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Ranged Weapons
Weapon Range Strength Armor Piercing Type
Auto-cannon 48" 7 4 Heavy 2
Bolt pistol 12" 4 5 Pistol
Bolt-gun 24" 4 5 Rapid Fire
Flamer Template 4 5 Assault 1
Graviton Gun 24" X X Assault 1 Blast*
Heavy bolter 36" 5 4 Heavy 3
Heavy Flamer Template 5 4 Assault 1
Las-cannon 48" 9 2 Heavy 1
Laser Destroyer 48" 9 2 Heavy 1*
Melta-gun 12" 8 1 Assault 1
Mole Mortar Guess 36" 6 4 Heavy 1 Blast*
Plasma cannon 36" 7 2 Heavy 1 Blast*
Plasma gun 24" 7 2 Rapid Fire*
Plasma lance 24" 8 2 Assault 1*
Plasma pistol 12" 7 2 Pistol*
Squat Auto pistol 12" 3 6 Pistol*
Squat Auto-gun 12" 3 6 Assault 2*
Plasma Warhead 48" 7 2 Heavy 1 Blast*

*These weapons have additional special rules, see the Weapons or Squat Wargear section of the rules below for more details.

Weapon Range Strength Armor Piercing Type
Battle Cannon 72" 8 3 Ordinance 1/Blast

Hand-to-hand Weapons

Axe: Roll to wound with user’s strength characteristic. Opponent may take armour saves as normal.

Power Axe: Roll to wound with user’s strength characteristic. Any wounds inflicted by these weapons ignore the opponent’s armour saves.


Artificer Helm: Some Engineers develop intricate weapons and equipment for use in the Squat armory. One of the most unique is the Artificer Helm that is created by the Guildmaster Engineer. This piece of wargear will grant the Guildmaster a 5+ Invulnerable save, as well as allowing the Guildmaster’s squad to ignore any pinning from weapon fire.

Banner of Command: Vehicles in the Squat army are a rarity and most often saved for the army’s commander and his bodyguard. This Banner serves as a rallying point for nearby Squats, and will keep them fighting in even the most dire of situations. Every Squat model within 12" of this vehicle may use the Warlord Leadership for Morale tests, and models that have been broken may attempt to regroup, even if it normally may not.

Banner of Thunder: Some Squats can suffer from blood lust, and those that do are considered to be one of the most frightening sights in the Imperium. Any unit that takes casualties from this Squat unit will be pinned for the next turn. This will occur from either shooting or close combat. Note: This may only be taken by a squad and its Leader.

Banner of Vengeance: Squats are a veryy vengeful people, and never forget a slight or insult. The Squat life is a harsh one, and sometimes their underground cities are destroyed by outside aggressors. Those who come from such a city have sworn revenge on its destroyer. Before the start of the game, pick one enemy unit. For the rest of the game, the Squat unit will suffer hatred for that enemy (treated as the normal Squat Hatred for Orks). If the nominated unit is Orky in nature, then the Squat unit may assault up to 6", instead of the normal 3". Note: This may only be taken by a squad and its Leader.

Carapace Armor: Carapace armor is made from large plates of Armaplas molded to the wearer’s body. It is usually very heavy, but this doesn’t bother the Squat wearing it. Carapace armor gives the wearer a 4+ armor save.

Communicator: The Communicator is an item remarkably similar to the Space Marine Signum. It is a form of communication device that allows the Squat Guildmaster to provide targeting information for other nearby units. However, through some enhancements, the Communicator can be used to aid units not in his own squad. In game terms, this allows any single model within 12" of the Guildmaster to re-roll one missed to hit during the shooting phase. The Communicator may not be used on models equipped with a Targeter.

Dozer Blade: This large armored blade was designed to push down trees and other debris in order to allow the vehicle to move through rough terrain. A vehicle equipped with a Dozer Blade may re-roll a failed difficult terrain roll as long as it was not moving more then 6" that turn.

Exo-Armor: Squat Exo-armor was created to work outside, in deep space or other inhospitable environments. The armor looks huge when compared to the Squat that is inside, but in reality it is not much larger than standard Space Marine Power Armor. The armor has save of 2+, and is always adorned with the best of weapons. Because of this, all weapons mounted on the armor are always Master-crafted, which is already added into the cost of the armor itself. The armor also restricts the Squats already stunted movement, meaning that if an enemy squad breaks in hand to hand combat the wearer may only consolidate, and may not pursue. Also, Squats may ride a bike while wearing this armor.

Gravitation Gun: The gravitation gun affects the local gravity field and changes the weight of objects, making them far heavier than normal. A target hit by a gravitation gun is always affected, with no damage roll required. A living target will be Pinned for the remainder of the game and may not move or shoot, although a psyker may still continue to use his powers. If the target is a vehicle, then the shot automatically penetrates. Work this out as normally, rolling for damage results on the Penetrating Hit table.
Weapon Range Strength AP Type
Gravitation Gun 24" X X Assault 1 Blast

Guild Banner: The Squat army is not a full standing army, which means that some units will march under the command of different Leaders. Those supported by the Guild of Engineers may re-roll any failed to hit rolls in their shooting phase. Note: This may only be taken by a squad and its Leader.

Gyro-stabilized Weapon Mounts: With the advanced engineering skills of the Squats determining new ways to increase their vehicle’s effectiveness, they have found a way to increase the stability of a weapon mount. With additional gyros and pneumatic systems, weapons normally disrupted by movement may instead ignore the jostling effects of rolling over terrain at break-neck speeds. Vehicles equipped with Gyro-stabilized Weapon Mounts are treated as fast moving vehicles, and can fire accordingly. Note: Restrictions on Ordinance weapons allow it to shoot even if the vehicle moved 6", but it may not fire any other weapons if it does this.

Haywire Grenade: The Squat army uses this weapon to destroy enemy vehicles with alarming ease. The haywire grenade works by sending out a short-ranged electromagnetic pulse. Haywire grenades may only be used against vehicles. The model may only make a single attack with the haywire grenade, regardless of their normal number of attacks. If the attack hits roll a D6 to determine the result: 1=No effect, 2-5=Glancing hit, 6=Penetrating hit. The haywire grenade may only be used against a Dreadnought if it has been first immobilized.

Hunter Killer with Plasma Warhead: Using the same technology as the Imperial Hunter Killer missile, the Squat Engineers have developed a large rocket with a plasma warhead. This is a single shot missile, but instead of the normal Krak round, it is a Plasma round. The weapon’s profile is as follows:
Weapon Range Strength AP Type
Plasma Warhead 48" 7 2 Heavy 1 Blast

Inherited Artifact: In Squat society, old weapons, armor and wargear are revered greatly by peers if it once belonged to a great hero. These artifacts are always master crafted, and counts as an upgrade for existing wargear. The object causes all those who the wielder is leading in his squad to fight with increased vigor, allowing them to re-roll one failed break test per turn.

Iron Lung: Few Squats survive the injuries they suffer in battle. Those that do often have artificial organs and bionic replacements grafted into their bodies. This "Iron Lung" cannot enhance the Squat using them, but because of the sturdy pieces, may actually protect the Squat from further injuries. A fatal shot to the chest may instead ricochet off the enhanced ribs and internal organs. If a model with an Iron Lung is killed, instead of removing the model, place it on its side. At the start of the next turn, roll a D6. If the result is a 6, then the model may stand back up with one wound. If it is any other result, remove the model as a casualty.

Laser Destroyer: This massive, supercharged laser cannon is so large that it must be mounted on its own set of treads, allowing it to move under its own power. The weapon is fired using a mobile control box. The Laser Destroyer is effectively several laser cannons, which fire one single blast simultaneously. This allows you to roll 2 D6 for Penetration and take the best result. The Laser Destroyer has the following profile.
Weapon Range Strength AP Type
Laser Destroyer 48" 9 2 Heavy 1

Lightning Maul: The Lightning Maul is a powerful hammer of Squat design. When the Maul strikes, it releases a huge amount of energy, enough to stun the person struck by the Maul. In game terms, the Lightning Maul counts as a Power Fist, but a model wounded and not killed will be unable to attack until the end of the next assault phase. A vehicle struck by the Lightning Maul will suffer a crew shaken result in addition to any other result.

Magnetized Hull: Squat engineers have a very different view of how things should be created. With this kind of thinking in mind, they have been able to create and sustain a magnetic field that runs over the hull of a vehicle. The effect of magnetizing the hull means that an assaulting unit will lose 1 attack with its weapons. Note: Unfortunately, a side effect of this upgrade would disrupt any crewman sitting on its surface. Open topped vehicles may not take this upgrade.

Master Crafted Armor: This is considered an upgrade for the Squat’s armor. Carapace Armor gains a 3+ save, while Squat Exo-armor may re-roll one failed save per turn.

Master Crafted Weapon: A master-crafted weapon follows the normal rules, except that you may re-roll one missed to hit roll per turn. MC weapons are taken as an upgrade to a weapon that is already being carried. Grenades may not be master-crafted. The cost of master crafting a weapon is in addition to the weapon itself and is the only part of the cost that applies to the 100-point limit.

Mole Mortar: Like all Squat weapons, the Mole Mortar is a unique piece of weaponry. Designed to blow underground tunnels, the Mole Mortar delivers a payload that travels under the ground. The results are even more devastating than a normal mortar, causing the ground under a unit to erupt in a deadly explosion. The Mole Mortar fires in a matter normal to any other guess weapon. However, due to its unique nature, the full force of the explosion will affect only units on the ground. Skimmers will suffer only glancing hits, even if the result is a penetrating hit. A mole mortar explosion will create a crater equal to the size of its blast area. Treat the crater as difficult terrain.
Weapon Range Strength AP Type
Mole Mortar Guess 36" 6 4 Heavy 1 Blast

Phoenix Bolts: Occasionally a Squat Engineer will create an invention that is rather startling in nature. The Phoenix Bolt is such a weapon. Taking miniaturized plasma cells and placing them in auto-cannon rounds, a normal Auto-cannon can fire bolts of plasma. While these are not particularly strong cells, they do explode on impact. This has the effect of making the Auto-cannon a Heavy 2 Blast weapon.

Plasma Field generator: The Squats’ mastery over Plasma Technology has extended past just vaporizing the enemy. They have crafted it to a personal force field that covers the squat with a thick membrane of plasma, forming an impenetrable barrier. The field gives a 4+ unmodified save against any attack that is made against the user.

Plasma Lance: This large, cumbersome looking weapon is of a very unique design. Utilizing plasma technology, and enhancing it slightly, the Squats have created a very deadly weapon. Wrapping the lance in a plasma field, it is capable of firing a high intensity energy bolt or cutting through powered armor. The Plasma Lance may fire in the shooting phase, using the given profile, or it may be used in an assault as a power weapon. Because of the large energy drain, it may not be used during both phases in the same turn.
Weapon Range Strength AP Type
Plasma Lance 24" 8 2 Assault 1

Plasma Weapons: Unlike their Imperium counterparts, the Squats have perfected the use of Plasma Weapons. They have perfected the plasma emergency venting to the point that the Squat warrior does not have to fear overheating. If a 1 is rolled to hit for any Squat Plasma weapon, then only a miss will occur.

Power Winch: Attached to the front of most Squat Vehicles, the power winch is a handy tool that is used in mining operations. A vehicle that is equipped with a power winch may pull itself out of any impassable terrain it becomes stuck in. This will take the vehicle’s entire movement phase, and will place it just outside the impassable terrain.

Rune Axe: This massive weapon (which, Imperial Scholars argue, often weighs more than the Squat who wields it) is used to channel the psychic powers of Squats who have reached the age when they become living ancestors, developing psychic power, not unlike a force weapon used by the Space Marine Librarians. The massive weight of the Axe head is enough to bring the weapon down and cut through plasteel like butter. Treated as a normal force weapon, it also doubles the Lord’s strength characteristic and ignores armor saves. However, the user will strike last in close combat, regardless of initiative.

Scanner: The Scanner is a short-range energy detector used to spot hidden troops nearby by "seeing" their energy and heat signatures. If there are enemy infiltrators set up within 4D6" of a model with a Scanner, then that model may take a free shot at them (or Sound the Alarm in a Raid Scenario). If the model is part of a unit, then the whole unit may shoot. These shots are taken before the battle begins and could cause the target to fall back. The normal rules for shooting apply.

Squat Attack Trike: Attack Trikes carry two Squats into battle. Attack Trikes work in a similar manner to regular Attack Bikes, War-Trikes, and Bikes. They can fire two weapons in the shooting phase, and have an improved save because of the two crewmen. The Attack Trike also has an enhanced toughness as a War-Trike, but has two attacks instead of one.

Squat Auto-guns: Since Squats fight in much closer quarters than their Imperial counter parts, they have had to modify the Auto-gun for a more different role. Instead of the normal Rapid Fire characteristic, Squat Auto-guns have an Assault 2 profile. Squat Auto-guns and Auto-pistols also have AP6.

Squat War-Trike: The Squat War-Trike operates in a very similar manner to the Space Marine Bike. A War-Trike moves 12" in the movement phase and 6" in the assault phase. The bike grants its driver a +1 to toughness. Models may wear Exo-armor while riding the War-Trike. The War-Trike comes with twin linked Squat Auto-guns.

Super-chargers: Squats have a thing for speed. Most of their personal vehicles have been modified to have enhanced power cells or fuel injection systems, which give the vehicle an extra boost of speed. Any Squat vehicle equipped with super-chargers may move an additional D6" in its movement phase.

Targeter: Squats do not have a reputation for being among the best shots in the galaxy. However, with their technical expertise, they have managed to create a remarkable piece of equipment. Any unit equipped with a Targeter may re-roll one failed to hit per shooting phase.


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