Introduction Flora of the Burren

pollnagollum cave

Pollnagollum is a wide, funnel-shaped hole about 100' deep - to the left under a cliff is the main shaft which must be descended by rope ladders. On the right an orifice in the rock leads into a dropping passage called "The Gunman's Cave" . Both shaft and cave bring you about 30' to the main stream passage below. At the bottom you are met with the rippling of a stream in it's stony bed - The high walls are eroded and polished by centuries of water action. In places, deep pools send the explorer up onto wall ledges which one can traverse to avoid the deep water. At various points side-grottoes open off the main passage replete with marvellous formations of stalactite stalagmite. About five hundred yards from the entrance the gallery opens out into an almost circular cavity into which a waterfall pours from high up on the wall. About a mile from the bottom the junction is reached - another swift stream comes down a side passage and the combined waters can be followed in a roughly southern direction for about a mile until the roof becomes so low as to make progress impossible.



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