The text of an Email to Mr Tom Kavanagh (Galway County Council Director of Environmental & Conservation Services) is reproduced below.

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List of threats to local environment

Most recent update:  Sunday April 22nd 2001

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From: William Finnerty

To: Mr Tom Kavanagh (Galway County Council Director of Environmental & Conservation Services)
Cc: Attorney General (Mr Michael McDowell) ; Prime Minister Bertie Ahern ; President Mary McAleese
Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2001 3:12 PM
Subject: ESB Athenry / Portumna Electricity Supply Project.

Dear Mr. Kavanagh,

I had a lengthy discussion yesterday afternoon in City Hall with Planning Enforcement Officer Mr. Enda Hoey and Acting Senior Staff Officer Ms Mary Killoran-Coyne regarding the ESB aerial photographs associated with the new £30 million pound electricity supply project (which I understand is to get under way in the coming month or so). I have in the meantime outlined my interest and involvement in the situation in a section of the semi-private www Internet page address provided immediately below:

I would be very grateful if you could please take careful note of the information contained on the above mentioned Internet page.

During yesterday's conversation it became clear to me that Galway County Council does not (in effect) seem to have any kind of modern Quality Assurance Plan in place at present: and that consequently there are of course none of the associated quality control procedures (or checks) in place either.

By coincidence, I happen to have wide-ranging practical experience of QA systems - as a result of working in the electronics industry for a period of over 30 years. During that period I worked (on a freelance basis) for several of the world's largest companies including, for example, The Sony Corporation of Japan.

As I mentioned to Mr. Hoey and Ms Killoran-Coyne yesterday, I feel I can no longer go on acting as some kind of unpaid "QA troubleshooter" for either Local or Central Government.

I also showed Mr. Hoey and Ms Killoran-Coyne a copy of a letter dated April 10th 2001 to Senior Executive Engineer Mr. Liam Gavin. The letter in question outlines ongoing difficulties connected with sewage discharges in the middle of New Inn village (within yards of where I live). I have been advised by Loughrea based solicitor Mr. Florence MacCarthy that the type of sewage discharge in question is in breach of a whole string of Irish and European pollution laws, including the following three: (a) The Air Pollution Act of 1987; (b) The Local Government Water Pollution Act of 1997; and (c) The EEC Environmental Act of 1992. I would ask you to please note that it is now over 18 months since I first brought this matter to the attention of Galway County Council (in a registered letter dated September 8th 1999). (Please see the correction note added on May 29th 2001 regarding items (b) and (c) above)

I would be grateful to you if you could acknowledge receipt of this email within the coming 14 days please. Also, I am hoping that you will be able to inform me that Galway County Council are willing to pay me the going rate for the quality assurance work I have done to date on their behalf: even though it was something that "just happened" - as opposed to something that was planned in the normal way.

To allow for the possibility of Email delivery problems, I intend to send a printed copy of this Email to you through the registered post later today.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those connected with Galway County Council who rejected the Waste Management Plan (again) last Monday. My hope now is that Central Government will pay close attention to the fact that the vote of the locally elected politicians was unanimously against the controversial plan they seek to impose through their new Bill.


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We hope to keep this page updated as events develop.

List of threats to local environment

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