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::::: RENAULT CAMPER :::::
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My First Car...
The bonnet of this car hinges forward at the bumper and the grill area was not steady enough so I borrowed the styling idea from the frog eyed Sprite. I folded the cowls from sheet aluminum and feathered the join with isopon
There was room beside the indicators for 21watt running lights.(surface mount reversing lights)
My first car bought in 1978on the basis of being cheep,but was reliable enough to keep.
I decided to design and make an attachment to convert it into a two person camper.
  There is no lip on the rear of the floor of a Renault 4, just a recess that made a good seat for a sheet of 10mm. plywood about 3ft 6ins. square which extends the floor more than enough to accomadate 2 full sleeping bags.
  I had a hinge across the middle of the plywood so it folded inside the back door without obstructing the rear window. The material around the three sides was waterproof letherette,entry was through the rear doors. The floor was supported by wires from the top of the door frame and the roof (back door) rested on two metal struts.
The whole attachment was able to fold inside the car in less than a minute and be driven away. The car could be driven with the attachment fully errected. I once drove around in a semi-circle in the middle of the night in a camp site in north Wales because of a change in wind direction.
This attachment  was so usefull at events like the Rose of Tralee festival that my next  car had to be another Renault4. Which with the unit folded into the back and 4 people plus thier luggage I drove down the M6 to Liverpool and two of us spent a long weekend touring Wales -explaining to campsite managers that we didn't need space either for a tent or a caravan
The spot lights had to go somewhere ......
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