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Ronan Guilfoyle's Lingua Franca: "Bird"
IMC (IMCD1016)
Julian Arguelles, Rick Peckham, Ronan Guilfoyle, Tom Rainey.

Music associated with Charlie Parker, in imaginative new arrangements.
USD 14.00

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Ronan Guilfoyle's Devsirme
IMC (IMCD1008)
Michael Buckley, Karl Ronan, Ronan Guilfoyle, Conor Guilfoyle.

Original small group compositions - the 1997 Julius Hemphill Composition Award winner.
USD 14.00

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As Side Musician

With Simon Nabatov:

Six By Two (Terrace Records, TR1001)

With Mike Nielsen and Conor Guilfoyle:

Part One (IMC, IMCD1006)
Septet Music (IMC, IMCD1005)

With Pat LaBarbera:

Ask a Simple Question (Terrace Records, TR1002)

With David Liebman:

Tomorrow's Expectations (IMC, IMCD1001)
After Dark (IMC, IMCD1017)

With Keith Copeland:

The Irish Connection (Steeplechase, SCCD 31395)
Round Trip (Steeplechase, SCCD 31425)
Live in Limerick (Steeplechase, SCCD 31469)

With Tanya Kalmanovitch:

Hut 5 (To be released)

With Dave O'Rourke and Lewis Nash's Celtic Collective:

Aislinn (A vision) (Mapleshade)

With Khanda:

Khanda (IMC, IMCD 1007)
Khanda with the Karnataka College of Percussion "5 Cities" (Release date and number TBC)

As Producer

Tommy Halferty "Anda" (IMC, IMCD1002)
Brendan Doyle "Wiggle Squiggle" (IMC, IMCD1004)
Septet Music "IMC Septet" (IMC, IMCD1005)
Rory McGuinness "Groovin' High" (IMC, IMCD1006)
Ronan Guilfoyle "Devsirme" (IMC, IMCD1008)
Richie Buckley "In Arrears" (IMC, IMCD1009)
Justin Carroll 3 "Quirk" (IMC, IMCD 1015)
Ronan Guilfoyle "Bird" (IMC, IMCD1016)
Khanda with the Karnataka College of Percussion "5 Cities" (Release date and number TBC)

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