Bank of Ireland, College Green

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Bank of Ireland, College Green


In the corridor of the College Green branch of the Bank of Ireland. This was previously the Bank's head office.


Memorial tablet and Roll of Honour


The memorial tablet has an emblem of a crowned wreath in the upper left corner and the following inscription:

In honoured memory of the following members of the staff of the Bank of Ireland who were killed in action in the European War 1914-1918

The roll of honour depicts the College Green branch with two sentries and the flags of the various Allies (Belgium, United States, UK, Serbia, Japan, Russia, Romania and France), plus an Irish Harp flag on a blue background.

Names are divided into Head Office and Branch staff. Within these categories they are listed by surname, with forename, rank, unit and award details. Those killed, died, wounded or made prisoner are marked with K, D, W, or P. The roll of honour has the following dedication:

Members of the Staff of the Bank of Ireland who volunteered for and served their King and Country in the Great War of 1914-18


32 casualties are listed alphabetically, with rank, forename, surname, and unit. Another member of staff died who is not on the memorial. Of these 33 individuals, 26 were officers. Those with known Dublin links are listed above.