Satellite, TV and Radio in Ireland

Watty's Workshop

Top: Polar Mount

Bottom: 3 LNBs on one Dish

Introduction: What is Satellite TV? How does it work?

What can I receive?

Analog Satellite Receiver / Decoders: Operation, Modifications and applications

IRISH Sky / BSkyB FAQ: Why have I not got BBC?

Digital Receivers:

Multiple Satellite Reception

Making an LNB changeover relay switch

How to wire a Satellite F Connector

How to wire a TV Coax Connector

Neighbour's house

Typical R.O.I. Sky Installed Dish


Adjusting your Digibox reception

Connecting your Home Cable Network

Other Satellite Sites

Irish Terrestial TV: Analog, MMDS, Cable and Digital.

Music Choice: Basic List

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March / April 2001

Eurobird satellite now at 28.2. Tests received on Sky Digibox.

26th March 2001

BBC NI on Sky Digital to ROI Family Pack Subscribers.

30th March 2001

Digital MMDS transmissions by Chorus in Limerick have started.

Early April 2001

Eircom ASDL trails cease as NTL downgrades Digital Cable plans.

Early April 2001

Euronews on Sky Digital Boxes.

30th April 2001

BBC2 NI on Sky Digital to ROI Family Pack Subscribers