St. Stephen's, COI, Upper Mount Street

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St. Stephen's, Church of Ireland, Upper Mount Street


Church lies on Upper Mount Street, South Dublin City. Building is popularly known as 'the Pepper Canister church'. This church is relatively close to the site of Beggar's Bush barracks and may have drawn part of its congregation from there.


Bronze Memorials and Altar Furnishings

Inscriptions & Imagery

Bronze memorial inside the church. There is a crowned Cross over the memorial. Edges have floral decorations. The title inscription reads:

"To the Glory of God and in memory of those from this Parish or Congregation who gave their lives for King and Country in the Great War 1914-1919."

Forty-three names are listed alphabetically with award, rank and regiment. The end inscription reads:

"Let those who come after see to it, that their sacrifice is not forgotten."

The parish also erected a reredos, an ornamental screen behind the altar. To the right of the altar there is a commemorative plaque with the inscriptions:

"The Reredos was erected by the people of St. Stephen's as a Thank-offering to Almighty God for Victory and the preservation of many who served God and their Country in the Great War 1914-1918."

There is a smaller bronze memorial to 9 parishioners who died in the Second World War. It is situated below the First World War memorial.


43 casualties, with initials, surname, award, rank, and regiment, ordered by surname.

It is noteworthy that a very large proportion of the casualties served in Irish regiments, as opposed to British, Imperial and Specialist units.