Introduction Flora of the Burren


Poulawack is an early bronze age (c. 1900 B.C.) cairn. Before excavation, this round cairn measured 20.75m N/S and 21.25m E/W. Under it were found two concentric kerbs or revetments. 10 graves were found within the revetments. The cairn material which had consisted in the main of Limestone slabs had been carefully laid and it was evident in a change in orientation in the stones that a considerable part of the upper levels of the cairn had been disturbed in the course of a secondary intrusion of a number of cist graves.

This was found to contain the remains of 18 people, only 2 of whom were over 35. A hollow scraper, a boar's tusk, an oyster shell, and some bronze-age potscherds accompanied the burials.

There are many cairns like this in the Burren. Examples:

  • Turlough Hill
  • Slievecarran



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