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- internal struggles in Ireland

The list below shows major events over the last 400 years of The Second Millenium regarding Ireland's internal struggle for freedom and independence; and associated world conflicts and events.


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  1601 Spanish forces land at Kinsale to assist the Irish in their fight for freedom and independence from English rule. The forces of The O'Neill are defeated
  1603 Queen Elizabeth I of England dies on 24 March. O'Neill is defeated at Mellimont
  1603 to 1609 English Law is extended over the whole of the island of Ireland for the first time.
  1607 The Flight of the Earls. Fighting men of noble Irish families go to the Continent and seek to join the armies of the crowned heads of Europe
  1609 The Plantation of Ulster begins. Protestant English families are given the lands of Ulster Catholics.
  1641 Outbreak of rebellion in Ireland's Northern Province of Ulster
1649 English General Oliver Cromwell begins a military campaign in Ireland
  1688 Revolution in England. The Catholic King James II is expelled and the Protestant Dutch Prince William of Oranj and his wife Mary are offered the Throne of England.
1690 King William I of England in The Battle of the Boyne defeats the army attempting to restore King James Stuart to the thrones of England, Scotland and Ireland. Following the Irish defeat, James Stuart 'The Pretender' and many Irishmen went to Europe in a migration called The Flight of the Wild Geese. There, they often gave political or military service to the crowned heads of European countries; gaining reknown, honours and lands.
  1791 The United Irish Movement begins in Belfast
  1793 War breaks out between England and France
  1794 The United Irish Movement is suppressed
  1795 Wolfe Tone leaves Ireland & goes to America
  1796 Wolfe Tone arrives in France to ask French help in gaining Irish independence, The French invasion fleet arrives in Bantry Bay, County Cork.
1798 The United Irishmen mount a rebellion against English rule. It fails and 12 of their leaders are arrested. The French Expedition forces are defeated with Wolfe Tone on Lough Swilly. Tone is arrested.
1803 The 1803 Rebellion of Robert Emmett
  1831 "The Tithe War" begins in protest against tithes (taxes) imposed on the Catholic population to be paid for the benefit of the Protestant Church & clergy
  1842 Founding of The Young Irelanders movement for Irish freedom
  1845-1848 The Irish Famine "An Gorta Mor - The Great Hunger"
  1848 Young Ireland uprising in Ireland's Southern Province of Munster
  1860 The American Civil War begins. Men of Irish descent fight on both sides.
  1865 The American Civil War ends. The Fenian Uprising in Ireland. Returned Irish- American Militiamen in 1867 use their experience to fight for Irish freedom.
1867 The Fenian uprising in Ireland
  1870 Issac Butt founds the Home Rule movement for Ireland
  1879 The beginning of The Land War in Ireland. Michael Davitt founds the Land League
  1882 Foundation of The National League of Ireland
  1884 Foundation of the Gaelic Athletic Association (G.A.A.)
  1906 Foundation of the political party Sinn Fein
  1912 Carson founds The Ulster Volunteers
  1913 Foundation of the Irish Citizen Army
1916 The Easter Rising begins in Dublin, The Irish War of Independence begins. Irish Republican Military Council formed.
1919 - 1921 Irish War of Independence
  1921 Anglo-Irish Treaty
  1922 Adoption of The Irish Free State Constitution
1922-1923 The Irish Civil War
  1923 Ireland joins The League of Nations
  1948 Foundation of The Republic of Ireland. Irish freedom is gained at last. Irish Army in its present form established.
1958 First involvement of the Irish Army in United Nations missions.
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