Thomond Road

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1948/50 House No.1-173 (ODD)
1948/51 House No.2-166 (EVEN) , 175-285 (ODD)
Naming of the road

During the time of the 2nd Siege of Limerick (30th August 1690) an order was issued by the leading Dutch general 'Ginkel' to his artillery to open fire on Thomond Bridge.

On 22nd September 1691 he decided to cross Thomond Bridge and enter Limerick city. The defending Irish soldiers had to retreat but the French commanding officer raised the drawbridge and left 600 Irishmen to be slaughtered.

This defeat resulted in the Treaty of Limerick in 1691 by Sarsfield, one condition of this being to let Irish soldiers who wanted to, continue their military career abroad. This led to 12,000 - 14,000 leaving to join the French army to fight in the war of Succession against the English/Dutch armies on many European Battlefields.

These Irish soldiers became known as the "Wild Geese"


Another long road with many houses. A small narrow lane links to Kylemore road. This was to be closed many times as it was badly lit and dangerous, with gangs of youths loitering in it. But people would rather use this lane than walk the much longer distance to get to the main shopping areas. The lane has now become one of the main routes to other areas of Ballyfermot .

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This lane links Thomond Rd to Kylemore road

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