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(By Richard M. Finnerty)

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The following is an extract from a letter written by Richard Finnerty
in response to a request for information about his book:

I spent six months researching and publishing my book on the Finnerty name and its variants: Fenaghty, Finaghty, Fenoughty etc.

The three major Finnerty clans discussed continue to live in Ireland to this day: one clan in Counties Mayo, Sligo, Northeast Galway, and Roscommon; another clan primarily in Southeast Galway; and the third clan in County Kerry.

The book is about 450 pages, letter size on faux parchment with some Celtic borders. The cover is simulated antique leather [dark green] with gold foil lettering including the coat of arms for the west and central Finnertys, and some other septs of the Siol Murray.

The book also includes extensive genealogies for O'Connor, Canavan, Flanagan, Gerraghty, Donnellan, Mulrennan, and Kelly of Connacht, the northern O'Neils and O'Harts; and some information on the ancient name Finnerty in all counties.

Genealogies are from Adam to at least 800 AD, and in some cases to the 1600s. Genealogies include numerous Kings and Princes of Ireland and Connacht. The book is a limited edition [100 copies], and is primarily extracts from antiquarian books relating to the Finnertys and their co-relatives. There is a table of contents, but the book is unpaginated and does not have an index.

I dedicated the book to my children, grandchildren, and those of all the Finnertys in the hope that this book will help them to discover their past, and inspire them to build on it: for the benefit of themselves, and for the benefit of society as a whole.

Richard M. Finnerty.  (February 2001)


Cost of book: US $80 (including surface mail postage).

For further information and to order please email Richard Finnerty:

Payments can be accepted by Richard Finnerty through:


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Origin of Finnerty name

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