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++23/06/2001++ Sea Change
Ok - new look. I have not made an update for ages, for two reasons, which I will now explain.

First - I had my Leaving Cert exams(a big and important exam, for all you non-Irish readers). These are now over, and I can look forward to starting college soon.(WOOHOO!)

Second - I have been overhauling the entire site, with the intention of expanding this site further afield(preferably as far afield as a field can be). What this means is - new look, new site, new organisation, new everything. I had to convert all my old files into this amazing new design, and change some of them - which took ages. Now what was the Vault has become just a small section of my grand vision for the new Vault. Tes, the Vault you knew has become the WarVault, and now the Vault contains, or will soon contain, several new sections. At the moment though, this, and a comic strip called VaultKeepers, are the only sections online. So be on the watch for the FilmVault, RPGVault, GameVault, and AudioVault, and maybe even more.

Because of this huge change, I have thrown out the previous news articles, never to be seen again.



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