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Shae Clancy on these misunderstood talismanic figures and their uses

Mermaids in the Mediaeval Church

 The Late Pat Radford's account of these strange and, by times, alluring figures.

Easter at Knowth

Gillies McBain on another astronomical puzzle set by the builders of Knowth.

A note on Lichens and Rock Art

Stiofán MacAmhalghaidh on some observed similarities


Drifting into the Mainstream

Laurence McCaffrey and Jill Hampton Brady on the Catholic Irish in America.

King's Justice and Social Order in Medieval Ireland

Stiofán MacAmhalghaidh on Cath Maige Tuired and Audacht Morainn'

Place Name Studies

Placenames around Kiltullagh

Kieran Jordan on the evolution of place names in Galway


The Woodland League

Ciaran Hughes on the League's history and methodology



INSIGHT Editorial

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