Swords Formal Wear
Lightweight Suits
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Black lightweight three-quarter jacket with grey stripe trousers and coffee waistcoat (6kb) Black lightweight three-quarter suit with deep red waistcoat and matching tie (5kb) Black lightweight jacket with grey stripe trousers and C waistcoat (5kb) Black lightweight suit with No 7 waistcoat and coffee crepe tie (6kb) Cream three-quarter jacket, man's and boy's (6kb)
Cream three-quarter suit with No 10 waistcoat (6kb) Cream jacket and trousers with plain gold waistcoat (6kb) Cream jacket with black trousers and gold waistcoat (6kb) Grey three-quarter suit with matching trousers and plain silver waistcoat (6kb) Lightweight black three-quarter suit with white waistcoat and pink cravat (6kb)
Lightweight black three-quarter suits with sky blue and Tenby ivory waistcoats (7kb) Lightweight tan three-quarter suit with Rialto waistcoat and ivory wing shirt (5kb) Lightweight tan jacket with black trousers, Rialto waistcoat and cream silk tie (5kb) Lightweight tan jacket with new plain ivory waistcoat (7kb) Lightweight tan jacket with pageboy in black Prince Edward (7kb)