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Welcome to VeganIreland

This is a site where we aim to provide information on veganism and the vegan lifestyle.   We would like to be a resource for vegans and non-vegans alike.  We aim to provide as good and as comprehensive a service as we can.  We provide information on all aspects of veganism from recipes to accomodation, from famous vegans to nutrition.   We also provide this information for non-vegans who are interested in finding out more. 

We don't just believe in providing information, we believe in providing an all-round service.  So we have provided an online shop where you are able to buy wonderful beauty products and excellent books.  These are of course vegan-friendly. 

We also have a sister site which some of you may know of - 'VegIreland' - .  This provides information on vegetarianism for those of you that would be interested in that.   It is similar to this site and has the same aim to provide an all-round service.   Mentioning service, if you know of anything more we could do to improve our site please inform us by using the contact us page.  Hope you like the site!

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