Connolly Station

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Great Northern Railway, Connolly Station


Platform 4, Connolly railway station. Previously known as Amiens Street station. The Great Northern Railway is now part of Coras Iompar Eireann. The memorial is in a poorly maintained state and flecked with paint.


Combined WWI/WWII bronze memorial.


The memorial has the company crest of the Great Northern Railway and a floral border. The corners of the border contain a Harp & Crown emblem. Above the list of 87 WWI casualties is the inscription:

"In memory of the following members of the staff of the Great Northern (Ireland) Railway who laid down their lives for their country in the Great War 1914-1919."

The lower part of the memorial is dedicated to seven casualties from WWII with the inscription:

"And the following who made the supreme sacrifice in the Second World War 1939-1945"


Rank, forename and surname listed for eighty-seven casualties of WWI and seven casualties of WWII, ordered by surname.