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promo tracks:

"April" / "Diurnu"    Written an performed by Hyper[borea] , Produced by Tom Green  (Taken from the album "Gaelactica" & contributing to Hyper[borea]'s catalogue  of Celtic world fusion music.) "Gaelactica", 2003

"This is the sound of the Celtic Heartbeat with a highly sophisticated pacemaker attached." Hot Press



Hyper[borea] (lit. "Those who dwell  beyond the North Wind-) were  formed five years ago in Ireland as a reaction   to  the lack of  homegrown  groove-induced music, and has become a springboard for the fusion of dance, tribal & traditional elements in Irish music. Early recordings were mutations of ancient Gaelic melody & song, fused with grooves & textures while still maintaining the Celtic core.

David Mobius programs and develops the sampling and synthetics. He has also produced numerous videos for Hyper[borea] and other electronica/ world music outfits.

Úna O'Boyle is a stunning vocalist  who combines her scholarship of the Irish language with a talent for writing lyrics and melodies.

Hyper[borea] were voted best dance act in the Irish music magazine  “Hot Press” Readers' Poll, and won the coveted  Dance Act and Album of the Year awards in the Hot Press Heineken Awards in Belfast

The album Serpentine scored 11/12 on the Hot Press dice: "... haunting, evocative Gaelic vocals and musical contributions from the likes of such notables as Maire Breatnach  over modern, state-of-the-art dance - grooves... jiving at the crossroads where traditional meets tribal... the most beautiful and unique' record I've heard in a long, long time…”

The  video for the jungle mix of Dulaman sat at No. 1 in the Irish video chart for 3 weeks. 

The mini-LP Mystura received 11/12 on the Hot Press dice they enthused: "...further confirms their status as one of the most interesting of our home-grown electronic acts. Blending traditional Celtic airs and rhythms with weird sounds and futuristic break-beats, much of Mystura sounds like the kind of music that'll be played at an Irish wake a hundred years from now."

Connections/ projects:

Tom Green has worked with The Orb and with his own projects, Another Fine Day and Strange Attractor while continuing to add support and creativity to Hyper[borea].

Hyper[borea] have contributed a re-mix track to the UK compilation Now What Kind of Music Do You Call That put together and released by top electro-Liverpudlians, Timeshard.

Dulaman (tribal club mix) has been included on the Welsh techno- compilation Crai Techno 2 (sounds of the Welsh underground).

Si Brixton Skank Mix has been used for the title music of the RTE TV series Streetwise.

Hyper[borea] have played The Heineken Groove Weekender, The One World Festival, BBC MUSIC LIVE (with Jah Wobble) and have supported the likes of Gavin Friday, Ism, Future Loop Foundation, Timeshard, Land of My Mothers  and Watercress.