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Creative Rhythmic Concepts for Jazz Improvisation


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Creative Rhythmic Concepts for Jazz Improvisation

"Ronan Guilfoyle's book is quite possibly the best on the use of rhythm in improvised music."- Mark Levine

This book and CD is the first of its kind to clearly explain the most recent developments in jazz rhythmic techniques. Intended for use by all instruments, it explains clearly how to go about developing and exploring one's rhythmic technique and how to use these sophisticated techniques in a jazz context.

The book examines the following areas in depth:

  • creative subdivision
  • metric modulation
  • odd metres

Each area is carefully explained and suggestions made as to how to develop one's own ideas in these areas. The following areas are also discussed:

  • Bulgarian music
  • South Indian Tala system
  • multiple subdivision
  • polyrhythms
  • odd metre polyrhythms
  • odd metre metric modulation

Laid out in a very clear manner, and the techniques are illustrated on the CD with over 50 examples. The book comes with six original compositions that illustrate various rhythmic techniques, and the CD can also be used as a playalong recording.

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Marc Johnson, Mark Levine, David Liebman and others.
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