Banner. Chaos Squats cannot take any Squat special characters.

The Chaos Squats bear hatred for normal, good hearted, hard working Squats, and vise versa.

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