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Are you a blow-in?

Are you a blow-in?  If you claim to be a native, you can verify it by querying the 1901 census online.  Click here to do this, enter your townland, parish or name and away you go.  Excellent work by the  crew. 


Trying to trace Leitrim or Mohill ancestors? There are lots of things you can do before your visit - check the following sites:

  • Leitrim Genealogy Centre at the County Library, Ballinamore, Co. Leitrim
    If you are overseas and seeking information about ancestors, then contact the people at the genealogy centre.  They will be able to help you!
  • This is the best genealogy site there is! LEITRIM-ROSCOMMON Home Page - genealogy and Parish Map, census, surname, townlands database etc.
    • These people also have on line the 1901 census for Leitrim - so you can see who was alive at that time - click  here - for example, it is possible to find out who was alive in Mohill Civil Parish at that time - by the way, it shows 1333 households.
    • 1856: The Griffiths valuation for Co. Leitrim was published -
      All those holding property in Mohill in 1856 are listed here.

    • Jane Lyons has been busy - she has some extracts from the RC register of Baptisms from the 1830s, 1940s here

    • The Leitrim-Roscommon site also has maps of the Baronies, Civil Parishes, Roman Catholic Parishes and Poor Law Unions in County Leitrim - this is important since Mohill is the name of all four. -

      Up to the end of the nineteenth century, counties were subdivided into baronies - check out the maps of Leitrim from 1885 or 1892 to see the barony boundaries or click on the map at right.

      There are two types of parishes, the civil parish and the church (or ecclesiastical) parish. These are not the same and should not be confused. The Church of Ireland and the Roman Catholic Church had separate parish systems. The Civil Parish was the original unit of administration of the medieval church in Ireland and was used right up to the end of the nineteenth century for local and central  government. Since the Church of Ireland was the Established Church, its parish boundaries were sometimes the same as the civil parishes. The civil parish is an important boundary for land and taxation purposes. It is also the boundary used to catalogue many Irish records.

      Civil Parishes adjoining Mohill
      are Annaduff, Kiltoghert, Kiltubrid, Fenagh and Cloone
      Roman Catholic parishes adjoining Mohill are Annaduff, Kiltoghert, Kiltubrid, Fenagh, Cloone, Gortletteragh and Bornacoola.  
      See the map at right. .

      Another division, Poor Law Unions, describe an area serving workhouses set up from the 1830s on to try to deal with the poor and destitute. They became the bases of the registration districts used for state records of births, marriages and deaths.

      Townlands are the smallest administrative unit in Ireland. A townland is an area comprising anywhere between a few acres and several thousand acres - Townlands have specific boundaries which were officially surveyed in the 1830s by the Ordnance Survey. See the map below for locations of the 127 townlands in Mohill RC parish.
  • The Catholic parishes of Leitrim are also mapped on - Clicking on Mohill tells you the records available for Mohill RC Parish (here)
  • The Civil Parish of Mohill Co. Leitrim is coextant with the combined RC parishes of Mohill and Bornacoola shown in the map above/right.  Note that Bornacoola was split off from Mohill Parish in 1788.

    The table below identifies the townlands in the Civil Parish of Mohill. 
    (Those Highlighted in Yellow are in Mohill RC Parish and are shown on the map - those highlighted in Green are in Bornacoola RC Parish) - note that the townland-numbering scheme is the same as that used on the Leitrim-Roscommon website.

    (click on map for larger version)
    Map of the townlands of Roman Catholic Parish of
    Maothail-Manacháin (Mohill)

    The following are the townlands in the Roman Catholic Parish of Mohill, (also in the Civil Parish of Mohill)

    Aghadrumcarn, Aghadrumderg, Aghakilfaughna, Aghnacross,  Annaghderg Lower,  Annaghderg Upper,  Attimanus, Boeeshil, Breandrum (King),  Breandrum (Peyton),  Bunkilleen,  Bunny Beg,  Bunny More Lower,  Bunny More Upper,  Cappagh,  Carrick,  Carrigeen,  Cartron,  Cavan,  Clarashinnagh,  Cloonbo,  Clooncahir,  Cloonlaughil,  Coolabaun,  Corboghil,  Corduff,  Corduffhill,  Corgallion,  Corgar,  Corlaskagh,  Corlea,  Cormore,  Cornageeha,  Cornagresha North,  Cornagresha South,  Cornee,  Corrabeagh,  Corracaboon,  Corracramph North,  Corraterriff North,  Corraterriff South,  Crossdrumman,  Curragha,  Curraghoaghry,  Curraun,  Doonarah,  Drimna,  Drumbeighra,  Drumboy,  Drumcollagan,  Drumcroy,  Drumdart,  Drumdoo,  Drumgarn,  Drumgownagh,  Drumhany,  Drumhany North,  Drumhany South,  Drumhirk,  Drumkilla,  Drumkilleen,  Drumlara,  Drumlowan,  Drumnid,  Drumoghty Beg,  Drumoghty More,  Drumoula,  Drumraghool North,  Drumraghool South,  Drumrahan,  Drumreask,  Drumregan,  Finiskil,  Garvagh,  Glasdrumman,  Gortanure North,  Gortavacan,  Gortfadda,  Gortnalug,  Gortyclery,  Greenaun,  Gubadruish,  Keeloge,  Kildoo,  Killamaun,  Knockalongford,  Labbyeslin,  Laheen North,  Laheen South,  Laheennamona,  Leitrim Lower,  Leitrim Upper,  Lisdadanan,  Lisdrumgivel Lower,  Lisdrumgivel Upper,  Lisomadaun,  Meelick,  Mohernameela,  Mohill,  Moneyroe,  Mucklougher,  Mullaghrigny,  Mullaun,  Oghill,  Roosky,  Rosdoowaun,  Rosharry,  Seltan, Shannagh,  Shivdilla,  Shoalmore,  Skeamartin,  Springfield,  Sragarn,  Sratrissaun North,  Sratrissaun South,  Stuck,  Tamlaght Beg,  Tamlaght More,  Tamlaghtavally,  Tawnyeely,  Treanmore,  Tulcon,  Tullybradan,  Tullyoran,  Tulrusk,  Ussaun.

    The following are the townlands in the Roman Catholic Parish of Bornacoola,
    Bornacoola is in the Civil Parish of Mohill

    Acres. Aghamore, Aghinteeduff,  Aghnahunshin,  Aghnamona,  Bellageeher,  Breanross,  Cashel,  Cloonboniagh North,  Cloonboniagh South,  Clooncarreen,  Cloonclivvy,  Clooncolry,  Clooneagh,  Cloonfinnan,  Cloonmorris,  Cloontumpher,  Cloonturk,  Cornagillagh,  Corracramph South,  Corrascoffy,  Derreen,  Drumard (Jones),  Drumard (Magerraun),  Esker North,  Esker South,  Georgia or Gorteenoran,  Gortanure South,  Gortnalamph,  Gubagraffy,  Keelagh,  Killinaker,  Knockadrinan,  Knockmacrory,  Liscloonadea,  Meelragh (Nagur),  Meelragh (Saggart),  Moher,  Rinnagowna,  Rooskynamona

    Note that the civil parish of Mohill extends into County Longford -
    this is the part of County Longford north of the Rinn River in the RC parish of Bornacoola. 
    The townlands in the RC parish of Bornacoola, and in the civil parish of Mohill, Barony of Longford,  Co. Longford are:

    Ahanagh, Annaghcooleen, Bunanass, Cloonageeher, Cloonart North, Cloonart South, Clooncolligan, Clooneen (Beirne), Clooneen (Cox), Clooneen (Kennedy), Clooneen (Shanly), Clooniher, Edercloon and Tomisky

    The Civil Parish of Mohill also extends into the Barony of Leitrim:  The following townlands are in the Civil Parish of Mohill, Barony of Leitrim, Co. Leitrim - this can be seen on the map at

    Attimanus, Bunny Beg, Bunny More Lower, Bunny More Upper, Cartron, Corboghil, Corlaskagh, Corlea, Cornageeha, Corracramph North, Curraghoaghry, Drumdart, Drumgownagh, Drumoula, Drumrahan, Gortanure North, Gortavacan, Greenaun, Keeloge, Laheen North, Lisdrumgivel Lower, Lisdrumgivel Upper, Meelick, Mohernameela, Skeamartin,Tulcon

Families - Searching for Relations

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Lots of people post requests for information on web sites around the internet - I've gathered a few here.  If anyone wants to post a message here - use the Guestbook and we'll copy the plea here.  Additionally, please if you want any message removed.  Let me know also if you meet with any success.

Note that you may want to try posting to the Leitrim-Roscommon Genealogy Bulletin Board - lots of posts re people from the Mohill area.
Additionally, seems to have an exceptionally active mailing list and set of researchers with more than 880 references/emails about Mohill.  For older references or searches, i.e. for information related to people before 1900, you may be better trying there. In particular try the Leitrim message board. 

Important NOTE: if replying to an email address below, please remove the "XXX-" from the email addresses listed.  I've added the "XXX-" to protect the email addresses from unwanted email (SPAM).

If anyone has any information, please take a few moments to help these people - We know of a few cases where people have found some long lost relatives or found out much appreciated information about their family - We also know of cases where the news was not so good or the information came a month to late (literally!).  Any information, god or bad is usually very appreciated.

  1. Tony McDonagh is looking for any info on Sharon Dixon maiden name Perks, whose mother came from Mohill - Tony is her uncle - (09/10)

    Sharon Dixon was looking for info on any of the McDonagh family who were related to Winifred. She was born in 1948 and died in 1975. She was my mother and I know she was from there as it is on my birth certificate. Thank you.  (unfortunately, Sharon didn't leave an email address back in 2009)
  2. Paul Barnett - seeks information on the Crowes of Lisdadanan and Thompsons/Hunts from Clooncumber

    My great great grandmother was a Isabella Crowe from Lisdadanan b1844 d1897 and she married Francis Thompson, a farmer from Clooncumber. I know her father was Francis Crowe b1789 d1847. I am trying to find out what happended to the Crowes of Lisdadanan since I believe there are no Crowes living there any more. I am also trying to find out how Isabella is connected to the Crowes who lived there per the 1901 and 1911 census. There were 2 Crowe farms in 1901 (William Crowe b1845 and family and William Arthur Crowe b1881 and family). They are most probably related but I don't know if they were father and son or more distantly related. In 1911 it appears only the older William Crowe and family lived there. Any Crowes or relatives out there who can help would be much appreciated.

    In the same vain as above, are there any descendants of the Thompsons from Clooncumber who can help me with some family research. I am aware that Francis Thompson b1841 d 1902 passed the farm to his daughter Susan b1879 and husband William Hunt b1869 d1956 but I don't think they had any children so wondered who the farm passed to? Also what happened to Francis' siblings Frances and Robert - I think there may be a Farnaught connection since Robert has this on his marriage certificate and there is a Thomas Thompson (brother?) and family here per the 1911 census. Any information on the Thompsons/Hunts would be much appreciated. Contact (09/10)
  3. Emma Dearden is looking for any relations from the Cox family. emily, anne, helen, pat, philis, bernie joe, most live in Manchester
  4. Sam Stueart is researching Matthew Sadlier, from Mohill. Matthew died on the Titanic. He was only 19 years old. He was the only one on the Titanic from Mohill. - contact (08/09)
  5. Chris Doherty ( )  is Looking for any family information dates etc. on ...
    Patrick and Catherine O'Donnell, Annaghbrennan Cloone Co Leitrim,
    Daughters Bridget and Sarah (Sarah Died USA early 1940) Sons Michael Patrick and Terrance and Thomas (per 1901 census) Catherine Married to Patrick Doherty Sunnaghbeg and Cloone. Catherine was my Great Grandmother. and I was born in the O'Donnell house in Annaghbrennan, (07/09)
  6. Therese Hartigan ( ) is looking for Alice Kerr born 02/02/1931 daughter of Bridget Kerr(Who had a twin sister also called Alice). They were from Lisdadnan Mohill Co Leitrim
  7. Patrick O Halloran ( ) is interested in Thomas Family from Mohill, also Murray and Carr / Kerr (05/09)
  8. james j mulvey,md ( ) is searching for info on a James Henry Mulvey from Mohill DOB 1885--subsequent immigration to New Haven , Ct USA around 1913-Had a sibling named Thomas
  9. Patrick Kewell ( )
    My father, George Kewell was born in Mohill in 1913. His birth certificate simply states "place of birth - Coolabaun, Mohill" . My grandparents, John and Marcella Kewell lived in Mohill from about 1911 - 1915, before moving to Longford. My grandfather was a postman. My grandmother once told me that they lived in a cottage at "the crossroads of Coolabaun". If anyone knows the exact location of "the crossroads of Coolabaun" or any information about the Kewell family in Mohill (04/09)
  10. William Foley ( ) seeks information on McPartland Family
  11. Cathy Hollins ( ) is Looking for information on Margaret Farrell. I only know she was born in County Leitrim Ireland about 1905. Came to New York at the age of 17. Married my grandfather Edward Vetter live in the Bronx until they moved to Roxbury New York.
  12. John ( ) just discovered my family connection to Mohill Parish, County Leitrim. I found the baptismal record online for Catherine Keegan, bapt. Oct. 1, 1851, Mohill, parents: Hugh Keegan and Mary Murphy. Hugh and Mary were married June 7, 1850. Catherine Keegan emigrated to New York City, U.S. and I first find her in 1871 - through her marriage certificate (which listed her parents names). Looking for more info on Hugh Keegan and Mary Murphy.
  14. Maria Owens ( ) says Hi! I am reseaching Alice Ward who was born in Co. Leitrim, i believe in the 1930s. She moved to England and married and became Alice Martin. I know that she lived in Wolverhampton in the late 60s early 70s. she had a number of children both in Ireland and England who were adopted. Anyone with any infomation about her or the Ward family, it would be great to hear from you.
  15. Maggie Greenan ( ) Having grown up in England i was beginning to believe that my family were the only Greenans onthe planet. I am pleasantly surprised to find that there are many of us out there....... My father was Thomas Greenan from County Monaghan, New Bliss, he had a brother, Patrick and sister called Kathleen. His parents were, Patrick and Margaret.[nee Mc Carville] Does anyone have more information to pass on to me? My father died in his thirties and i was not able to know him. Kind Regards to you all xxx (11/08)
  16. Vicki Creal ( ) is Looking for any history on of the Creal family. Thomas Creal born in 1695 emmigrated to the USA approx 1730. Would appreciate any information on the family name or other relatives still in Ireland. Vicki Creal
  17. paul healy ( ) says ... I am looking to get in contact with anyone who has information good or bad on Agnes Healy or her family. Agnes was born around 1918 in Breandrum Peyton but later moved to Birmingham England and married Thomas Reilly. Her father was Michael Healy and her mother Mary Anne Mollahan. She had sisters Anna, Kathleen and Mary Ellen. Mary Ellen later moved to Moate. Thankyou. Paul Healy
  18. Liam Hillis ( ) Looking into two family names which i only just discovered are located around Leitrim and many other Counties. They are HILLIS and FARIS. Anything welcome. I have extensive info on HILLIS family. I am willing to share .(09/08)
  19. Lana Rast ( ) is looking for information on Peter Kilrain born 1808 in Cloone, Leitrim his father was Patrick Kilrain.
  20. Michael Kelly ( ) is looking for relatives of the Kelly family. I am the 4th Michael John Kelly. My great grandfather was the son of a policeman in Mohill (I believe). He immigrated to the US early 1900's and settled in Manhattan NY in the Inwood section and had my grandfather Michael John Kelly Jr and Catherine Kelly and Elizabeth Kelly. Any info would be helpful - thanks!    Michael John was 12 in 1901 and he would have been in his 20s around the time my grandfather was born. Anyy info would be great - thanks (07/08)
  21. Jean Morris  ( ): Thomas and Bridget Gannon married 1830's had sons Thomas John and William. Bridget and sons emigrated to Huddersfield Yorkshire England in the 1850s. Thomas jnr married Margaret Murphy in Huddersfield in 1861, I supect she died in or soon after childbirth as Thomas lived with his maternal grandparents in Huddersfield, but they were from Ireland, William and Celia? Murphy. Any information regarding the Gannons would be much appreciated. Bridget was my ggg grandmother and I would like to know more about here and Thomas.
  22. Robert A. Berdon ( ): My grandfather was born in Mohill in 1877 Michael Gray. He emigrated to the US in the late 1800s and was here long enough to get married on June of 1905 to Mary Devaney who came from Drumlish. How about that? I am lead to believe that he ran a pub type establishment at some point. That would seem to be consistent w/ what we saw on a short trip in 1989 when we drove into Mohill & saw a Gray's Pub in town. Any information would be appreciated.
  23. Keith Broughton ( ) My great grandfather was Francis Leonard from Mohill, born around the 1870s. His father was also called Francis Leonard. Francis arrived in the northeast of England around 1890, eventually marrying in Hartlepool, County Durham, in 1893. I don't think Leonard is a very common surname in Ireland and was wondering if there are still any Leonard's in the area who may be able to provide any family history. Any information at all would be great.
  24. James Hunt ( ) is trying to trace my grandfather family, his name was John Hunt, 0f Mohill He married Margaret McGuire in january 1893 Margarets father was a (soldier) in my research I discovered the John Hunt was also a soldier in the Connaught Rangers he was posted to India in 1885 and came home in 1891 and was discharged in 1896 after marrying he emigrated to Scotland, he also had sisters called Elizabeth who moved to NY in Americia and Bridget who came with him to Scotland, any info would be welcome.
  25. Evelyn Judd ( ) My family came from Aughavas Parish Co. Leitrim. They left the parish sometime for Scotland in 1860 when my Grandfather Charles Cassidy was born. My Great grandfathers name was Philip Cassidy & his wife was Bridget Bartly/McPartland. They may have been related to a John Cassidy & his wife Ann Reynolds as both families can be found living & working in Humbie. Nr Haddington Scotland in 1871. I would like to establish a connection with anyone who has any knowledge of this family.
  26. Martyn Joseph ( ) Lost contact with my aunt May Barden, mother to Tony & Dara. Wishing to make contact again. 0044 1389 381263 God bless Martyn Gallogly
  27. Geraldine Cunningham ( writes: I am wondering if anyone there knows a girl called Mary Cannon, originally from Labasheeda, Co. Clare.
    She came to live in Mohill in the late 1960's.  We were friends many years ago and I would love to make contact with her again. I'd be grateful if anyone who knows her could tell her about my message, or let me know if they know of her. (05/08)
  28. A. Votier ( is looking for the Carney family who lived at one time at Mullaghrigny Mohill County Leitrim. Would of been around the 1920-1960s.They were farmers.(05/08)
  29. Mary Dixon is looking for information on Patrick Gallagher from Mohill. He came to America in 1833 or 1834. I believe he came into America from St. John New Brunswick. Are there any relatives left? He ended up living until he was 112. The story is he was born in the shadow of Lord Leitrim's castle. (This is a direct quote from him). Any kind of information would be great. Please contact me at (04/08)
  30. Gail Wrynn Puorro ( is travelling to ireland fall of 2008 looking for Wrynn families, my dad is Edward Wrynn born 1930 son of William and Kathleen Wrynn (04/08)
  31. Kathleen Reynolds ( interested in finding out more about my ancestors and/or anyone who may have heard about them. My grandfather's name was Frank Reynolds and he died before I was born in 1961 but his family came over to U.S. in the mid 1800s and settled in Rochester, New York and then later moved to Toronto, Ontario. My father Vincent Reynolds passed away in 2004 - planning a visit this summer - any information appreciated
  32. Brian Tiernan ( is seeking any information on TIERNAN family from Mohill, Co.Leitrim. John TIERNAN married Bridget DONNELLY. Know of one son, JOHN, who was my great grandfather. He was born in Mohill approx. 1812, and later moved to Co.Clare in the Royal Irish Constabulary. Visiting Mohill in May 2008 and would love to have some more information, as no doubt there are Tiernan relatives in the area. Brian Tiernan, Doncaster, Victoria, Australia
  33. Brian Boyle ( seeks info on Michael Boyle teacher / widower in the 1850's from Breandrum (Peyton) had I believe 13 sons Joseph Leo Bernard William - Joseph was my grandfather. He married Agnes Forbes. THey worked in England where my father was born came to America and settled in NYC
  34. Jeff Drum ( is Looking for information on my Irish Great-Great-Grandparents. Patrick Drum married Mary McGarty (sometimes spelt McCarty) on 9 June 1860 at Mohill Church, Leitrim (probably Catholic Church as they were both Catholics). They had 2 sons James & John both born in Ireland but where is unconfirmed although we believe Patrick's family was from Enniskillen, Fermanagh and that they possibly lived there after their marriage (Patrick was a Stonemason). They left Ireland on 31 December 1864 from Dublin for New Zealand. Other than their wedding date and confirmation of the vessel they left on we are unable to confirm much more. From family records we know Patrick's parents to be Edward and Susannah (maiden name unknown) and Mary's parents to be Patrick & Margaret (nee Murray). We believe Patrick McGarty/McCarty was a farmer in Leitrim. Any information about this family, in particular, family ties to Drum's & McGarty's in Ireland would be appreciated. Many thanks
  35. Charles J. Spence ( would like to know information on a Clancy family who lived in Mohill. I am related to the Reynolds family who had Lough Rinn at one time. I am also looking for information on the Dennis Nolan family who married Margaret (Reynolds) Nolan
  36. Helen Hunt ( is Looking for information about John Tiernan, born May 11,1828 or 1829 in Leitrim. Emigrated to America around 1850. Desperate for information as to parents/siblings and specific place of birth. Also desperate for information about Ellen Regan, born Aug. 15, 1839 also in Leitrim, we believe. Emigrated to America between 1855 and 1860 or earlier. Desire names of parents/siblings and specific place of birth (11/07)
  37. Patricia Mahon ( is looking fro relatives:
    My parents families are from Leitrim and I'm looking to find some of my relatives.
    My father was Thomas Mahon son of Martin Mahon from Cloone and Rose Michell.
    My mother was Margaret Feeney (O'Brien) from Drumahair.
    My mother move to the USA on the early 1900 and lived in New York. My father was born in Brooklyn, NY but raised in Leitrm until he was about 18. They had four daughters. Rose, Margie, Annie and Patricia.
    I was in Leitrim last year and attempted to find relatives. I hope to return in September of 2008 to try again. If any of these names look familiar please reply. If you have any suggestions as to how we can find the Mahon and Feeney families please reply.
  38. Brandon Thacker ( writes: Patrick Reynolds(b.1809) married Mary Toole (b. 1810) about 1830 and had the following children before dying in 1849: Laurence Reynolds (d.1898 Chicago), Peter(d. 1877 Manchester), John (d.1903 Manchester), Mary Ann (d.1904 Manchester), Patrick (d.prior to 1901 - Manchester), and William(d.1934 Manchester). After emigrating to England they finally became quite prosperous in the dye and dry cleaning business. They visited their relatives in Mohill to escape the depressing English weather.
    Seems that Mary's brother, William O'Toole, was the subject of this paragraph in a 1879 letter, "Brother William's crop was very good. If he got three weeks good weather he would be at no loss, his land is so rocky and dry. He is very comfortable. He has 3 Sons and 2 Daughters. One son is in a grocers shop in Mohill. His oldest Son is a very nice young man and the oldest Daughter went out to America 4 years ago to her uncles, her mother's brother, to Kentucky. They are very well off and she sent a lot of money home. Their name is Shannon."
    If there be relatives yet in Mohill, please contact me. I would love to know the birth order of the sons as this would help me figure out the names of the grandfathers.
    Thanks in advance for any information.
  39. Pat ( ) Clyne's of mohill . 1904 Owen immigrated to New York. 1906 wife Margaret followed. Michael son followed in 1906 with a Thomas coming with Margaret. Thomas was only 2. Think he was son of Bridget whom was Owen's daughter. Can't find a record of her coming to us. She married a James Downey. Any one know anything about these Clynes.  Owen was  my great granddad.
  40. Bernadette OShea ( ) is looking for any member of the Coleman family, Peggy, Sissy Patsy Al Carmel. My mum Mauren Coleman was born in Mohill. Also my dad Joe O'Shea. I would love to contact my mums family as I moved overseas after her death and lost touch. I am now back in England and would like to visit Mohill soon.
  41. James Hunt ( ) is trying to trace my grandfather who lived in Mohill His name was John Hunt he married Margaret Hunt (Nee McGuire) on the 7th Febuary 1893 and later moved to Scotland.  Her father was Edward McGuire (Soldier) her mother Bridget McGuire Nee Regan. His father was also known as John Hunt who married Margaret Hunt Nee Reynolds. any information would be greatly welcomed
  42. JANET BALIK  (XXX-JBALIK@VERIZON.NET ) is Looking for Timmins family members.John, James, Michael, Kate Timmins from Letrim in the early 1900s to Ellis Isle,N.Y,U.S.A. My Grandfather was John Timmins. A John Timmins was born in Mohil in 1887 and arrived in the U.S in 1908. I will be in Letrim October 22,2007. Is anybody out there????
  43. Patrick Powell ( ) is Seeking information on Hacket/Hackett families of County Leitrim. Barnard b1795 m Bridget Murray, Patrick b1799 m Mary Stanton, Peter b1810. Barnard made land purchases in Ionia County, MI, USA and with Peter emigrated there in 1837. Patrick and family emigrated there in 1839.
  44. Joan Cox Simpson ( ) is Looking for family name Joh & Hubert (Hughbert) Cox, Mary, Margaret, & John Shanley, Ancestors were Conefrey, Reilly of Mohill area. Have info from St. Patrick's church in Mohill on the Shanley baptisms.
  45. Edward Stewart ( ) writes:
    My great great grandparents were Famine immigratns from Leitrim, parish and townland unknown.
    He was Patrick S. Wren (Wrenn, Rinn, Reen, Wrin etc. not sure what the S. stood for though he frequently used it - none of his known sons have given names beginning with S - other Wren emigrants were named Stephen and Simon). He was born in Leitrim 1824-25 and died NYC 1898. His parents may have been named Patrick and Ann but I am doubtful as then his children do not follow the Irish naming pattern. He first appears in the 1850 Census in NYC with his wife, Ann.
    She was born Annie Murray, in Leitrim abt 1829, parents believed to have been John Murray and Catherine Hackett. She had a brother William Henry Murray in NYC. THeir known children in order are William Henry b 1851, John Joseph b 1853, Thomas, Mary, Jane 1861, Annie 1864, James Edward 1871, and Francis Patrick 1873.
    Surnames of the godparents of their children include Callaghan, Conboy, Gray, McKeon, Geelan, and Shanley. I would just like to establish where in Leitrim Patrick and Ann were from.
  46. Jean Emhof ( ) is looking for information on my grandfather Thomas P. Conboy born 1892, son of Michael and Ellen Shanly Conboy. He is shown in the 1901 Census in Clooneen Shanly. He came to the US and settled in Philadelpia. I would love to learn about my greatgrandparents. Michael Conboy died prior to the 1901 Census and I don't know how to find more information. Any help to getting my grandfather's birth cert would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  47. Lou Holcroft ( ) is Researching the Abraham family - James Abraham born abt 1846 in Co Leitrim, married Catherine Burke born abt 1848 in Galway daughter of Mary and Patrick Burke. James, Catherine and Catherine's mother Mary and brother John all moved to England and settled in Huddersfield between 1861-1871. I am desperate to find any links with James- siblings or parents names. I have managed to get back to Kiltoghert Townland, Griffiths valuation mentions 3 James Abrahams
    1.Carrickbaun? where or what is this?  2.Drumduff North? where or what is this?  3.Roscunnish? where or what is this?
  48. Mike Crawford ( ) is searching for information on John Courtney (1871) married Catherine ? children Edward-John-Michael-Mary-Bridget-James-Patrick-Francis Elizabeth. Farm labourer on 1901 census Aghadrumderg. From family chat the son John was sherrif! of Drummard year unknown. Any help would be great.
  49. Megan Nordling ( ) writes: Hello, I just learned that my Great grandmother Bridget Teresa Mullholland and her brother Patrick came from Mohill to Ellis Island in 1912. If anyone has any information on this family, I would love to know, as I don't know much. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  50. Michael W. Meehan  ( ) says both of my maternal grandparents were from Mohill grandfather James Ward son of Katherine McGarty and john ward. grandmother anne reynolds daughter of bridgette doonan and edward reynolds. all but 1 of my grandmothers siblings left ireland one sister elizabeth ( kennedy)? grandfather alleged to have had 16 brothers and sisters
  51. Ann Travers Bowler ( ) writes: My grandparents lived in Molhill and both died there I believe, their names were Thomas Travers and Ann Boyle Travers, they were married around 1871 or 1872 and had four children, Hugh, John, Patrick and Virginia. I have the birth and death records of the children but need to find the death records of Thomas and Ann. Any ideas where to look. They had nothing at St. Patricks Church in Molhill.
  52. Stephen Gilroy ( ) says: I am looking for any information on my Great Grandparents Stephen and Maria Gilroy. They lived in Mohill on Glebe St. and we born in approx 1845 ( Stephen) and 1856 ( Maria ). Their son, my grandfather also Stephen left Ireland between 1904 and 1906. If anyone has any information or knows where I can look to find out more I would greatly appreciate it.
  53. Matthew J Gray Jr ( ) is possibly wishful-thinking - he tells us that "I was told kin came over fron this area around 1866 " help appreciated.
  54. Pat Dunn ( ) is  looking for my Grandmother's family from Killamaun, Mohill. Owen and Bridgit McGann were her parents. They had 8 daughters: Mary, Margaret, Agnes, Bridgit, Ellen. Don't know the others. One married the John Ward family. Any help would be appreciated
  55. Katie Smullen ( ) writes: hi, my name is katie louise Smullen, my grandfather was george smullen from mohill in ireland, he then moved to england with the RAF as a chef, i believe one of the first places he was was in cornwall. George has a daughter whom i believe may live in ireland but never met him. she was kept a secret until his last days before he died. we were told he used to send money to her mother to help her out without anyone knowing. This lady has two sisters, christine varley (nee smullen, Maureen and one brother, Desmond Smullen who is my father. George, as far as i know had a brother named patrick and a sister named christine. patricks wife, who still lives in mohill is called joan smullen. any inforamtion would be so much appreciated.
  56. Ann ( writes my fathers family were from gorvagh leitrim 9 children of thomas cunningham and bridget nee canning does anyone in goravagh remember this family i know one of my aunties called annie was married to patrick mitchil any information very welcome my grandparents lived near the connerfrey family.
  57. Sharon Teeter ( ): I am trying to find any family belonging to Patricia Smullen, or any of the Smullen family. I am Patricia Smullen's daughter living in the USA. If anyone can tell me anything about my mother growing up in Mohill it would be much appreciated. As small children we would visit Mohill and I have nothing but very fond memories - I will always remember Fitzpatricks. Is it still around I plan on visiting in the near future. Unfortunately my mother was killed in a trajic car accident in France. Needless to say I miss her dearly!!!! Also are there any Prendergasts living there, they would be my cousins, or aunts and uncles. I would love to find some more information on the Smullens, my grandfather was the mail man there from what I understand, would love to know about him too. Unortunately I never met him. Please contact me with any information . Sincerely, Sharon Teeter.
  58. Kitty Conboy  ( ) is Looking for information on Mary Ann Conboy Daughter Of John Conboy and Julia Gormly ( Lisdadnan Mohill) Born 11th April 1903 married William Holmes son Of Herbert Holmes Of Aldershot on 3rd March 1922 At St Patricks R.C In Mohill Thanks Kitty
  59. E James  ( ) is looking for information about Dr. Henry Pentland and his family who appear on the 1901 census of Leitrim-Roscommon living on Main Street in Mohill townland, Co. Leitrim. Family members listed on the census include: Catherine, Henry Frazer, Charles James, Florence Gertrude, Zoe Taschereau, Arthur Pentland Polson (stepson). Polson (stepson) (Commission Agent). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  60. Jean Dakin ( ) I am looking for information regarding Mary Anne Hunt. she was my great grandmother, she married I am not sure whether it was Patrick or Thomas Carrick. I don't know where she married Ireland or England. They lived in Boothstown in England. I would be grateful if anyone has any information for me.
  61. Karen Creegan Cooper ( is eeking information on great grandfather Patrick Creegan. He ws born around 1832 and left Mohill area about 1852. His wife Ann O'Connor also came from Co. Leitrim and they married in Maryland in 1853.  I hope to visit Mohill within the next year. Any Creegans still left in Mohill? (Mar 06)
  62. Tom Fitzgerald ( writes: My father James Fitzgerald was born in Mohill on 14/2/1897. His parents were Patrick and Catherine and the townland they lived in was Coolabaun/ Mohill Are there any Fitzgeralds in the area now? (Mar 06)
  63. Molly Wagstaff ( is looking for ancestors of my grandfather John Keating,born 1865 in Mohill.Parents Thomas Keating,mother Maria Beirne.Can anyone help please.  (Mar 06)
  64. Carl T. Johnson ( writes: My grandmother Helena A. Cumiskey left Mohill Sept. 20, 1901 her parents were Patrick Cumiskey and Bridget McKeone both of Mohill. Is there any family left with these NAMES (Feb 06)
  65. Patrick Stillwell ( is Interested in hearing from any Geelan or Notley from Mohill, Bornacoola or thereabouts  -
    Ted McCloskey ( ) notes that: I noticed that some correspondents are looking for members of the Geelan family who have emigrated. My grandfather, James Thompson Geelan born 1855 at Cloonageeher, Co Longford, joined the Irish Prison Service in 1880 and was posted to Cork Goal. He died at Cork in 1915. His whole family emigrated to Australia or to USA in the period 1910-1920, my mother Violet 1901-1986 being one of them.
  66. Chad Morrison ( ) is looking for information related to Charles Geelan who married Bridgette Radigan (?). Charles died in 1885, the year that his son Peter Francis Geelan was born (Peter died in 1949). Bridgette later married someone by the name Cornell. Bridgette was born in 1862 and died in 1943.
  67. marianne pryor ( ) writes: I'm looking for information on my great-great grandfather Patrick Prior. He was born in 1830 and married Bridget Hands. They had 3 children in Aughavas and 1 in Ballnamore before going to Jersey City, NJ in 1865. I believe Patrick had siblings named James, Catherine and Margaret who also emigrated to the U-S. There may also have been an Owen and a John that were siblings (or cousins.) And some relationship to Hugh and Michael Prior in Aughavas. Anyone have info?
  68. Michael is looking for SMULLEN'S. In Mohill.... I am trying to find out about my Grandmothers Family... She was born "Katherine Georgina Smullen. " The wife of "James Conboy" from Lisdadnan. She had a brother whose name was "George Smullen" he was a Postman in Mohill. She also had two sisters, Gino and Dempsey, I am now led to believe she had at least one more sister who is named "Chrissie" Whose married name is either " Lion or Leon" known to be living in Toronto, Canada in 1963.  Any information on my late Grandmothers family would be appreciated as would information on my living cousins. My E-Mail address is:- xxxxxdublin.bound@gmail.comxxxxx Remove ALL of the X's to get it to work. (Jan 06)
  70. Julie Chambers ( ) is looking for any information on Ward's or Judge's family history from Mohill or Leitrim County, Ireland. My great Grandmother would have been Jane Judge. Her mother would have been Maggie Judge I am not sure what her father's name was. Also from Mohill would have been my great grandfather Patrick Ward. (Dec 05)
  71. gill petrie ( ) is researching Dolan / Flynn / Lee / Rynn - My ancestors Terence Dolan showing on Griffiths Valuation of 1857 as living at Drumnafinnila Barr - Their descendants still showing as living at Drumnafinnila Barr Drumreilly Drumahaire Leitrim in 1901 census - Household Dolan Francis(43) farmer/not married Maria(40) sister in law/widow-Ellen(13) niece-Kate(8) niece-Patrick(4) nephew-Anna Maria(1) niece-Andrew McGreal(26) farm servant/not married Can anyone help locate descendants or other info related??
  73. Mark (Grogan?) ( ) is looking for any information on the John P Mulligan family from Mohill. I believe John Mulligan married a Mary Reynolds and had a couple sons (John P, Tom) who emigrated to the States. I am a direct decendent from this line. Any information is much appreciated
  74. D .Harris ( ) is looking for agnus and micheal gallagher who had a son called micheal bernard gallagher any info would be very appreacited thank you
  75. Dominic Treanor ( is Looking for any information on Treanors who lived in Leitrim (Aug 05)
  76. jeanne worden writes: dunlavy../mulhairn Bridget (dunlavy..dunleavy...donlevy)...born in drumsna 1829 came to new york in 1841. met martin (mulhairn...mulhern) drumsna or mohill...married and moved to mineral point wi usa 1850s need their parents info, birthplace, burial place...her dad was a blacksmith do you know anything or anyone? (Sep 05)
  77. Vern Hall is Searching for relatives of Frank(Francis) Short, born Feb 14, 1940 to Michael Short of Corgor Gingh(?) and Kate Short (nee Bute or Bates) in District of Mohill. Frank migrated to States about 1956, eventually moving to Alaska in l970. He has several brothers, believed to still be in the area (Aug 05)
  78. Brian Gibson-Baker ( ) - Hi, I am directly related to the Mulveys who I believe originally lived in Mohill, any info would be appriciated. Thanks, Brian.
  79. Ann ( ) - My grandmother Bridget McHugh was born 1861 in Drumard Jones, Mohill to Bernard McHugh and Mary(nee Ryder).She had five siblings James, John, Thomas Patrick and Mary (Mollie). Are there any distant cousins out there in Mohill or Rosharry who could help me complete the family tree?
  80. lorraine edwards ( is looking for information regarding catherine macmanus , born in mohill in 1829. she married james hadfield and had four children in ireland before moving to england,, thier names were james born in mohill in 1847 , jane born in cork in 1850 , ann born in wilifrock in 1851 and john born boyle 1853. if any one has any info i would be very gratefull. regards.(Apr 05)
  81. Rosemary Meechan  ( - I'm looking for a townland or an area near Mohill which might have held all these families in the 1850s - Christy, O'Brien, Maguire and Kilkenny - they left Leitrim and moved to Scotland - specifically Linlithgow in West Lothian - and promptly started to inter-marry. I thought the Kilkenny name might be a big clue since there are very few people of this name. Two members of the Kilkenny family - Andrew in 1853 - and Ann a bit later on - married into "my" O'Briens. Rosemary (Apr 05)
  82. Henry Tooman ( - My great grandfather John Tooman at age 22 married Jane (nee Mathews) aged 17 at Newry 1858.At sometime after marriage they immigrated to South Africa where there was work whilst it was scarce in Ireland .After the Maori wars in New Zealand the Government decided to bring out immigrants to be settled on the confiscated land, and so Agents sought these in South Africa, England, Scotland and Ireland .A total of 13 ships brought settlers here between the end of 1864 and the beginning of 1865 .From Ireland two ships with 894,Scotland three ships1028,England three ships 1331 and South Africa five ships 1226 passengers .It was with these on the 'Maori'came John and Jane Tooman and their three children Samuel,Arthur and Sarah .There is a report that it had been a fair passage of 45 days from when they left until their arrival,on 23rd.December 1864 .*******Need help to locate relatives of John and Jane Tooman (Apr 05).
  83. MaryRose (  I am looking for the Gallaghers and Reynolds of Leitrim. My great-great grandfather William Reynolds married Bridget Gallagher. Her parents were Catherine and Farrell Gallagher. I can find William, Bridget, Kate and Rose and Farrell and Catherine on the 1901 Census. I can't seem to go further back than that. William and Bridget had 5 children that I know of: I believe the Reynolds side lived in Mohill. It is also rumored that he was in a band called the Mohill Band?
    1) William Joseph Reynolds (my great-grandfather)-he was a Baker and born in 1870 immigrated to NYC in 1899. In 1910 he married Mary Joseph Sullivan from County Kerry. Died in the Bronx NY 1955
    2) Frank Reynolds, believed to have moved to Australia.
    3) Mary Ann Reynolds born abt. 1881 immigrated to NYC
    4) Catherine (Kate) Reynolds born abt. 1882 was a Seamstress never left Ireland
    5) Rose Reynolds born abt. 1883 also a seamstress. Never left Ireland. The Reynolds family supposedly owned a bakery and worked in a Candy shop. I was told that either Rose or Kate had 2 sons that moved to NYC. Don't know their names. I know most about William's life being that he was my great grandfather, but none of his bros and sis. I also don't know anything about his parents. William Reynolds who married Mary Joseph Sullivan took his entire family back to Ireland in November of 1920 and was there till March of 1921. They brought all 7 children with them in 1920. Their childrens names were: William Francis,Catherine Mary, Daniel, Mary Rose (my grandmother), James Joseph, Peter Vincent and Michael Vincent Reynolds. In 1972 or 73 My grandmother MaryRose and her brothers and sisters went back to Ireland to visit family in Mohill and Kerry. All 7 are now deceased. So I am hoping that someone will remember them somehow even though it has been 30+ years since the visit. Thanks. (Feb 05)
  84. julie hutton ( ) is looking for any information on the 'canning' family from Mohill, any info will be great
  85. MARTIN KIRWAN ( ) I was born in Mohill in 1952. The youngest child of Andy and Annie Kirwan. We lived in the bakery on Castle St which is now a doctors surgery. Can anybody remember me or my family. (Feb 05)
  86. Lynda Reynolds Deacon ( ) I will be travelling to research my Reynolds family in 2006.The mother, father and three sons emigrated from Leitrim in 1849 to Quebec.  A fourth son was born at sea, my great grandfather,Thomas, 1849-1928.The family were bakers and owned buildings and business in quebec and Montreal. Many family members are buried in a large family plot in Mount Royal cemetary.I would appreciate any advise about accomodatiion, research and other tips. (Feb 05)
  87. Tom Coughlan ( ) I'm looking into the origins of the Doyle family of Clooncarreen. I know they originated from one Nicholas Doyle, who was born in 1818, and evicted from Laheen South to Mohill in 1867. I'm trying to trace his parents. I've looked at the Rent Records of Lord Leitrim in the National LIbrary of Ireland, but have hit a stumbling block in that the land in Laheen South was let to a John (?) Parr until about 1850. I can find no further information on Parr. Just wondering if anybody would have come across him, and specifically on details of who he submit his lands in Laheen South to? (Jan 05)
  88. Joan Wickham ( ) My great grandmother Maud Marion CONLAN was born in Mohill circa 1866 and emigrated to Australia where she married; her father was Thomas William CONLAN a farmer, her mother his wife was Maud Marion BOHAN. Does anyone know of this family in Mohill? (Jan 05)
  89. John ( ) Looking for info on anyone researching the Kilkenny , Greenan, Sweeney, Moran families from this area.. (Jan 05)
  90. Terry McGarry ( ) I'm looking for information on my ancestors. My great grandfather was Ambrose McGarry. He was born in Ireland in 1849. His wife was Bridget Kelley. They had 10 children, some born in Ireland and some in Toronto, Canada. My grandfather Patrick McGarry was born in Mohill Jan. 13, 1866. He married Margaret McCarthy. They came to Canada in 1881. If anyone has any information on my Mohill McGarrys please email me. Thanks so much for your help.(Dec 04)
  91. Con Monaghan  Great web site, I knew what I was looking for when I searched the web for Mohill, I have lived in South Carolina for many years now. If anyone can help me I would like to find information about Grandfather's mother and father, John Monaghan and Kate McGarty. My Grandfather, James, was born on Feb. 1st. 1862 and attended Gorvagh Church thanks for your help, Con Monaghan (Dec 04)
  92. gillian petrie ( ) I am currently researching my maternal Grandfather's ancestors - Their records indicate that they lived in Leitrim and moved to East Lothian in Scotland. I have researched some names, but would be most grateful if you could help me further: I will list their names as couples - Terence Dolan / Alison Gilday(or Gildea) - son Francis Dolan (born Ireland 1819 - died Scotland 1877) Francis is my 2nd Great Grandfather. Myles Lee / Bridget Dolan -daughter Mary Lee (born Ireland 1825 - died Scotland 1865) Mary is my 2nd Great Grandmother & married to Francis. Charles Flynn / Nancy Dollan or Dolan -son Hugh Flynn (born Ireland 1823 - died Scotland 1863) Hugh is my 2nd Great Grandfather. Francis Rynn / Mary McGovern(?) - daughter Mary Rynn (born Ireland - died Scotland 1888) Mary is my 2nd Great Grandmother & married to Hugh. My gut feeling is that all of the above couples lived & worked near each other & either all moved to Scotland, or sent their children to Scotland and they remained in Ireland and died there. Cannot fathom out how / when they moved to Scotland as all immigration records show USA, Europe, Australia. - or what port they left from - Donegal / Dublin / Belfast?? I am really grateful for any information. Many thanks Gill. (Dec 04)
  93. Chad Morrison - I am looking for information related to Charles Geelan who married Bridgette Radigan (?). Charles died in 1885, the year that his son Peter Francis Geelan was born (Peter died in 1949). Bridgette later married someone by the name Cornell. Bridgette was born in 1862 and died in 1943.(Sep 05)
  94. Paula and Sarah Geelan are looking for any information regarding the Geelan family emigrating from Ireland, or any family members with the name of Geelan (Nov 04) - contact
    - from Ted McCloskey Oct '05 - I noticed that some correspondents are looking for members of the Geelan family who have emigrated. My grandfather, James Thompson Geelan born 1855 at Cloonageeher, Co Longford, joined the Irish Prison Service in 1880 and was posted to Cork Goal. He died at Cork in 1915. His whole family emigrated to Australia or to USA in the period 1910-1920, my mother Violet 1901-1986 being one of them.
  96. Sharon Perks is looking for anyone who knew Winifred McDonagh (Marion Perks) - she left Mohill and lived in Stourbridge England.  She died when Sharon was 5 and she'd like to find out about her family. Contact Sharon at (Nov 04)
  97. Gary Robinson used to stay in Mohill with his father in the late 1960's. "We travelled from Newton Le Willows to stay with relatives in from what i can remember was a old castle. My father was Graham Robinson who was divorced from his Irish wife Josephine maiden name Bohan. We used to travel from Dublin with my irish uncle Peter. A long shot but does anybody remember us.?" Contact Gary Robinson at (Oct 04)
  98. Ruth Byrns is seeking any information about the Bohan family. "I`m the great-great granddaughter of Daniel Bohan, born about 1844. He was the oldest son of the family, and emigrated to America." Ruth is at (Oct 04)
  99. Mary (McGovern) Bateman is researching the family of John McGovern born about 1813-1833 of Gortletteragh and Killamaun who married about 1850 to Alice Heslin of Cattan. John died June 1900 and an obit was written up about him as being buried in the old cemetery of Farnaught. Supposedly he had two cousins James and Laurence McGovern who were among the mourners. His children were Michael b. 1852(my greatgrandfather) who emigrated to New Haven CT and finally ended up in Chicago, Charles b. April 1857, Mary b. 1860 married 1890 to Thomas Faughnan in Co Longford, Bridget b.?, Patrick b.?, and John b. about 1851 m. Rose Cox. John and Rose show up in the 1901 Co Leitrim census with Alice living with them and their children. Charles and Bridget never married and lived together supposedly in Co Longford. Alice died in Sept 1914 and might be buried in Gortletteragh Cemetery. Anyone knowing the parents or any other information of John and Alice or anyone in their family please contact Mary at (Aug 04)
  100. Suzy B(ohan?) is looking for information on JAMES BOHAN and his wife, ROSE McGUIRE, of Leitrim. They had a son, PATRICK BOHAN, born in 1864 and a daughter, ANNIE BOHAN, born in 1865, who emigrated to New York in 1885 with a 23 year-old cousin named ROSE McGUIRE.  They also went with ANNE/ANNIE KEEGAN, age 15-20, who was the daughter of MICHAEL KEEGAN and BRIDGET NICOLL. (Jan 2003) -
  101. I am hoping to travel to Ireland in late March 2005. My gggrandparents were Thomas Gannon and Rose Gallagher, married in Kiltubrid in 1847. Their oldest son, James Francis, was my ggrandfather. Any information about Thomas would be appreciated and any information about any cousins I may have still living in Ireland would be wonderful!!! Thanks, Nancy Gannon  (July 04)
  102. My mothers Family is from CO Leitrim (Mohill)I am searching for my cousin of my( Uncle Jim McGarty (passed away)he was Married to a Sarah/Sally Murray.) My cousins name is Frank McGarty(McCarthy that is how his mother said it) last known residence is St.Peters Place in arklow, wiklow. He grew up in England ,Manchester . If anyone could help i would realy be thankful.. Briget Aguon(McGarty) (July 04)
  103. Have beenlooking for McAuley/McCauley relations. Old Bible pages indiate Rebecca McAuley returned from New Haven Connecticut and died in Ireland in 1863 at about age 16. Bible indicates she died in "Moville, Ireland" I have been looking n Moville, Co. Donegal with no success. I am not wondering if she returned to Mohill,CoLeitrim instead. Would appreciate any help emailed to me. Paul McCauley  (July 04)
  104. I am looking for the family of Thomas Patrick Fahey born in Mohill Leitrim in 1865, his father was Michael Fahey and his mother Mary (Reynolds) Fahey, would love to find connections to either of these families (June 04)
  105. Does anyone in Mohill know of any members of the Ward family? My grandfather was Peter Ward from Cloone, and he married Alice - he died at about the age of about 29 or 30. They had 6 children and moved to Keshcarrigan in the late 1940's or early 1950's. The family moved to England in 1959. Just wondering if there any Ward relations in the Mohill/Cloone/Keshcarrigan area? (June 04)
  106. My gggrandfather Thomas Francis Gannon (1824-1886) married Mary Reynolds (1824-1888) and had fifteen children. One son founded the Irish house in Mohill. later named Gannon Company (?) and currently operated by descendant Fintan Gannon. Francis had two brothers who immigrated to America between 1875-1880. I would like to know their names and more about them as well as the names of Francis parents. Any help will be greatly appreciated. John H. Gannon ( (May 04 and again in Jun 05)
  107. my name is patrick new and the son of mary b new rip and my father is william new of the state of oregon in the usa my mother was mary sharkey of mohill and related to william baxter of mohill will anyone who knew my mother please contact me at
  108. Looking for any descendants of Thomas GREENAN and Anna PRIOR. Four of Thomas' children came to America in the 1860's and settled in Groton, New York.(Thomas, Patrick,Bridget and Anne) Family says they came from the Mohill/Fenagh area. We will be in Mohill and Fenagh about the middle of June and would love to meet any possible relatives of the GREENAN family.
  109. I am looking for anyone who can give me any information on my mother's family. She was Mary Catherine KANE of Drummard-Jones, Mohill, Co Leitrim. Her brother was John Patrick KANE aka JP KANE.I would love to hear from anyone who new this family. We know that Auntie Dolly was buried this am. 01/04/04/.Mum was better know as MAY KANE (April 04)
  110. I am trying to locate a Brendan from Corraterriff, Mohill who I met recently in Malaysia - he was travelling around South east Asia. Unfortunately I have lost his surname so the telephone directly is not useful. I cant imagine there are too many Brendans from Corratearriff who have travelled / are still travelling in S.E Asia. Any assistance in helping me get in contact with him would be very much appreciated. He is late 30s / 40s quite tall very short hair. I am now back in New Zealand. thanks in advance, steve
  111. I was born in Melkagh Drumlish, Co. Longford. My great great grandfather James Mc Donnell who married Bridget Mallon,and fought in the Land war 1881. Please has anyone got old Photos of him or his family or the land war in Drumlish or any information about him.  (Feb 04)
  112. I'm researching the Carroll and Stanford (of Cornee) families from Mohill. They settled in New Haven, CT, US c.1849. Bartholomew Carroll married Mary Stanford in Mohill. Mary seems to have had Stanford relations who also came to New Haven: Peter, Thomas, Robert, however I have not figured out exact relationship between her and these males. Any possible connections appreaciated. Ann Carroll, daughter of Bartholomew and Mary, married an Edward Stanford, of Co. Laoghis, in New Haven, hence my surname 
  113. From Gail Covey Somerville: An extended group of family and friends began emigrating in the early 1820s from Mohill Parish, Co Leitrim, to Elizabethtown, Ontario Canada where they settled near Lyn. In this group were McGuire, Harper, Grogan, Hunt and Kilroy/Gilroy. Can anyone tell me if the name COVEY is from this region or if any information on this emigration is known. I am researching my COVEY roots and have brick walled. Any information would be most welcome (Feb 04)
  114. From Peter Kennedy Jr.: To my friends (and possible relations) in Mohill, kindly advise if you know of any Kennedys in the area, specifically a line of Cornelius Kennedys dating back to the late 1800s.  My people were tenant farmers, best I can tell.  My grandfather immigrated with his sisters but left his parents and younger sibs behind.  I would be happy to know of any distant relations in Mohill/Leitrim - contact the webmaster (Feb 04).
  115. DWYER/O'DWYER  I have traced my family back to Patrick and Catherine O'Dwyer in Mohill, Leitrim County from at least 1859 till 1901. They had 4 children: Catherine (Sr. Mary Michael), William, Joseph and John.  William, John and Joseph emmigrated to USA (New Haven Connecticut) in the late 1800's but Joseph may have returned in early 1900. Interested in finding any relatives of Joseph still in Ireland. It is believed the family had a farm in Mohill -
  116. From Arlene Murray: My mother was born in Mohill (Drumara) in 1902-name was Brigid Ellis.  Any Ellises around still.  Her father was named Farrell Leddy, died about 1906 - (Dec 03)
  117. William Farrell is looking for information on JAMES JOSEPH FARRELL, born 1886, came to America 1905. he had a brother Charles and sisters Bridget, Mary Anne and Jane Farrell. their father was Patrick Farrell. they lived in Dromod, co. Letrim.  William can be found at
  118. great-grandather Thomas Prior/Pryor was born in Aughavas in 1858. His parents were Patrick Prior and Bridget Hands, who brought their family to Jersey City, NJ in 1864. Patrick's parents were Thomas and Margaret. Bridget was the daughter of Michael and Ellen Hands. Patrick may also have had a relationship (uncle, brother, cousin?) to Hugh and Michael Prior in Corroneary townland. If anyone sees a connection I'd appreciate the information. Marianne Pryor (Sep 2003)
  119. I am looking for any relatives of a JAMES ALFRED KELLY born around 1838 in Mohill. If any one remembers hearing about him please get in touch. He was a Catholic and joined the army when he was 19. Cathy,
  120. My husband's g-g-grandfather was William Carmichael, born in Ireland and married in Manchester in 1855 to Elizabeth Stephenson - also born in Ireland.  Either William or his father, Albert Carmichael was the Land Steward for the Earl of Leitrim.  The address we have is Anagh-Lloyd, Mohill, Dromod, Co. Leitrim. Contact (July 03)
  121. I'm seeking information on the O'Neill family from Clooncarreen - Edward O'Neill, 65 years old at the 1901 Census or Anna Maria Fox, born January 18, 1876 in Tooman. Contact
  122. Frances Southern would like to find anyone  with the surname of  Gallagher with a family member named Patrick J Gallagher.   He was born in Leitrim about l875 the son of a Patrick Gallagher and Jennie or Jane Duncan Clooncarreen, Bornacoola. Immigrated to Boston Mass, USA.  Send any info to (June 2003)
  123. Kevin Foley is looking for information on Edward Donohue. I believe from Mohill. Went to New York in 1906. Fell off a skyscraper he was building in 1917. I believe he had a sister named Annie who lived in New York. I believe he was born in 1884. Thank you in advance for any assistance. Send any info to
  124. Loree Muldowney is looking for descendants of JOHN DOYLE and JANE WARD, both born about 1780s-1790s. They immigrated to Providence, Rhode Island USA in the 1840s. One son, ALEXANDER DOYLE married CATHERINE McDONOUGH, in MOHILL on 15 January 1845. Another son, JAMES DOYLE, my gg-grandfather, married about 1840, BRIDGET PRIOR, the daughter of HUGH & ALICE PRIOR, of Co. Leitrim. James was first married to ELLEN O'ROURKE. These sons and four others also immigrated to Rhode Island. Any help in breaking through these brick walls would surely be appreciated! - contact  (May 2003)
  125.  Teri Tillman is searching for information on the family of Garet Beggs who is listed in Mohill in Griffith's Valuation of Co. Leitrim. "I believe that he may be the father of my 2nd great-grandmother, Mary Ann Beggs of Leitrim, who married John Downs of County Sligo on May 8, 1861. (I do not have their marriage certificate but their marriage date is given in John's RIC service record). John was a member of the RIC and was stationed in Leitrim from 1852 - 1861. John and Mary Ann named their first born son John Garet Beggs. The family eventually settled in County Sligo after John left the RIC in 1873. I would appreciate hearing from anyone with knowledge of this Beggs family." - contact (May 2003)
  126. I am looking for anyone who knows about the Kilkenny line. My grandmother Mary Kilkenny was born in Tooma, in 1902. Her parents John Kilkenny was born in 1872 - his father Anthony Kilkenny - not sure - any helpers - The Kilkennys married into the Greenan and Sweeney lines. Anthony married Ann Charles... Any info regarding any of the above surnames would be greatly appreicated.... (Apr. 2003).
  127. I am the granddaughter of William Little who left Mohill in 1901 and moved to New York. His parents were Francis Little and Anne Rourke (spelling?) from Rosdoowaun. Anne's father was named William. The other children of Francis and Anne were Thomas(24)-Rose Anne(16)-Lizzie(10)-Sarah Anne(8) (ages in 1901)
    William Little
    married Elizabeth Daley in Everett, New Jersey. They had 6 children -- Elizabeth (Died age 2), Francis Patrick (my Dad), Dorothy, William, John Joseph and Marion. My grandparents died young and so I have to do the research myself. Any help is appreciated- contact (Apr 2003)
  128. JoAnne Saysette is looking for information on her great grandfather who was the land steward for Lord Leitrim. His name was Richard Croker Roberts born abt. 1847 in Ireland and died June 4, 1900.. I know that he is buried at Farnaught Church in Mohill, County Leitrim with his wife Myra Elizabeth Millar, she died Dec 12, 1899. I have no other information except that they had 9 children - Tom, David, John Walter, Lucinda, Victoria, Netta, Grace, Bessie and Dick. My great great grandfather was Thomas H. Roberts, wife Catherine Croker. Contact (Apr 2003)

  129. We are planning a trip to Ireland 10/16/2003 We would love to find the Mulligan Family living in the Mohill County Leitrim Killamaun might be the name of the horse farm. My Grandmother was Bridget Mulligan Im told her family still lives there and that her original home is still standing We would love to find the family We have so many wonderful memories and would love to hear some stories from the Mulligans. Please If anyone knows of the Mulligan Horse farm in Mohill or Leitrim please email me Im told they had a Taxi service as well as the farm. I buy and sell horses in CT and would love to find a mare in Ireland. This would be so much fun to find ancestors and maybe plant a new seed in USA Thank you so much We are looking forward to our first trip to Ireland :: I try to watch the public tv Ireland shows but I find myself crying for some reason I need to find my Grandmothers roots and feel the air in Ireland Thank you Jane  CWHCONNECTIONXXX@AOL.COM (remove the XXX from the email address) (Mar 2003)

  130. Excellent Site, my parents and grandparents are originally from the Mohill, Gorvagh region. Looking to track down some family - lost touch a decade ago and wish to keep the family tree alive. My surname is GALLOGLY, my grandmother was a BARDON, first name Catherine. Looking to track down any Gallogly's and Bardon's. My grandmothers brother - John Joe Barden (now deceased)'s family are still resident in the area - May Barden (wife) Gerry, Mona, Tony & Darra (children). Would like to get back in contact. Your help would be gratefully appreciated.  Martyn J Gallogly, 109 Mountblow Road, Clydebank, Scotland G81 4NE - 0141 952 2753  (Mar 2003)

  131. Looking for John Macom/McComb b. circa 1812 in Leitrim -- Roman Catholic, probably from Mohill area. Was in the English Army according to family stories yet to be confirmed. Emigrated to the US (New Brunswick, NJ) in 1839. Sons were: Samuel, John & James, daughter was Mary. Grandson named John Morgan Macom (Morgan Macom is found in Mohill) & this name was carried for three generations in the family. Any assistance would be appreciated. (Mar 2003)

  132.  My great great grand-father, James Beggs, lived in Mohill in the 1840s. He was married in Drumreilly on June 8th 1846 to (we think) Mary Anne Harrison. Does anyone know how I can find out more about the family - local records etc. (Mar 2003)

  133. I am looking for Robert HANNA who may have been born in Molhill c1850+. He emigrated to New Zealand in the 1960-70s.If the HANNA name is still alive there I would love to hear from you.Robert's parents were William HANNA and Catherine nee SMITH  Margaret TODD, Timaru. New Zealand. (Mar 2003)

  134. My name is james kerr,i was born in gortletteragh in 1932. i am trying to find information about my father also james kerr, he was born in 1899 and died in 1933. my son has also asked for information and we are thankful to those in the u.s. anyone else who can help, please contact us thanks. Contact (Feb 2003)

  135.  Noreen miller (casey) is looking for any information on my gggrandparents. on ellis island she arrived in us with her children in 1901 she was a widow her married name margaret casey age 39.i don;t even have a first name for gggrandfather. all i find out they came from Mohill. any help would be great.

  136.  I am searching for relatives of James Carroll and Mary Keegan Carroll. My great-grandmother, Bridget Delia Carroll came to the USA in 1903. These people are her parents. I found James Carroll on your genealogy link to the 1901 Leitrim census. Thanks for including it! I am planning a visit to Mohill to do more research. (Jan 2003) contact

  137.  Name: John H Gannon Email Address:
    Looking for Gannons from Drumcoora and Mohill from 1750's to 1900. Have a tree Gannon-Illinois-Ireland on with some 500 names, about 100 Gannons. Forefathers operated the Irish House in Mohill for several generations. Have family back to 1750 including Patrick Gannon (1770-1850), Patrick or Francis Gannon (1800-1849), Francis Gannon (1824-1886) in Ireland and James Gannon (1848-1900) the first of my ancestors to come over to USA that I know of. Any help appreciated.  Hope to visit Mohill next year as long as health holds out. Glad to hear from anyone interested in Gannon family tree. Send comments to me. (Oct 2002 and Jan 2003)

  138.  Michael Ware is the great grandson of Bill Coonnan, I was wondering if you had some information on him - contact Michael at (Dec 2002).

  139.  Looking for Keegan relatives. Bridget Duignan married Patrick Keegan in 1853 in Aughavas Parish. They had 13 children, one of whom is my husbands Great Grandfather (James Keegan born in 1865).The family lived on a farm in Faughill, Annamacullen, Leitrim. We do not know what became of all the other children and would like to know who might be related.

    Also looking for descendants of Catherine McIntrye. Catherine Keegan married Peter McIntrye in about 1880. Catherine was the child of Rose (Dorrigan) and James Keegan,who married also in Aughavas Parish in 1860. James and Rose had Four children. Three (Edward,Mary,and James) came to the States with Rose following James' death around 1880.  We are the decendants of Mary Keegan who married Patrick's son James in Woonsocket,Rhode Island. Would like to visit Leitrim and Keegan relatives someday. Contact (Dec 2002)

  140. Seeking any relatives still living in the area of the KNOTT family? Either descended from Charles & Elizabeth (Eliza) or his second marriage Charles & another Eliza. Charles and his family lived in the gate lodge of the Drumkilla Rectory, Mohill. Charles' father was William Knott and his mother Maria Duncan. We descend from Charles' brother Henry Knott who married Fanny Medley from Mohill. I am also trying to find all the of the children born to William and Maria and I understand there were many, some of whom came here to Queensland, Australia to live. - pls contact (Dec 2002)

  141. I am looking for any Kerr's in the mohill, gortletteragh, cloone areas who might be related to particular i am looking for the grave of my grandfather James Kerr  born1899 died around 1933.can anyone help? Also anyone who might have worked with my father also james kerr at lough rynn.  Contact Kevin Kerr (Nov. 2002)

  142. Harold Shine is looking for anyone that might be related to Mary Roddy of Mohill back about 1862. Her parents where Owen Roddy and Hannah Cunningham. Her siblings were Catherine, James, Owen, Bridget and Anna. Catherine, Mary and Owen all came to the United States around 1881. James came about 1884 and was believed to have gone back to Ireland a year later. If anyone thinks that they are related I would like to hear from you. Like your site very much and looking forward in about another year.  Contact Harold F. Shine: (Nov. 2002)

  143. Tom Meakim is looking for any possible relatives left in County Leitrim. My Great-Grandfather (Edward Meakim) emigrated to Philadelphia in 1855. He was born in Mohill. I will be travelling in Ireland July/August 2003. If anyone knows of a Meakim left in County Leitrim, please let me know. Any word would be greatly appreciated. Contact (Nov. 2002)

  144. Desmond Beattie Email Address: 
    I am looking for friends or family of Josephine Beattie, originally from Mohill, in co. Leitrim. She had a brother, Walter, and a sister, who we think was named Ellie. She also had a son born to her in 1943, Desmond Joseph. After leaving Ireland, she spent some time in London, around the Camden area we believe. From the little bits of information that we have we think she died in 1983 and is buried in the Camden area. We also think that she had connections with a Belfast man, but to what extent we don't know. Any help on this matter would be very much appreciated. (Oct 2002)

  145. Ray Gaynor seeks information. Ray's grandmother, Catherine O'Reilly, sister Mary and brothers John and Peter were all born in Mohill and migrated to New York City.   If this rings a bell, contact (September 8, 2002)

  146. Looking for relatives. My grandfaters name was Patrick Mcgarty,Grandmother name was Bridget Mcgarty(reynolds)My Mothers name is Mary tereasa Mcgarty, uncles are Eddy,Shawn,Mic(are still living) Frank,Peter (have passed). They are from leitrim, mohill. I am looking for my cousin (son of peters) and any one else that is
  147. I am most interested in gathering any information regarding both families, farmers in Co.Leitrim, during the years 1900-26. In particular, John McDermott, farmer at Breanross,aged 46 in 1926, and Anne Kate Farrell, youngest of the family at Esker South, aged 26 in 1926, and their descendants. Any snippet of information would be gratefully received.Stephen McDermott, London, UK 
  148. looking for info on the CARNEY family 1920+ who were living at MULLAGHRIGNY...MOHILL..COUNTY LEITRIM the relations of the then family the daughter was R.A.CARNEY may still be living in the area, i believe she had 2 or more brothers any info however small greatly appreciated
  149. I am interested in any information regarding John McDermott, son of Michael McDermott, of Drumard/Breanross, who would have been 20 years old in 1901. Also Kate Farrell or O'Farrell, daughter of Hugh Farrell, of Drumard/Esker South, who was 1 year old in 1901.- contact :

  150. Researching this Redfern family who emigrated to Australia. Henry Redfern and wife Susan Dowdell of Mohill. First child Matilda Jane,followed by Eliza Ann,Thomas Henry,Archibald Susan,Maggie Sophia,Edward Monaghan,and Fanny. All of whom emigrated. Would welcome all Redfern connections click here

  151. McHughs in Mohill, Co.Leitrim  Looking for parents of Peter, John and Thomas McHugh who emigrated to New York US in 1857 or 1867from Mohill Co Leitrim. Some records say their father Peter was married to Mary Creal however I can't find this name anywhere. Any clues out there? ClickHere

  152. Derek O'Donnell of Yonkers, New York. My great grandfather Bernard O'Donnell emigrated in his teens from Cloone to Yonkers in the first years of the twentieth century and I am looking to find if I have any relatives remaining there.  click here

  153. Garrett Molloy of Ireland, Leitrim Co, Mohite? Spelling given on Landgrant Mohill?
    : took up a landgrant near Bradford Ontario in 1822. : Moved to Wellington Co. Ontario in 1847 - Peel Township : His children settled in Bruce Pennisnsula Onatario in late 1800's click here

  154. looking for decandents of the MONAGHAN family from MOHILL CO LEITRIM IRELAND homeland SRATRISSAUN SOUTH any info please contact click here

  155. looking for decendents of the CONBOY family from MOHILL.CO. LEITRIM IRELAND homeland LISDADANAN any info on this family please contact click here

  156. researching grandfather james conboy of lisdadanan mohill leitrim married margaret? siblings james 26(my grandfather)thomas 18-catherine 20 julie23 daughter-in-law - john 2 g.soni this info from 1901 census. my grandfather later married catherine smullen (my grandmother) what happened to his first wife julie my father michael conboy d.o.b 23-9-1925 any info welcome click here

  157. Duggan's from Gubadruish Gorvagh, Mohill
    Bridget, Catherine, Ellen & Mary Ann Duggan. came to New Haven, CT 1910 & 1922 Looking for family 
    Cick Here

  158. Michael Farrell in Australia is looking for information/relatives of Dominick Farrell who was transported to Australia in 1863 The family were from Tomisky in Bornacoola, just south of Roosky - (officially in Mohill Civil Parish, Co. Longford).  His father was Michael Farrell, mother Bridget Corcoran from Aghnamona.  An uncle of this Dominick was transported earlier in 1831 (father Garrett Farrell, mother Ann Shanley). 
    Mr Farrell has written a great little family history starting with Dominick in 1831 - He'd really like to try to see if there are any relations out there.  Contact

  159. Reynolds from the townlands of Lisomadaun, Shivdilla, Oghill, Breandrum, Gubadruish My mother Nell Reynolds (1895-1985)was daughter of Hugh Reynolds and Margaret Cafferty. She was born in Ballinamore but her fathers family were from Breandrum near Mohill. Would be interested in learning if any of the family are still in the Breandrum area. click here

  160. anyone related to: Bernard Donnelly, b. ca. 1840 in County Longford, Ireland, m. Sarah Quinn, 14 January 1860 in Mohill, Leitrim, Ireland, d. 14 April 1912 in Thames, New Zealand
    Sarah Quinn, b. ca. 1840 in Leitrim, Ireland, m. Bernard Donnelly, 14 January 1860 in Mohill, Leitrim, Ireland, d. 2 May 1907 in Thames, New Zealand
    Peter Quinn, b. ca. 1793, m. Martha, d. 23 November 1859 in Mohill, Leitrim, Ireland
    Martha, b. ca. 1803, m. Peter Quinn, d. 3 August 1863 in Aghadrumderg, Mohill, Leitrim, Ireland click here


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