We are a small Organic holding on the south coast of Ireland. We grow fruit and vegetables for ourselves, but we no longer grow for the local markets. We grow without the use of chemical or animal inputs. We aim to live and produce food in an environmentally sustainable way. a rare snowy day on the farm

We grow a wide range of fruit and vegetables. We use environmentally sustainable methods such as crop rotation, intercropping, incorporation of Rock Dust and agro-forestry.

We realise that everything in life is a compromise, but also that you are only limited by your imagination.

Our holding and our diet are plant based. The main reason for this is that animal agriculture is a bigger contributor to world ecological destruction than air travel.

We are doing, in our own small way, what we can to work towards a future in which we can all live without destroying the planet.

Read more about the way we live and how we run our holding on our page About us.

We aim to spread knowledge of the benefits of plant based agriculture and of adopting a simpler life, if you would like to stay with us to learn a bit about a more ecological life we can offer food and accommodation in exchange for Voluntary work.

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 The Agroforestry Research Trust
 The Centre for Alternative Technology

 The SEER Centre