St. Thomas, COI, Cathal Brugha Street

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St. Thomas, Church of Ireland, Cathal Brugha Street.


Cathal Brugha Street. The memorial lies on north wall of church.


Framed Roll of Honour

Inscriptions & Imagery

The original church lay on Marlborough Street but was destroyed in the Irish Civil War at the outbreak of fighting in 1922. The current church of St. Thomas was opened in 1931. It now serves the combined parish of both St. Thomas and St. George. The latter's memorials are also housed in the church, having been moved from St. George's church on Temple Street.

The hand-written roll of honour carries the banner 'Our Roll of Honour 1914 1918' and has an image of the Allied flags (Italy, Russia, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Japan). The format suggests it may have been a mass-produced scroll, as opposed a to custom-made memorial.

The roll of honour lists one hundred and thirty-one names in three columns. It gives Surname and Christian name or initial. The name is followed by a comment on whether the person was killed, believed killed, died, or died of wounds, or if a person was wounded, discharged or made a prisoner of war. Medals are also given for one person. There is no apparent order to the names. Unfortunately no rank or unit details are given for the individuals listed.

The memorial shows signs of damage and is faded in places. The lower part of the roll appears to have been written in a different hand. This is may be due to fire & water damage arising from the Civil War.


At least nineteen deaths are listed among the one hundred and thirty-one names. Some details may be obscured by damage. The cross in front of the picture covers the words 'DCM Killed' for Joseph Lowe and 'Died of Wounds' for Henry Douglas Baird.

Those who have been provisionally identified are listed here.