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Fáilte go dtí Sinn Féin Loch gCarman ar an idirlíon

The task of building an Ireland of equals is a huge and exciting challenge for all of us  

Use this website, to engage with the party in Wexford and nationally.

Join with us on the road to Irish unity and independence 

"We know that there is much work ahead of us. And each day will bring new difficulties and new challenges.

We will have to be very resilient, tenacious, determined and magnanimous.

But if you want to do something worthwhile with your life, if you want to make a difference, then there is nothing more important, more patriotic than to build peace and justice in your own place.

And that's what we have to be about.

So let us elevate our vision beyond the suspicions and fears of the past.

Let us work to prepare for that future."

- Gerry Adams MP, President of Sinn Féin.