St. Mary's, RC, Haddington Road

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St. Mary's, Catholic Church, Haddington Road


Church is on Haddington Road, Ballsbridge. The memorial is on the right-hand wall inside the church.


Bronze plaque

Inscriptions & Imagery

Large bronze memorial, divided into four panels of names. The design uses floral motifs and columns. There is a central figure of the Crucified Christ. The inscription overhead is 'IN HOC SIGNO VINCES'. The main inscription is below and reads: "To the glory of God and in memory of those whose names are here inscribed who lost their lives in the war 1914-1919. R.I.P. ".

This (to my current knowledge) is the only communal war memorial in a Dublin Catholic church, although there are several examples of private, individual memorials on church pews.

The memorial lists 93 individuals, including two civilians and the Nationalist M.P. and poet, Thomas Kettle. The names are grouped into officers and other ranks and ordered by rank and surname. Each entry also gives initials or forenames and the persons unit.


93 casualties, with rank, surname, initials/forename and unit, ordered by rank and surname.