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The Whitworth monument, on the North Quay, sometime around 1900 (courtesy of the National Gallery)

What is the Whitworth Monument?

The Whitworth monument was erected in 1876 in recognition of Benjamin Whitworth and his contributions to the town of Drogheda. It consisted of an ornamental pinnacle with four display panels on a square plinth. It was designed by the architect P.J. Dodd and also included a fresh drinking-water fountain with two taps and iron drinking cups.  

Whitworth monument at Peter St. image


It was first erected at the bottom of Peter Street, just opposite the Tholsel. It was a magnificent centrepiece in the centre of a very busy town. But as the town prospered, it began to cause an obstruction, and the local traders in Peter Street petitioned the Corporation to have it removed. In October 1894 it was removed from Peter Street, and re-erected at The Mall/North Quay, very close to where the Depatment of Social Welfare office is currently located.

Where is the Whitworth monument now?

The monument stood at the Mall for almost 70 years. But then, in 1965 it was removed once more. However this time it did not relocate to another location. It just disappeared, without a trace, without a reason. In the intervening years there have been many pleas to the Corporation to have the circumstances investigated and to have the monument re-erected and restored, but to no avail.

Surely there should be some recognition of Benjamin Whitworth and his contribution to the town of Drogheda?


Whitworth monument and viaduct at the Mall

Read about " The Whitworth Drinking Fountain" from the Irish Builder, January 1877.


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