Clontarf Methodist Church

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Clontarf Methodist Church


The church lies on the Clontarf sea-front, along Clontarf Road. The memorial is in the near left-hand corner as you enter the church.

At the time of the war, the church primarily served the Methodist communities of Sutton, Fairview and Clontarf.


Marble plaque.

Inscriptions & Imagery

There is a laurel wreath symbol at top of plaque. Below is the title:

1914-1919 Roll of Honour In The Great War / Clontarf Methodist Church

Seven casualties are listed separately under the title Faithful unto Death.

The inscription In appreciation of the following who served is followed by a list of survivors. Forty seven other members of the congregation who served are listed alphabetically with unit initials, including five female volunteers (listed separately).


7 casualties listed alphabetically, with full names, unit initials and date of death.