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Progress Report 2 (Saturday October 27th 2001)


Progress Report 1 (Friends of Woodlawn House)


A representative of The Heritage Council (Ms Mary Hanna) visited Woodlawn House on Thursday October 18th 2001. Afterwards, she met with several members of the Friends Of Woodlawn House Group - and related that she felt Woodlawn House was definitely worth trying to save. She also informed the FOWH Group that, subject to certain conditions, and within certain limits, The Heritage Council might be able to help the FOWH Group (in its present form) with their ongoing efforts to see the property restored.


On hearing the above information, the FOWH Group decided that it would like to have a good quality professional conservation assessment made of the Woodlawn House buildings. It is understood that permission has now very kindly been given by the present owner of the property (Mr. Michael Lally) for such a survey to go ahead. Final arrangements for the survey have not yet been made though.


The Friends Of Woodlawn House Group has decided that, if possible, it would like to see a "one member, one job" policy adhered to - partly for the purpose of trying to ensure that as many interested people as possible can become involved.


In an effort to make as many local people as possible aware of the efforts being made to have Woodlawn House restored, an A3 size copy of the photograph below has now been placed in a local shop window (since Sunday October 21st 2001). It is accompanied by additional Internet (www) page address information which would help anybody who is interested to learn more about the present situation.

Woodlawn House (October 8th 2001)


The ONLY requirement for membership
is a desire to see the property restored.

Some Internet information relating to the history of Woodlawn House:


Google listing (Woodlawn/Ashtown/Trench)
Please note: you may have to click on the Google "SEARCH" button to get listing.

Information regarding the recent restoration of a similar property named Farmleigh House can be seen by following the link provided further down this section. Some believe that Farmleigh House (set in 79 acres of grounds at the north-west corner of Dublin's Phoenix Park) is architecturally inferior to Woodlawn House.

Two of the main differences between these properties - from the viewpoint of Government help with restoration funding - seems to be that (1) Woodlawn House is located in East Galway, and (2) that a large company called Celtic Waste has plans to build a superdump nearby.

The Government has recently spent IR£41,000,000 (€52,000,000) on the purchase and refurbishment of Farmleigh House. For further information please click on link below:

For further information about the planned Celtic Waste Superdump for the area:

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