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Name: judith kerr Hometown: bethlehem pa usa Sent: 5.21 PM - 9/11


Name: R Daniel Pehrson Hometown: Chicago, IL Sent: 4.52 AM - 9/5

Hey, check this out... They offer DNA identification of relatives based on patrilineal and matrilineal DNA. There are surname projects trying to tie families from the Old World and New World together.. http://www.familytreedna.com

Name: R Daniel Pehrson Hometown: Chicago, IL, USA Sent: 4.10 AM - 9/5 

I believe my Irish ancestors, who arrived in America when it was unpopular to be Irish, changed their Irish names. My grandmother says it used to be O'Daniel, but I believe it to be O'Domhnaill. One clue I have is the heraldry we have left in existence... which has a unicorn, a griffin, and several black diamonds with the motto "I neither fear nor despise". Can any there help a long-lost, if not family member, then at least fellow Celt?

Name: Sandra Styns Hometown: Koorda W.Australia Sent: 7.03 AM - 9/4 

Hi I am trying to find my Irish Relations, My fathers name was Daniel O'Donnell His father was Edward O'Donnell and he married a Jane or Jean Aitken. about 1893 in Scotland. Her father was William Aitken but my grandfather (O'Donnell) was born in Donigal Ireland. thanks Sandra.

Name: Barbara B Hometown: Boston Ma USA Sent: 12.38 PM - 9/3 

My grandfather was James O'Donnell, he married Susan Doherty in the Carndonagh-Glenmakee, and had several children. Mary Anne, Maggie, Neil, John, Denis, Hugh, Philip. Came to America in the late 1800's but left family behind. Would love to find those family members. What a fine this sight is Thank you

Name: Pat Nelson Hometown: Oxford, Ohio USA Sent: 11.42 AM - 9/3 

Hello! My gggrandfather, James O'Donnell (1846-1918), immigrated to the USA from Mullaghduff, Donegal in the early 1860's. His parents were John and Madge (Margaret Ferry)O'Donnell. His siblings included Maurice (who also came to US, found gold, and returned to Mullaghduff; descendent Colm P. O'Donnell still there), John, Patrick, Dennis, Mary and Hannah. James married a Brigid Gallagher, possibly before he immigrated. I'd appreciate any contact with relatives or anyone who knows of this family. It is my intention to come to Donegal for the first time in Summer 2005 in time for the Clan Gathering. I can't wait. Take care. Pat

Name: Muriel O'Donnell Hometown: Sidcup, Kent, UK Sent: 10.46 PM - 8/29 

Am I the only O'Donnell ever to have married a brit? God knows I get enough stick for it!! When we got married my Dad said to my husband "welcome to the O'Donnell mafia" - husband thought he was joking!

Name: Cameron O'Donnell Hometown: Victoria, Australia Sent: 2.49 AM - 8/19 

Great site. Interesting information.

Name: John McEvoy Hometown: Los Angeles, CA Sent: 3.15 AM - 8/11 

Both my grand parents are from Letterkenny, their names are the McCools and O'Donnell, there moved to Brooklyn, NY in the earlier twenties. Looking for any distance relatives from Letterkenny

Name: Michael O'Donnell Hometown: Omaha Nebraska Sent: 4.12 AM - 8/6 

Greeting from Omaha! I am learning more about my family and your family as well. If I can help anyone, please contact me. reference to the O'Donnell family history in re: line

Name: Thomas R O'Donnell Hometown: Toronto Sent: 1.50 AM - 8/3 

Looking forward to hearing more about the reunion in 2005.We have lots of family members interested in attending from Canada England and U.S A.


Name: peter patrick o'donnell Hometown: pitsburgh, pa. Sent: 8.34 PM - 7/18 

My grandfather was Manus O'Donnell from the island of Inisaile, off the coast of Dunglow, actually Margerie. My grandmother was Bridget Dugan from the same island. They settled in Homestead, Pa. 7 miles SE of Pittsburgh. O'DomhnailAbu!!!

Name: Paul O'Donnell Hometown: Boston Ma. USA Sent: 11.38 PM - 7/14 

Ancesters from County Cork and County Kerry. Don't know who or when, but proud of it anyway. Pleased to find a group of people who can spell my name right! Great site, thanks.

Name: Timothy Joseph O'Donnell Hometown: Sarasota, Florida (USA) Sent: 2.32 AM - 7/11  

am an O'Donnell from the United States. I really like your website and am pleased to discover that there is much significant O'Donnell history. I am apparently the the fourth generation Tim O'Donnell in my family. Unfortunately, my parents were divorced when I was an infant and I had no contact with the paternal side of my family. I don't know if I ever will, but I take comfort from the history of the clan that I am discovering here.


Name: Cahir O'Donnell Hometown: Blessington, Co. Wicklow Sent: 1.44 PM - 6/4 

Looking to find out as much of my line as possible, Grandfather Sean O'Donnell from Shanagolden, Co. Limerick. Any assistance would be good?

Name: maria o donnell Hometown: galway Sent: 8.39 PM - 6/2 

now living in limerick i am originally from Galway, my grandparents came from the claddagh

Name: Jeffrey D. O'Donnell Hometown: Doaktown, New Brunswick, Canada. Sent: 10.51 PM - 5/28 

I am attempting to produce a family tree of my ancestors and present day relatives. The Canadian portion, or trunk of the tree, begins in Carrols Crossing, New Brunswick, Canada. Patrick O'Donnell was born in was in 1798 in Limerick County, we now believe. He was used as forced labor on a British sailing ship. When the ship docked in Chatham, New Brunswick, Canada he jumped the ship and went up the Southwest Miramichi River to Carrols Crossing. In 1823 he married a lady named Lydia Woods Price and they conceived eleven children. According to THE WORLD BOOK OF O'DONNELS, he was only the second Irish immigrant to register, in the Province of New Brunswick, Canada. I would greatly appreciate any O'Donnell, who has roots on the Southwest Miramichi River in New Brunswick, Canada, to get in contact me.

Name: Brenda Mary O'Donnell Hometown: Toronto, Canada Sent: 5.59 PM - 5/16 

My great grandfather, Joseph O'Donnell, comes from Meentacor near Lettermore, County Donegal. Hello to all O'Donnells


Name: Nora McConville Hometown: Chicago, IL Sent: 6.15 AM - 5/8 

I am delighted to see that you are having an O'Donnell Reunion in 2005. With luck, I hope to attend. Vincent, I hope that you and Annette are keeping well. With best wishes to you and your family.


Name: Angela Hometown: Leeds Sent: 10.21 AM - 5/6 

Hi, I just wanted to say your site is Top 10/10


Name: John Joseph O'Donnell Hometown: Esbjerg,Denmark Sent: 7.41 AM - 4/24 

Hi I was wondering how many O'Donnell's are there in Scandinavia? I was in Donegal last year, visited the castle great time.We tried looking for family in Glenties, unfortunately no luck.Background:Born in Glasgow mothers Julia fathers name James O'Donnell he had three brothers and two sisters Hugh,Danny and Joe who emmigrated to the USA Boston i think!I am not certain on the sisters names Mary? Bella? i believe one of them owned a hairdressers salon in Glenties. I am married to Rita and have two kids Steven and Julie 


Name: Denise Grzyb Hometown: Shallow Lake Ontario, Canada Sent: 3.49 PM - 4/21 

My grand father was James Patrick O'Donnell of Ireland. He moved to Canada with his wife Hilda and lived in Toronto, having 8 children. My mother is Joan O'Donnell now Joan Rimmer. I have been studying the blessings of Deuteronomy Ch.28. The Blessing coming from St.Patrick an anointed man of God blessed and changed the coat of arms of the O'Donnell's and to this day if one believes in God and obey His commands they tap into this powerful blessing. It brings health and prosperity. I have experienced favor of man and favor or God thru this blessing. The Cross is what it is all about. The bible says that blessings go down a family fof 1000's of years, Beware the curses, as they also go cown the family line. Renounce alcoholism,sexual molestation poverty and lying in the name of Jesus and be set free of the malarchy that binds this family by spiritual plaque. Be attentive to the process about to be unveiled in your life and embrace the belssing as God takes you into a life and a life more abundant in HIs Love. This was the true reason for our family blessing. Trust in Him and let the blood of the lamb obliterate the curse that robs steals and destroys.

Name: John O'Donnell Homepage: http://www.pcug.org.au/~jodonnel Hometown: Flynn ACT Australia Sent: 7.54 AM - 4/11 

Correction to homepage Address


Name: John O'Donnell Homepage: http://www.pcug.org.au/~jodonnell Hometown: Flynn ACT Australia Sent: 7.49 AM - 4/11 

My father was John Joseph O'Donnell, born 1905 at Purth near Burtonport, Co. Donegal. His parents were John (son of Frank) O'Donnell of Purth and Ellen (daughter of John Rua) O'Donnell of Arranmore. Ellen died young after bearing 4 sons and 2 daughters. Grandfather John died violently in New York about 1920. If anyone can help me to trace my O'Donnell roots further back, I would really appreciate it.

Name: Margaret Sheldrick Hometown: Tasmania Sent: 1.32 AM - 4/8 

My great-great-great grandmother Margaret O'Donnell from Wexford Ireland was transported to Tasmania in 1852 on the "Midlothian" Any others doing same research?


Name: Barbara Taylor Singer Hometown: Apalachicola, Florida Sent: 6.36 AM - 3/18 

Great grandmother's maiden name - Settled in the HAVRE de GRAS / Glen Burnie area of Maryland, U.S.A. HAPPY SAINT PATRICK'S Day!

Name: Teresa Hometown: BuffaloNY Sent: 8.00 PM - 3/17 

Happy St Patrick's Day Great history


Name: Archie Pieplow Hometown: Tacoma, Washington, US Sent: 12.19 AM - 3/16 

Cool site! Thanks especially for having the info on the Austrian connection. I've always wondered how my family, which is from Austria, got O'Donnells in the tree!

Name: Anthony O'Donnell Hometown: Sydney Australia Sent: 9.29 PM - 3/12 

My ancestors came from Gammonsfield Tipperary to Australia in 1841. I will be visiting that Townland during a holiday this year. Naturally I will visit Donegal. Thanks for the website - added more historical information for me.

Name: Anne O'Donnell Flaherty Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Sent: 5.07 PM - 3/9 

I am first generation Irish. My father is John O'Donnell from Ballynonagh, Clonbur, County Galway. His father was Patrick (Pakie) and his mother was Mary (Molly). Pakie had a couple of brothers, one of which went to England. Might have descendants. My father is 73 years of age. My grandfather never left Ireland.

Name: Marķa Sent: 4.25 AM - 2/27 

I was searching about my great-great-granmother's surname and I found this site. I'm from Argentina and my great-great-granmother was Irish. Her
name was Anne or Ann O'Donnell and was married to John McCam. I think they were born between 1810 and 1830. Can you help me to find something about it? This site is very nice Thank you in advance

Name: Angie (O'Donnell) Toole Hometown: Fort Walton Beach, FL Sent: 8.24 PM - 2/24 

Enjoyed your site! Interested in finding out about my grandfather, James Daniel O'Donnell, who left the New York area in early 1900s. Apparently some family rift, he joined the Army around 1909, served with Pershing and in the Canal Zone.

Name: John O'Donnell Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Sent: 2.13 AM - 2/24 

My fatherwas raised with his brother outside of Dunkineely. My cousins who now live in Dunkineely have been trying unsuccessfully to locate their birthplace. We first thought it was in near Ardragh. But then we were directed to Frosses. The people who would have known for sure are all dead now. My father was born around 1900. He lived in Polathomas(spelling?). Any clues would be appreciated by myself and my cousins.

Name: vance snyder Hometown: STOCKTON, CA. Sent: 9.43 PM - 2/23 

my family , the o'donnel's have been living and still live in lower dore, bunbeg, for centuries. hugh roe was a great hero to my people. thanks for the web site, vance snyder (o'donnel/boyle).

Name: Rochelle Garden Hometown: Prince George, B.C. Canada Sent: 5.45 AM - 2/18 

Hello. I just wanted to say thank you for having all of this info here. My Granda, Edward O'Donnell told me about this site. It is nice that I can find the roots of my family. Hopefully I will be able to make it to the Red Hugh even next year. Thanks Again Rochelle

Name: Laurie Thompson Hometown: Mt. Waverley 3149 Ausralia Sent: 8.33 AM - 2/8 

I am not of your clan but I congratulate on your unselfish effort to further everyone`s genealogical research . Laurie from the Southern Antipodes

Name: Nikki Homepage: http://www.infolinkscreening.com Hometown: CA Sent: 2.40 AM - 2/5 

Awesome site! I will tell all of my friends :).

Name: Tim O'Donnell Sent: 11.26 PM - 2/3 

Hopefully you will be as lucky as I to meet Vincent. Thanks for the many wonderful O'Donnell stories of lore!

Name: Doreen Barber Hometown: Kitchener, Ontario,Canada Sent: 3.00 PM - 1/18 

Searching for my great grandfather Michael Joseph O'Donnell, born 1820-1825, arrived in Canada 1850 and married a Jane McKenna born 1832 from Fintona, Tyrone. Michael came with a cousin James O'Donnell born 1827 in Newtownstewart, Co. Tyrone and married Eleanor Muldoon from Ballymena, Co. Antrim. Guessing that perhaps Michael was also born in Newtownstewart, but have no proof but my oldest brother is insisting he was born in Donegal. Searching for 10 years now and would appreciate any new light on this. Thanks ever so much. Doreen (O'Donnell) Barber

Name: Frank O'Donnell Homepage: http://www.un.org.yu Hometown: Dublin Sent: 3.27 AM - 1/15 

Interested to trace O'Donnells, Farleys, or Duffys related to Cardinal Patrick O'Donnell, and from Glenties area of Donegal. Also interested to trace O'Donnells linked to Castlegregory, Tralee, Tubrid, and Ardfert areas of County Kerry in the 1800s.

Name: Karon O'Donnell Sent: 10.15 PM - 1/13 g

reat site has a lot of information----was in Ireland in 1997 went the O'Donnell center--- was great still haven't found everything I was looking for but genealogy is a on going search------

Name: Maggie Christy Hometown: West Liberty, IA Sent: 2.07 AM - 1/9 

Looking for O'Donnell's that came to IA. James O'Donnell, Belleck, Co. Fermanagh, m. Mary McCune in Holbrook, IA in 1862. Any help with this one out there?

Name: Frances O'Donnell Duffy Hometown: Upper Darby, PA USA Sent: 3.49 AM - 1/3 

My father James was born in 1899 in Culbuoy, Letterkenny, Donegal. He was one of 13. His father was James and his mother Mary Gillespie from the Rosses. My father James left Ireland in 1929 and settled in Philadelphia. I am looking for anyone related to him. Thank you

Name: Peter Cairns Hometown: Tasmania Australia Sent: 2.50 AM - 12/19 

mum,s O,Donnell from Meenacross Co.Donegal the Neddans I was born in Glasgow, all the best to the extended O,Donnell clan throughout the world for 2004.Just found a cousin on this site in USA it,s asmall world. O,Donnell Abu!

Name: therese moryosef Hometown: sydney australia Sent: 8.41 AM - 12/2 

I am looking for any living relatives of my mother Bridget Kathleen O'Donnell in Burtonport, her eldest brother was named Domonic he was a ship's captain, she had other brothers, James,Michael,Frank,Manus. my grandfather was Michael O,Donnell

Name: William O'Donnell Hometown: Coatbridge, Scotland Sent: 12.53 PM - 11/20 

I'm looking for information to start up my family tree. My fathers name is William O'Donnell born 1935 married to Jane Kennedy again born 1935. His father was John O'Donnell born in 1905 who married Susan O'Hare His father was William O'Donnell who married Mary Conner- no birth date but all from Coatbridge, Scotland- I assume his father is from Donagal area any help ? William o'Donnell

Name: Marilyn Clausen Hometown: Lander, Wyoming, USA Sent: 11.44 PM - 11/14 

Grandmother - 1873, Nora Agnes Gallagher, Derrybrien, Galway Greatgrandparents- John Gallagher, Derrybrien, Galway Mary O'Donnell, Derrykeep, Kilbeacanty.

Name: Annie Danelli-Marr Hometown: New York New York Sent: 2.04 PM - 11/13 

Hello, I'm the Daughter of Agnes O'Donnell The Fifth Child of Simon & Annie O'Donnell. Simon Was born in Kilrush in Clare. To Michael O'Donnell & Margaret Carroll. He came to the States in 1911. Wwlcoming any new cousins!

Name: Robert Dennis O'Donnell Hometown: Cincinnati, Oh USA Sent: 12.25 AM - 11/12 

Nice site,informative.

Name: Mike O'Donnell Hometown: Seattle, WA USA Sent: 6.54 AM - 11/9 

Looking for any family connections/information in/and around Carndonagh County Donegal. My great grandfather George L O'Donnell (b. 1864 in - we believe Carndonagh /d 1944 Woburn MA USA) imm to Woburn MA in 1884. He also had at least two brothers (possibly John and Patrick that had immigrated to the Boston MA area (Salem) and two sisters (possibly named Annie and Kate or Katherine who had immigrated to Minnesota, USA. Believe several family members remained in the Carndonah area. One of these brothers is believed to have been Phillip who stayed and worked a farm. It's believed My Great Great Grandparents were John and Bridget O'Donnell. It's thought my great-great grandfather (John OD) had a brother Patrick OD (b about 1836 and immigrated to the US in 1850 or so). John and Bridget had several additional children beyond those mentioned here. This ring a bell with anyone?. I'd certainly appreciate any leads on the family members who remained in Ireland - as well as their decendants.

Name: Kathleen H. (O'Donnell) Neil Hometown: Shawnigan Lake, Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada Sent: 4.43 AM - 10/28 

Hi Folks: I am researching my father, James O'Donnell family genealogy. Youngest of six children. Born in Paisley, Scotland September 1903. James O'Donnell married Adrienne Pelletier in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in September, 1944. James O'Donnell father, Daniel O'Donnell married his mother, Annie Meechan in Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland on December 14, 1886. Brother's and sister's names I do not have. Daniel's parents: John (aka) James O'Donnell and Mary (McGrory) O'Donnell. No dates or location for b.m.or d. Annie's parents: John Meechan and Annie (McGregor) Meechan. No dates or location for b.m. or d. I am at a lost now where to look for more information regarding the O'Donnell family genealogy. All the best, Kathy Neil

Name: mark o'donnell Hometown: originally birmingham. now manchester Sent: 7.57 PM - 10/20 

looking for relations of my grandfather james o'donnell born 1903 possibly donegal. his father was called patrick and his mother was mary shiel.

Name: Bob Elliott Hometown: Alliston, Ontario, Canada Sent: 7.36 PM - 10/3 

Trying to trace great-great grandparents, James Elliot(t) and Nancy (Ann) Clark. She was born 1805, Donegal. Parents were Robert Clark and Margaret Clark, M.S. Clark. James and Ann had at least 3 children in Donegal, Margaret 1829, Stephen 1833, Jane 1835. The family appears in the 1851 Glasgow census.

Name: Rory O'Donnell Hometown: Cheyenne,Wyo Sent: 1.25 AM - 10/2 

Nice Site.

Name: Mary Pagnanella Hometown: Catskill, New York Sent: 2.30 AM - 9/28 

My grandmother was Mary F. O'Donnell, from Tipperary she came to America abt 1890, was born 1876-1877 fathers name John and Mothers name was Mary Mulcahy? she had siblings named Patrick, Maurice (Morris)Anna josephine, Elizabeth plus a few more, any help out there would be greatly appreciated Thanks Mary

Name: John J O'Donnell Sent: 10.42 PM - 9/26 

Trying to trace back from my grandad, James O'Donnell (Daddy Jim) born/died Chicago 1900?-1973. Believe his father came from Ohio, and his father probably from Donegal. Any help out there?

Name: John E. McEvoy Hometown: Los Angeles, CA Sent: 3.35 PM - 9/22 

Looking for additional information regarding the gather in 2005, my mother is an O'Donnell. Will write again, thanks.

Name: ALICE TINKER Hometown: FORSTER .N.S.W. AUSTRALIA Sent: 5.11 AM - 9/22 

Looking for any information on my O'DONNELL ancestors from Cashel Tipperary. My g.g.great-grandfather was Denis O'Donnell m. Margaret O'Grady c: James b.1821 Ellen b.1822 Patrick b.1825 Bridget b.1831 Margaret b.1833 Catherine b.1841 Honora b.1846

Name: Patrick O'Donnell Hometown: Chester, GA Sent: 6.46 PM - 9/12 

My fathers grandparents came to Boston, Mass from Dongal, Ireland. That is all that I know about their ancestral roots. His father (my granfather) often refered to himself as being "Black Irish" or O'Donnell Abu. My fathers uncles and cousins scattered throughout the northeast from Maine to Conn. Many worked at the O'Donnell and Husan(Correct spelling?) fishing started by relatives in the 1920's.

Name: Randall Theuerkauf Hometown: Mackay QLD Australia Sent: 3.03 PM - 9/12 

My grandfather on my mothers side , Sydney O'Donnell was from south australia ,send any infomation about his family tree to 11 Zammit st Mackay QLD if possible thank you.

Name: AGNES O'DONNELL Hometown: LETTERKENNY,CO.DONEGAL. Sent: 3.08 PM - 9/5 


Name: Marcia Notarberardino Hometown: North Ridgeville, Ohio USA Sent: 2.58 AM - 9/4 

My great-grandparents were Neal O'Donnell and Bridget Campbell. Neal came to USA in 1861. Bridget's parents were Patrick Campbell and Mary Keating I believe all were from Co. Mayo. I would be most greatful for any information. Thanks

Name: Joan Symons Sent: 5.40 AM - 9/2 

I have just come across your homepage. I have had no luck trying to find my Irish roots. ? O'Donnell m. John O'Neill dau Mary Jane Kathleen b. 1828 Antrim m. Thomas Harries. Thomas was a shepherd for Sir John O'Shannessy in New South Wales. Australia. I don't know when they came to Aust. have tried Kilmore Vic RC Church but a fire destroyed records. My grdmother Annie Harries Thomas Harries was b. Liverpool 1831 Any help would be greatly appreciated. Good luck Joan

Name: Christine O'Donnell Hometown: Stoke-on-Trent Sent: 4.42 PM - 8/30 

My father was an Edward Charles O'Donnell/ He was born in Treorchy where, he always told us, his father was known as "The Miners' Lawyer", but I have no means of knowing whether this was fact or fiction!

Name: mark o'donnell Hometown: birmingham, uk Sent: 8.34 PM - 8/29 

looking for relatives of my grandfather james o'donnell. born somewhere in donegal about 1901. apparently in i.r.a in 1920s. went to canada in 1928. met my gran on board ship there,jean keating. they got married in toronto on 11-3-1929. he got deported in 1930s possibly for already being married before he met my gran or for being wanted by the irish police. but he disappeared in the 30s. anyone know where or where his original family are/were?

Name: Nancy Hughes Hometown: Mission Viejo, California USA Sent: 9.22 PM - 8/20 

My Great Grandfather was Bryan O'Donnell, Lord Mayor Limerick City in the 1890's. He married Alice Scanlan (Scanlon?) Am looking for more info and ancestry of the O"Donnell family. Any information greatly appreciated. Nancy Hughes

Name: Hugh O'Donnell Sent: 12.48 PM - 8/19 

Please keep me informed about the 2005 gathering

Name: JIM Duffy Hometown: Widnes, Cheshire, England Sent: 9.37 AM - 8/13 

Great site and well researched.A new family research site hjas been set up www.movinghere.org.uk It researches archive info. on Irish immigrants to Britain. Might be useful. My g.g. grandmother was Maggie O'Donnell from Deeragh, Annagry, Donegal.I was told of this site by Dinny Duffy of Letterkenny.He has huge amounts of information about the family history Duffy/O'Donnell. O'Donnell Abu! Jim Duffy

Name: Claire Currin Murad Hometown: Dallas, TX Sent: 2.20 AM - 8/4 

I am visiting this website for the first time. My great great grandmother on my father's side was Marianne O'Donnell. We will be visiting Donegal in September 2003 for the first time and would love to meet some relatives.

Name: Maggie Hometown: West Liberty, IA Sent: 10.01 PM - 8/3 

I married an O'Donnell, so that makes my kids O'Donnell's, kin to the O'Donnell's from the Williamsburg, IA (Iowa Co.) area. Would love to hear from kin folk.

Name: Ina Schoentrup Hometown: Arlington, Snohomish, Washington, USA 98223 Sent: 5.58 PM - 8/3 

My 2ggrandfather Hugh Boyle, a blacksmith married a Catherine O'Donnell in ,Donegal, Ireland. Their son James married Anna McHugh (Daughter of John) 2 Mar 1867 in Kincatlagh, Donegal Ireland. They immigrated to Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, Scotland about 1875, then located in Uphall, Westlothian, Scotland, where they were burried. I would appreicate information on this family. I am willing to share Jim Schoentrup

Name: Brian O'Donnell Hometown: Napa, California Sent: 4.47 PM - 8/1 

Always find this an interesting site. I am 15 years old, and an O'Donnel through my father's side. Unfortunatly, we don't have much family history, but I have had more interest than a few. I have five siblings, Erin, Megan, Austin, Patrick (or Sean), and Corbin, all various ages from 15-24. My mother is Mexican, making us an odd sort of Mexican/Irish/American. :) My Father's father was an O'Donnell, and so on along the male line upwards, and through his wife we are related to the.. um, I don't know the spelling, but it is said "Dok-er-ies." And on my mother's side, we are related to the Glorias, and further up Lunas I think.

Name: Michael T. O'Donnell Hometown: Mission B.C. , Canada Sent: 9.24 AM - 7/26 

Great website! O'Donnell Abu!!

Name: Paul O'Donnell Hometown: Glasgow (now Surrey) Sent: 7.12 PM - 7/19 

My Grand father (Patrick) emigrated from a place called Meenenary Glencolum Cille in Donegal I believe. Looking to contact any distant cousins/relations or any other O'Donnells who would like to keep in touch.

Name: Hugh O'Donnell Hometown: Co Sligo Sent: 10.13 PM - 7/5 

I'm one of the dispersed O'Donnells who returned to the old country.Would like to exchange gossip with old/new extended family.

Name: Michael McCann Hometown: Bigfork Montana. Sent: 5.07 AM - 7/2 

Grandson of the author of Abu. Thanks for the great web site!!

Name: Michael O'Donnell Hometown: Ajax, Ontario Sent: 10.19 PM - 6/29 

I just came across this homepage and I am quite impressed with the amount of work done on the "O'Donnell's" behalf. I intend to return.

Name: Kieron Hugh O`Donnell Hometown: Kilwinning Sent: 9.20 PM - 6/20 

Hi,just found the site,am new to the net!It`s nice to know there`s so many O`Donnells out there. will visit again.

Name: ken sanford Hometown: murfreesboro,tennessee Sent: 11.02 PM - 6/12 

i am an O'Donnell on my grandfathers side.i have been trying to find out about his family. if you want to talk e-mail me at fearman8@aol.com thanx

Name: Robert John O'Donnell Hometown: Edinburgh, Scotland Sent: 4.30 PM - 6/12 

Great site. Interesting to note O'Donnells heavily involved in Spanish history especially as I and my family are moving out to San Pedro to live in Sept'03! My father's fore names are James Leo Richard his father being Robert John (died 1960)who had a brother William and sister Eva.

Name: Gregory O'Donnell Hometown: Toronto, Canada Sent: 2.22 PM - 6/8 

My grandfather's family emmigrated to Quebec Canada in the 1800's

Name: John McDermott Hometown: Manchester UK Sent: 7.17 PM - 5/20 

My grandmother on my mother's side is Teresa Bernadette O'Donnell from Killibegs Co Donegal. She moved to Manchester in the 20s (along with her sister Grace) and married Jack Garvin from Galway. My mum's parents. My Dad is from Galway city and him and mum both now live in Sth Manchester. I am looking forward to visiting Killibegs for the first time this Summer with my young family - though I have been to Galway many times and Ballshannon once.

Name: John Joseph O'Donnell Hometown: Oxford, New Jersey USA Sent: 2.34 AM - 5/11 

My Grandfather was a John O'Donnell from Donegal who moved to Scotland with his wife Norah, around 1900, and later emigrated to New York. My father Francis V. O'Donnell was born in Scotland and moved with the rest of the family to the US in the 1920s.

Name: Cathy Caldwell Hometown: Greenock/Scotland Sent: 10.17 PM - 5/10 

My(Maiden)is McCue, my dad hAd cousins named O'donnell's.They came from Ireland as did my ancestors,McCue,Carlin,Coyle,Doherty,McCready, McFadyen.I have traced them to Donegal 1820 and have been stuck. Hopefully some day I will visit Donegal. Bye Cathy

Name: Ian Hastings Homepage: http://ai.hastings@sympatico.ca Hometown: Burlington, Ontario Sent: 8.43 PM - 5/8 

I am an ODonnell on my mothers side. Her mother is a Gallagher, both my great grandparents (my mothers grandparents) are from Donegal. My grandparents (my mothers parents) settled in Helensburough, Scotland. There is Spanish in us if we go back a little further. My parents came to Canada in the late 50's. I am first generation Canadian. I have ODonnell relatives all over the United States. Great web site!!

Name: Eileen Fitzgerald Hometown: Le Haillan, Gironde, France Sent: 2.10 PM - 5/8 

Hi, everyone! Myn ame is Eileen and my cousin was Patrick O'Donnell, born in Meenacladdy, Gweedore, 1838. He was hanged by the British on 17th December, 1883, for the murder of James Carey, the Informer of the Pheonix Park Murders, Dublin, 1882. He had a brother Daniel and a sister Mary. They married into the Dougan(?) Duggan (?) family from a village nearby and settled in Lennoxtown, Scotland. Any information appreciated Eileen

Name: Beverley ODonnell Hometown: Perth Australia Sent: 11.37 AM - 5/5 

My great grandfather was John ODonnell; also related to the Shaws, Hawkins. My decendents came from Tipperary. Migrated to West Wyalong, Australia.

Name: PETER QUINN O'DONNELL Hometown: BERWICK PA Sent: 4.12 AM - 5/4 


Name: Ellen Martin Hometown: New York City Sent: 2.28 PM - 4/26 

I'm an O'Donnell on my mother's side.She was born in S.E. Galway near Loughrea.I have managed to trace her tree to ~1800 Thomas O'Donnell,Salmonshill/Hollymount.Local history has this among other Ulster names came to that area in late 1700's in order to live under Catholic landlord.I've manged to connect with a number of cousins in USA and New Zealand and have always been in touch with Irish Cousins. I wish I was there with you in Spain it sounds like a memorable trip.I remember a documentary on Spanish Armada that featured an Admiral O'Donnell of Spain who among others recounted some of history of fleet.Great web site.

Name: JohnPatrick Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Sent: 4.45 PM - 4/24 

A great site for a great clan. My father (Connel)left Castletown, Dunkineely in th 20's and came to Philadelphia. His father (John) left before him when his wife (Mary Melly)died giving birth to my father. I am trying to find the birthplace of my father. When my grandmother died my father and his brother were left with an aunt and uncle in Castletown.

Name: James Flannery Hometown: Bowie, Maryland Sent: 4.07 PM - 4/24 

My gggrand parents were Margaret Divers (Devers) and Manus O'Donnell who emigrated from Gweedore, Donegal about 1849 with 2 sons Manus and John. John Died in Civil War Battle of Malvern Hill on July, 1, 1862. My O'Donnells were active in insurgent Molly Maguire group in Pennsylvania coalfields.

Name: Patricia O'Donnell - Romano Hometown: Philadelphia, PA Sent: 5.20 PM - 4/23 

Great site!!! My Great Grandfather Frank O'Donnell and his wife Elizabeth (nee Boyle) immigrated from Aran More, Ireland to Pennsylvania along with their first four children (including my Grandfather Edward O'Donnell)in 1882. They settled in Freeland, PA. My Grandfather worked in the coal mines all his life. He married Isabella Carberry whose family was also from Donegal. Frank had visited the US once before bringing his family. He traveled with his cousin Stephen O'Donnell - they parted ways on the docks of Chicago. Any info on Stephen O'Donnell from Aran More would be of interest. Thanks, Trish

Name: Angela O'Donnell Hometown: Glasgow , Scotland Sent: 4.58 PM - 4/22 

Hail Hail to all you O'Donnells I've just discovered this wonderful website. I live in Glasgow my father James O'Donnell was from Burtonport, Donegal and his mother was Mary Ward don't have much information on his father James O'Donnell If any of this sounds familiar I'd love to hear from you ?

Name: John Joseph O'Donnell Hometown: Esbjerg,Denmark Sent: 9.56 PM - 4/13 

I have just discovered this site.Very interesting. I believe i have a number of relatives in Donegal and in the USA, unfortunately i have never had the pleasure of meeting them.My fathers name was James and we lived in Glasgow his brother Hugh also lived there. Greetings to all you O'Donnells out there!john

Name: Billy Finn Hometown: Ballyshannon Sent: 11.45 PM - 4/12 

Hello, O`Donnells. We, in Beal Ath Seanaidh are keen to be associated with the O`Donnells. Don`t forget......Aodh Ruadh defeated a huge crown army in 1597 at Ballyshannon. This battle /siege is not given the recognition it deserves, yet eminent historians like Cyril Falls refer to it in detail. Hugh himself spoke of his victory at Ath Seanaigh and in the song O`Donnell Abu we encounter the battlecry to gather at `Saimer`s green vale`. So, O`DONNELL ABU!!! Billy Finn

Name: Dominic Conaghan Hometown: Pensacola, FL 32505-USA Sent: 1.42 AM - 4/12 Hello Vincent, My family was impressed by the Clan certificate. I have another family which would like to register as Clan members. Is your address the same as it was when I joined. Her mother was Sophie O'Donnell, of Brian Og's line. Maybe someday I'll get to see Ireland. Best regards; Dominic Dominic

Name: kathryn odonnell Hometown: escanaba,MI Sent: 2.54 AM - 4/9 

Met Conor Sinclar or Conor. Sindair March 29,2003 when visiting at Donegal Castle.Had picture taken in castle.Want to e-mail but the e-mail address we were given won't go through.I was with my brother Dan and father Dennis.

Name: Nancy Grossman Hometown: Easton, Pa 18045 Sent: 3.58 PM - 4/8 

Hello, my G.G.G.G.Grandmother was Mary O'Donnell, she was born Ireland in the late 1700's her father was Arthur O'Donnell. Mary married a Dugan and they lived in Clearfield,PA. Mary died July 4th 1835 and is buried at St. Patrick cemetery Sugar Creek,Pa. Arthur O'Donnell is also buried their as well.

Name: John Kearns Hometown: Palmerston north new Zealand Sent: 8.11 AM - 3/26 

I`am the gread son of Rose Kearns Nee Rose O`Donnell of kincasslagh who married Hugh Kearns of Co Monaghan b 1855

Name: Patrick Flynn Donnell Hometown: Lewisville (Dallas), Texas Sent: 6.47 PM - 3/18 

My late Grandfather told us that we are of the O'Donnells that came to America in the late 1600's. He have records of our family buying land in Georgia aour 1700 and fighting for the south in the Civil War. We are trying to track back to Ireland and came across this site. Love it!

Name: Margaret Pikari Hometown: New Zealand Sent: 8.39 AM - 3/8 

We are first generation of our tree out here. My father Charles Patrick O'Donnell eldest after his older brother John died as an infant. Eldest of nine Dominic,Pat-James,Daniel,sisters Shelia,Bridie,Margaret,and Moria. We have been told their was one other between Dad and Dominic but no data to back that up. I have been told by my sister and brothers that we still have family in Donegal but no family on the island Eighter off the coast of Burtonport where Dad made his home before imgrating with my mother who is English.

Name: Jonathan O`Doherty Hometown: Pretson England Sent: 10.16 AM - 3/6 

Hi i am the grandson of William O`Donnell and son of Mary O`Doherty (nee)O`Donnell. My grandfather was born in Glasgow and died 1996. He married Mary May Nelson from Bamber Bridge just on the outskirts of preston whare they raised there family. He had brothers Philip,Eugine and and maybe a few more. His father from Kesh in county Fermanagh was William James O`Donnell who married a woman of the name Tyson. The where ment to have emegrated around 1870-1890 to canada. Any information from family from Glasgow or any other part of the world would be great. Bye for now Jonathan O`Doherty

Name: Linda Woohall- O'Donnell Hometown: Bird's Hill, Manitoba Sent: 4.08 PM - 3/3 

My mother was Lillian O'Donnell. Her grandfather was John (County Cork) Her father was John (Ennismore, Ontario(Her grandmother was Amelia Curtin (county Cork) Her mother was Susanna Traviss (Ennismore)Susanna was the daughter of David Traviss of County Tyre and Susanna Nye of Nebraska. Both of her parents were from families of 9. We have info on the ships manifest "The RESOLUTION" which left Ireland May 25,1825.I believe they were called the Robinson Settlers. My grandparents were both from families of 9 but we do not know any cousins etc. Would be interested in contacting . Thank you.

Name: Jason Edward Donnell Hometown: Ft. Wort, TX USA Sent: 7.42 AM - 3/3 

Glad to see so many interested in their heritage

Name: Rory Patrick O'Donnell Hometown: Erinsville, Ontario, CANADA Sent: 4.38 AM - 2/25 

My father was born in Rotherham, Yorks UK. His fathers family were from Hagfield, Near Charlestown, Co Mayo. I would love to hear from anyone connected to our family. Thanks Rory.

Name: Manus Hugh O'Donnell Hometown: Bay Shore, NY Sent: 11.23 PM - 2/24 

My father, Manus A. came here from Four Mile House, Roscommon, around the turn of the century. Of several brothers, Martin, who argued at least one case at the Supreme Court, lived in St. Louis MO and had several children. Another brother John, lived in New York, and retired from the NY Post Office many years ago.

Name: Nicole Johnson Hometown: Buxton, Derbyshire Sent: 8.06 PM - 2/24 

My Mum's maiden name is O'Donnell-Forster and her Grandfather was Francis Samuel O'Donnell-Forster born in Wellington New Zealand, he had 4 sisters: Grace Agnes, Emily Ruth, Gertrude Charlotte and Jane Francis. We are unsure at what point the family went to New Zealand or why. We think that the Forster part of the sur name was added when Grace O'Donnell (1761) married a Nassau Forster. My Mum says that at some point she has seen a family tree which showed our branch of the O'Donnell family decending from Hugh Roe but unfortunatly made no record of it. I would like to link up our family tree as it exists now to where we belive it started and wondered if anyone knew of or had a copy of the O'Donnell family tree to help me out! Or are any of you descended from a similar line?

Name: Roderick O'Donnell Hometown: Berrigan NSW Australia Sent: 8.35 AM - 2/24 

Greetings to all you O'Donnells out there. I am descended from a West Clare O'Donnell _Martin, who came to Aus. in 1840 so I would presume not to belong to the main clan branch. A large group of S.E. Australians are his descendants.

Name: Clive O'Donnell Hometown: Worcester, England Sent: 2.47 PM - 2/14 

Really enjoyed reading about the wonderful trip to Spain last September - just wished I had known about it. I went to Madrid some years ago and have a number of prized photos taken on Calle O'Donnell and outside the O'Donnell underground station. I don't know nearly enough about my O'Donnell ancestry and this site has really fired my resolve to get searching! St. Valentine's Day greetings to O'Donnells everywhere!

Name: Charles D. Fredricksen Hometown: Washington D. C. Sent: 10.40 PM - 2/5 

Starting a family tree. My grandmother was Mary Frances O'Donnell, born in Washington D.C. in 1897, she had brothers; Thomas; James; Unknown. Mary died in the twenties, however, she married my grandfather Thomas G. Olsen in 1916, my mother Margaret was born in 1917. Thomas O'Donnell founded the O'Donnell Seafood Restaurant in Washington D. C. and upon his death in 1949, his widow Mildred kept things going and opened a restaurant in Bethesda, Maryland on Wisconsin Avenue, this restaurant and a new one in Gaithersburg, Maryland is ran by Thomas O'Donnell's grandson William Edelblut. I highly recommend the food, (Norfork style) However, I'm looking for more information on Mary Frances O'Donnell Olsen. If you can help, please contact me. Thank you, Charles

Name: julie lowe Sent: 1.11 PM - 1/30 

I am currently researching my grandmothers history. Her family were odonnells from Donegal who went to live in Derry. She married and settled in England. There is only one sister left ( out of 11) she is Sally and she had returned to Derry. My grandmother was born in 1922 and we have had problems researching records. However I would like to join the assosication and hear about gatherings. My Irish side is the part of me that I am most proud of and what has given me extraordinary courage and foresight. I look forward to hearing from you.

Name: Roseann McFadden Clavelli Hometown: Singapore Sent: 2.35 PM - 1/28 

MANUS AND GRACE O'DONNELL Seeking information on Manus and Grace, who married at St. Gabriel's in Hazleton, PA; then lived in Bethlehem, PA until the 1930s. Manus and Grace (and their children) were sponsors for several of my McFadden ancestor children, so I know there was some close relation but can't figure it out. They were from County Donegal, most likely the Magheroarty/ Inishbofin island area. 

Homepage: http://www.finnvalley.ie/kilteevogue/graves/index.html Sent: 3.26 AM - 1/13 

Not to be missed! 

Homepage: http://www.glenfin.com Sent: 3.25 AM - 1/13 

check out the photos and info 

Homepage: http://www.finnvalley.ie/home.html Sent: 3.25 AM - 1/13 

for a great site on Donegal! 

Name: John Padric O'Donnell Hometown: Sunbury, Victoria, Australia Sent: 12.54 PM - 1/11 

My children are asking about the O'Donnell name and it's time I did some research into our history. I will eventually visit some of the historic sites associated with the O'Donnell Clan.

Name: Liam O' Donnell Hometown: Derry, N. Ireland Sent: 5.07 PM - 1/10 

Its great to come accross a site entirely devoted to my own sur name. Anyway I'm just browsing the internet while taking a break from studying for my exams. I'm studying Physics at Queen's University Belfast and I have an exam on Statistical Mechanics tomorrow. All the best to all the O' Donnells out there.

Name: Mary Van Dyk Hometown: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada Sent: 5.13 AM - 1/9 

Hi O'Donnells. My mother was an O'Donnell. Her grandfather John came from Ireland as a boy with his mother Mary O'Connors to Toronto Gore, Ontario. I have been able to get all the information on his family here after he married but my cousin and I can not get beyond that. If anyone wants to contact me to see if we are relative I would be happy to correspond with you.

Name: Donna O'Donnell Allison Hometown: Terre Haute Sent: 10.47 AM - 1/7 

My grandfather, James O'Donnell, Was B. in Scotland in 1847, he died in Ohio in the 1920's. May God's blessing be with us.

Name: CHRISTINA LYNN O'DONNELL Hometown: OCEAN CITY, NJ Sent: 9.47 PM - 12/30 


Name: Patrick Neil O'Donnell Hometown: Blackpool, England Sent: 4.13 PM - 12/21 

Great site. My grandfather was Patrick (Donal ban) O'Donnell of Milltown (Glasbeggan), near Burtonport. My Dad's cousin, Roisin married Rupert Coughlan, whom I'm very grateful to as he did a lot of work on the family tree. I'd be pleased to hear from anyone who might be related.

Name: MARTIN/GABRIEL O' DONNELL Hometown: GLASGOW/ SCOTLAND Sent: 5.58 PM - 12/15 


Name: MARTIN/GABRIEL O' DONNELL Hometown: GLASGOW/ SCOTLAND Sent: 5.58 PM - 12/15 


Name: Michael A. O'Donnell Hometown: New York City Sent: 2.32 AM - 12/5 

My father emigrated from Ballaharry, County Donegal and settled in Brooklyn, New York. He married and had 3 children, myself being the eldest.He worked for the New York Telephone Company and retired after 35 years.I know I have relatives in Donegal,O'Donnells or Mclaughlins or Keaneys in Galway and would like to hear from them

Name: Dominick F. O`Donnell Hometown: Washingto D.C. Now living in New Bern NC Sent: 5.54 PM - 12/3 

I am first generation American.Father Born in C.Donegal emigrated to America and Became an Army officer and retired after 30 years serivce.I am an Electrical Engineer retired.I have a Brother Patrick who is retired from the U.S.Air Force.

Name: Rochelle Hometown: Prince George, B.C. Sent: 5.52 AM - 11/29 

Hi, I am Edward O'Donnells ( Comax Valley, B.C's) grandaughter, and I was really interested on all of the information on the site. I have been interested to find out about my family tree, and this site did a lot for me. Hope to talk to you soon! Rochelle

Name: James Patrick O'Donnell Sent: 8.46 PM - 11/7 

Thank you for a great site. I plan to visit Donegal summer 2003 fo rthe first time. Would love any pictures or info anyone would care to share.

Name: Amanda Jayne Wallis Hometown: Gravesend, Kent Sent: 2.46 PM - 11/2 

Hi there, Fantastic site !!!!!!! I'd really like to find out some more info about my family tree. my fathers name was John Patrick O'Donnell born in 1943 in Denistoun, Glasgow Scotland. He had 1 sister Anne, and 2 brothers Edward and Gerard. My g fathers name was Edward O'Donnell and as far as I know he went to Scotland from Ireland when he was a young man. My Uncle Edward emigrated to Australia in 1965 I think. My Uncle Gerry is in England somewhere and my auntie Anne is still in scotalnd. My father died in march 1989 unfortunately, so I am unable to ask him anything about my family tree!!!! It would be great to know some more stuff about my ancestors.

Name: Patricia Leigh O'Donnell Hometown: Christchurch NewZealand Sent: 6.07 AM - 11/1 

kiaora, My ggg grandfather is Dominick O'Donnell who married Catherine Cleun? . They lived in county Donegal and their son Patrick bn 1832 went to Australia in 1853 aged 21 where he worked on the goldfields in Geelong. His grandson Dominick died at the age of forty and his wife Louisa returned to Waipukarau New Zealand with three small children. My father Edwin Dominick O'Donnell is the youngest of these children and is a General Practitioner in Blenheim,Marlborough where he also grows Chardonnay grapes for Villa Maria Wines. He has 6 duaghters and one son PAul O'Donnell an accountant. Iwould like to find out more about this Dominick O'Donnell and Catherine Cleun and any relatives that are still in the Donegal area.

Name: Daniel J. O'Donnell Hometown: Chester, NJ Sent: 8.39 PM - 10/31 

My O'Donnell's are from Askeaton in County Limerick. My grandfather was William J. O'Donnell.

Name: Patricia O'Donnell Hometown: Glasgow Sent: 9.30 PM - 10/22 

what a great site,I will have to tell all my O'Donnell family about it. I Will be back soon when i have some more information about my great grandparents. BYE Tricia x

Name: Mike O'Donnell Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska, United States Sent: 11.49 PM - 10/19 

I enjoy the site, my grandmother has traced my roots back to the mainland as far as she can go. her efforts were amazing, we have 8-6 inch binders full of information. if anyone needs help...contact me and i'll help research

Name: Greg O`Donnell Hometown: Dukinfield Cheshire Sent: 7.36 PM - 10/15

Name: Lorraine ODonnell Hometown: new zealand Sent: 9.02 PM - 10/14 

hi all u odonnells,My ancester,michael Odonnell,was in the british army ,1800s,57th foot regiment ,served in the crimea, came to new zealand,with wife johannah scully, son richard, and a daughter yet to be discovered,fought in maori conflict and settled in taranaki,his father was michael,or john odonnell, and mother ellen moore,not sure what part of ireland they came from .send me an e.mail, if u are related in some way. thank u vincent .

Name: Frances Duffy Hometown: Upper Darby, PA Sent: 4.01 PM - 10/10 

My father was James O'Donnell from Culloboy, Letterkenny. He was one of thirteen. He was born in 1899, emigrated to Philadelphia in 1929. His father was James and his mother Mary Gillespie from the Rosses.Would like to contact some of his brothers and sisters children.

Name: Sue Gregory Sent: 12.20 PM - 10/10 

I am learning about "Clan Donnell". My husband's line is "Gregory" and in my grandmother's line is "Donnell". I have been told they BOTH are decendants of "Clan Donnell" and would love to piece all of this togther. I live in Tennessee, USA.

Name: Margaret O'Donnell Hometown: Reno, Nevada Sent: 7.23 PM - 10/9 

My father was from Gateshead Co Durham. His father I think was born or raised in Moneyglass and had a farm there, he moved to the north of England in the late 1800's. My grandfather had a brother named Alex who spent many years and money trying to get the O'Donnell lands back from the ? British Anyone with further information please contact me. Wonderful web site

Name: Br. Guire Cleary, S.S.F. Hometown: San Francisco, Calif Sent: 9.27 PM - 10/5 

I was doing some research on Br. Michael O'Cleary and discovered your website. The O'Donnell's employed the Clarys for a few centuries as historians. I must be a throwback: I am an historian, museum curator and a Franciscan friar. Pece and All Good!

Name: James O'Donnell Hometown: Baillieston Sent: 7.42 PM - 10/2 

Hi My ggg grandfather was James O'Donnell from Donegal, he married a Catherine Carroll and they came to Scotland where they had two sond John Henry and James Joseph. My ggg grandfather then went to PA and opened a store for miners his son James went over at a later date and married a Theresa Colligan in Scranton PA they had a large number of children.

Name: John Patrick O'Donnell Jr Hometown: LaQuinta, CA 92253 Sent: 1.47 AM - 9/26 

My Grandfather, Maurice F.O'Donnell born in Buttevant, County Cork, Irland on 2/21/1871 from family of 7-6 kids. Moved to Chihuahua, Mexico. Business of Gold Mining. Married Maria Vidal.The family, my father John and his brother Maurice and sister Theresa all moved to St. Louis, Mo, then to Oakland, CA. Grandfather passed in Oakland 10/27/40 My father John worked for US Customs, S.F. for 38 years. Love some info. on Grandfater's clan.

Name: Leslie Austin O'Donnell Hometown: Clydebank, Scotland. Sent: 12.46 AM - 9/19 

My Dad was Leslie Patrick O'Donnell, he was born and brought up in Letterkenny, Co. Donegal.He moved to Clydebank in Scotland where he married and had a family of six children. I know his family are in the Letterkenny area and I would like to make contact with them.

Name: William Michael O'Donnell Hometown: Roscommon, Michigan, U.S.A. Sent: 6.45 PM - 9/17 

Love and greetings from my sister Bridget O'Donnell, also.

Name: William Michael O'Donnell Hometown: Roscommon, Michigan, U.S.A. Sent: 6.43 PM - 9/17 

My Grandfather, William Maurice O'Donnell, born 1880's in the U.S.A., his two sons, Robert and William Maurice O'Donnell (my father), my four brothers, Timothy, Patrick, Kevin, and Shawn, my two sons, Brian Michael and Dennis Michael O'Donnell and his wife Christine and my Grandaughter, Ellizabeth Hannah O'Donnell, along with my (one and only)best friend and wife of 39 years, send our love and greetings to all O'Donnells, everywhere.

Name: Lily Howell Homepage: http://pages.globetrotter.net/ceiligh/genea/myology.htm Hometown: Montreal, Canada Sent: 2.09 PM - 9/17 

Anne O.Donnell born in Ireland was my 5th great grandmother born around 1715 she married John Howell they lived in Sussex County, New Jersey USA Would anyone have any info on them

Name: Joy O'Blenis Hometown: Plymouth,Indiana Sent: 9.16 PM - 9/14 

I'M trying to find information on my Great Grandfather Claude James O'Donnell, born July2,1875 and died February 2,1957 in South Bend,Ind.Claude was married 2 times,Iknow he had 2 children with his first wife, James and Norman O'Donnell. Then he married my Great-Grandmother Anna Mae Paul,they had 4 children,Howard Jay,Homer Freeman,Raymond Edward,Ruth May. If you have any information about Claude and his family,please e-mail to me.Thank You. Joy

Name: Paul O'Donnell Hometown: Kincardine, Scotland Sent: 2.37 PM - 9/1 

Hello all O'Donnells

Name: Lorraine Conroy Hometown: Milford, Pa Sent: 2.21 AM - 8/24 

My g.mother's sister,Peggy Sweeney maried and O'Donnell from Donegal. One of their sons was Hugh O'Donnell and he married Frances Gallagher daughter of the owners of the old Derrybeg Inn. Hugh & Frances came to New York, around 1920's. We have quite a few O'Donnell in the family in Gweedore. Lorraine

Name: william Homepage: http://www,billodonnell.net Hometown: greenock Sent: 9.15 AM - 8/17 

love the site, came on when i was 1/2 drunk. it would be real nice to meet you lot. kept looking, now fully pissed, it makes a man proud to know there is a clan behind him. what about a gathering " AGAIN "

Name: Lesley Lane Hometown: Perth Western Australia Sent: 3.30 AM - 8/9 

Looking for any information on Frank Machaden O'Donnell who married Una Sharkey from Annagry near Drumnacarta Mountain. Time fram would be early 1800's. Son Owen Frank O'Donnell born 1841 in Braade Kinkasslagh was my GGF. He emigrated to Scotland and then to Australia in 1865. Would appreciate any info as have hit the proverbial brick wall. Thanks Lesley

Name: Jeffrey O'Donnell Hometown: Perth, Australia Sent: 5.29 PM - 8/3 

Good work Vincent, glad to see how history connects to me. Lots of O'Donnells in Western Australia, breeding like rabbits.

Name: Valerie McAnally Hometown: Brownsville, NSW, Australia Sent: 1.05 AM - 8/2 

My great great grandmother was Mary O'Donnell from Ramelton, Co Donegal. She married a sea captain John McBride also from Bankside, Ramelton. They were married prior to 1864 when their first child was born, I am told that there was no records kept prior to this date.. They moved to Derry Nth. Ireland, where they remained with their children until they died. If anyone has any information regarding this family, I would be eternally grateful. G'day to all the O'Donnells around the world, great website Vincent.

Name: Beth O'Donnell-Miller Hometown: Northwest, US Sent: 10.43 PM - 7/31 

My grandfather was Patrick O'Donnell from Ballykimcruie (guessing at the spelling) near Donegal. He married Anna MeLaugh who's mother's maiden name was O'Donnell and was his 3rd cousin. I also have my mother's relatives from Northern Ireland that were the Ashenhurst's.

Name: Melanie Ann O'Donnell Hometown: Boca Raton, FL Sent: 12.55 AM - 7/31 

Great website. My father, Keith O'Donnell is the one who is really into the ancestry and geneology and such, I just thought I'd let you know that your site is very helpful. I've been to Donegal in Ireland and I've seen the O'Donnell Castle (I highly recommend seeing it!) and all it's wonderful history. I noticed that you mentioned your aunt who lives in Stamford, CT-- my grandfather, Harold O'Donnell lives in Stamford as well. Anyway, good luck, keep up the great work with your site! Cheerio!

Name: Patrick Williams (O'Donnell) Hometown: Temecula, California USA Sent: 10.07 PM - 7/26 

Hello. My ancestors emigrated from Westport,County Mayo in the 180's. They settled in Maryland, USA. My Grandfather was John O'Donnell and he moved west to Nogales, Arizona. My mother's maiden name was Fionnuala, O'Donnell. My mother claimed to have been related to Red Hugh O'Donnell of County Donegal. Would like to correspond with other O'Donnells.

Name: John Patrick O'Donnell Hometown: Florence, SC USA Sent: 3.32 PM - 7/11 

I am the son of John Donald O'Donnell and I have a twin brother named Michael.

Name: Carmel Owens Hometown: Old San Juan, Puerto Rico Sent: 6.40 PM - 7/4 

Hi, I have enjoyed looking at your site - my parents were born in Ireland and raised our family in Connecticut, USA. More recently, my husband and I have moved to O'Donnell Street in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico for a job opportunity. It was nice to see our new street mentioned on your web site! best of luck. Carmel Owens

Name: Kevin A. O'Donnell Hometown: Toronto, On Canada Sent: 8.58 PM - 6/26 

Great site Vincent! Glad I stumbled on to it. My grandfather was James O'Donnell (1900 - 1958) Tipperary. Great to see so many active searches! Hey, I know we have been away for awhile but when is it my turn to be Chief of the Clan? Keep up the great site! Cheers

Name: Michael O'Donnell Hometown: Workington, Cumbria Sent: 3.04 PM - 6/26 

I am a proud Englishman but my brother Bill loves our Irish ancestry. However I know of no-one from Ireland in my great or great great grandparents. Can anyone tell me how we came to Cumbria ? best wishes to all O'Donnells. 30s. anyone know where or where his original family are/were? ............@odonnellclan.com (Mine is vincent@odonnellclan.com) These will redirect your mail to your present e-mail server. If you are interested in trying one for a month it is free, if you would like to have one permantly it's $10 per annum.

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