Satellite TV: Irish Terrestial


"Terrestial" TV (This is for visitors to Ireland)

UHF and 2.4GHz Analog MMDS in Limerick, R.O.I.

Do we have Four TV stations or Nine?

In theory we have RTE1, NET2, TV3 and TG4. But most of Ireland gets United Kingdom: BBC1, BBC2, UTV, C4 and CH5 by one method or another.

In addition you should know that TG4 is mostly in Irish (Gaelic) and TV3, part owned by the UK Granada is fast becoming an ITV region! TV3 appears to be proud of NEVER having Irish.

Radio Telefis Eirean (RTE or Irish Radio and Television in translation) are the semi state that run / manage RTE1 and NET2. They also "operate" the Irish Station TG4. They are part funded from Goverment and part from Advertising. TV 3 receives no Government funds.


You must have a TV Licence (about £70) to receive any kind of TV transmission on any kind of device, just like in the U.K.

In Ireland RTE1 and NET2 are on Band I VHF, Band III VHF, UHF and Cable TV.

TG4 is on UHF and Cable TV.

TV3 is on some but not all UHF relays, Cable TV and curiously Analog MMDS.

UK TV is on UHF from Northern Ireland and Welsh Transmitters to over 30% coverage! (By UK TV, I mean BBC1 NI/Wales, BBC2, UTV, C4 and CH5)

UK TV is also on Privately opertated Transponders (quaintly called Deflectors here), MMDS and Cable. CH 5 and BBC World is availaible on Analog Satellite and BBC1 / BBC2/ BBC Prime on Digital Satellites in the R.O.I.

MMDS is Microwave Multipoint Distribution, basically TV on 2400MHz instead of UHF 600 MHz. By the time Ireland was planning to introduce it other Countries were using Digital for MMDS. The Irish system is Analog (11 / 21 Chs), but Chorus are upgrading it to Digital (60 /120 chs).

Irish DTT (Digital Terrestial) is now not likely to start till January or February 2003. Though I won't complain if it is earlier. It is rumoured to be a better system than OnDigital, but since no-one actually has it.....

UTV is not on Sky Digital. CH5 is free on Sky Analog. BBC, C4, CH5 while in theory not available on Sky Digital in Ireland, many Irish people have UK Post code addresses. (See FAQ to understand why).

Some brave and hardy folks have purchased UK On Digital DTT boxes and are using them in Border / East cost areas with serious UHF aerials. This seems not to have the coverage of analog TV!

Ireland is getting its own Digital Terrestial TV. It won't be like On Digital, but will have 5 or 6 UK TV channels! ASDL trials using BBC are also underway in Dublin.

So how many Terrestial TV Stations has Ireland got?

In addition, Ireland is the only country outside of the UK to be offered Sky subscriptions on Analog or Digital. In addition Irish residents may susbscribe to BBC Prime which is unavailable in the UK.


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