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The Whitworth Monument at the Mall c.1900   (courtesy of the National Gallery)

Benjamin Whitworth was born in Manchester in 1815 and was brought to Drogheda as a child where his father had set up a business as a corn merchant. The young Benjamin was educated in England, and he later went into business himself in Manchester. However he returned to Drogheda, and founded the Greenmount and Boyne Mills in 1865. This factory once employed 1,200 people and exported linen throughout the world.

whitworth hall pictures image He became the Borough of Drogheda's Liberal MP also in 1865, and was re-elected in 1868. Benjamin Whitworth personally funded many amenities in the town. He built the Whitworth hall in Laurence Street, and donated it to the town for use as a peoples hall. Down the years it has been used as a cinema, a theatre, a music hall and a dance hall among other things.

Benjamin Whitworth contributed in other ways to the welfare and infrastructure of the town and its people. He personally funded improvements to the towns water supply, and he helped to build the Christian Brothers monastery, formerly at Sundays Gate. He was awarded the freedom of the Borough in 1877, and died in London in 1893.

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