After wearing seatbelts was made mandatory  for safety, the next step should have been the fitting of Swedish style running lights to every vehicle on the roads.
I mean as on the Volvo 240 series which, had individual lights high on the front corners which didn't flash at you on bumpy roads like the modern ones (in the headlights) do
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Running Lights as
Indicator repeaters
Trailer Tent
Renault Camper
I have fitted running lights to every car
or van I have driven since 1978.

They are obviously beneficial in wet or misty conditions, but are also a great help in being seen by an on-coming car when the driver is being blinded by the setting or rising sun. This is when people don't realise they should have their dipped headlights or foglights  on, because they can see you perfectly with the sun behind them.
Until this car I have used surface mounting reversing lights on the front of the vehicle as high as possible. On my Spitfire I first put them below the bumper but I wanted them higher so I bought a pair of black plastic door mirrors, cut a hole in the back of each to sink the reversing lights into them and painted the inside of the lens with yellow headlamp paint. To prevent battery drainage with the ignition on I fitted a relay switched by a transistor circuit  which senses the voltage at the oil pressure switch.
Switch on the ignition the lights are off,-Start the engine the oil light goes out the relay switches on the lights,-
Switch off the ignition and the lights are off. This is good for starting diesel engines on winter mornings.
Not fitted on this car as I don't want to loose engine oil through a tee piece I would have to fit ,possibly failing with the impact of hitting a pothole etc.
With this car the mirrors - as with the rest of the car - were too nice to cut holes in, to fit 21 watt lights, so I devised the change over relay to use the fog lights on low power. I have had them working for day and night driving since March 2000 with no complaints of anyone being blinded.  I only use full power in foggy conditions
Running Lights for better daytime visibility 55 watt halogen bulbs
wired in series to 12 volts equivalent to normal reversing lights.
Each bulb gets 6 volts and draws less current than fog light mode
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Fog Light mode, lights wired in parallel when the dash mounted
switch operates the change over relay giving each bulb 12 volts
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