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Wedding Hire

How soon do I need to book?
It depends on what month you wedding is, but sooner rather than later is always better to get the best choice. For summer weddings especially August/ September and weddings abroad where suits may be needed for a longer amount of time, early booking in the year is strongly advised. Otherwise a month to 6 weeks is generally fine.
Do I need to make an appointment?
No appointment is needed. If you are coming in on a Saturday with a big group for fittings we would always recommend you come early to avoid waiting as Saturdays can be extremely busy
How do I go about picking my suits?
Bride and groom generally come in together or groom and best man to look for suits. It is always helpful when picking suits to know if the bride is wearing: ivory or white and what colours the bridesmaids are wearing in order to match or pick colours and neckwear to complement dresses.
Does everyone wear the same suit?
Yes, generally all the wedding party wear the same suits. Whether the groom wears something a bit different in waistcoat and neckwear is entirely up to each individual couple. Sometimes a couple decide to have all the wedding party in the same outfit. Other couples decide to that they want the groom to stand out a bit so he wears a different waistcoat and cravat / tie to complement the bride. Then the groomsmen wear a waistcoat and neckwear to complement the bridesmaids. But all wear the same suits.
Do the fathers wear the same suits as groomsmen?
Yes usually the dads wear the same suit as the rest of the men. Sometimes when the groom decides to go for a ¾ length jacket the dads might wear the same type of jacket in an ordinary suit style jacket. Also sometimes instead of wearing wing collar shirts and cravats, the dads can wear regular collar shirts and ties in the same colour as the others.
What happens when I book?
Once the groom decides on suits and wants to make a booking we take €100 booking deposit and the balance on collection date. The rest of the wedding group can come in at a later stage for 1st suit fitting on their own whenever it suits them. Then we arrange a date for a second fitting usually around 2/3 days before the wedding for a final fit. Here everyone tries their suits again and takes them away.
When do I collect my suits?
Collection for wedding suits is usually 2 / 3 days before wedding date. Here we have a final fit for all the wedding party and once everyone is happy, suits can be taken away. Any last minute changes can be made here such as trouser lengths or waists.
What payment methods do you accept?
Wedding can be paid by cash, credit card and laser cards.
Our wedding is abroad?
If you having your wedding abroad we would recommend you book early as suits will be needed for longer. We usually charge an extra €10 per suit for every extra week suits are needed. We stock a great range of lightweight suits to cater for weddings abroad.
One of my groomsmen lives abroad?
There is no problem as this happens quite often. What we usually do is get approximate measurement from the groom in order to get an idea of the person’s size. A jacket size, waist, length and collar size is enough to start. Then as soon as the groomsman arrives in Dublin (generally 2/3 days before the wedding) we will get him in for a fitting and see if the man matches the measurements! Any changes in sizes such as waists and lengths can all be sorted out then as we do almost all our alterations on the premises.
Do you hire shoes?
Yes we hire black lace up shoes. These are €15 extra.

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I need a suit for Saturday. How soon do I need to come in?
If you need a tux for the weekend you could call in early in the week to have a quick fitting and then collect the day of the function or day before. If this is not convenient, you could just come in on the day or day before the suit is needed. We alter trouser lengths to suit every individual customer so there is usually an alteration to be done on trousers and we ask everyone to try the trousers again when they collect their tux to check that they’re happy with the length. There is no problem if you need a suit for the same day, however as we generally need to do alterations on trouser length, alterations generally take approx 15 mins depending on how busy we are.
Do you cater for big / small sizes?
Yes we cater for men’s jacket sizes from 34 up to size 62.
Do I pay when I book?
No, you can pay on collection
What payment methods do you accept?
Payment can be made by cash, credit card and laser cards.
If I need to collect my suit the day before function or return a day late is there an extra charge?
No as long as you tell us when you’re booking.
What’s included in tuxedo hire?
Jacket, trousers, dress shirt, cufflinks and bow. If you have a shirt we will deduct the price of the shirt from our hire price. Shoes are an additional €15 if needed. Waistcoats and cummerbunds are extra.

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Do you stock all kilts shown on your website?
No. We are an agent for Etiquette hire so we don’t stock these kilts in our shop. We will show you the Etiquette range of tartans from their brochure and when you choose, we will take measurements. We stock Pride of Ireland kilts and some sizes in black Bonnie Prince Charlie jackets so if we have your size on the day you come in we may ask you to try one of theses on just for size. Once you decide to book and we have the names of everyone we take €50 deposit on every kilt needed before we place our order to Etiquette. Collection date and final fittings are usually 4/5 days before wedding.
Do I pay a deposit when kits are collected?
Yes on the day of collection we take the balance of the hire price plus a €100 security deposit per kilt which is returned when kilts and accessories are returned in full.
Do you do children’s kilt hire?
Yes we do. We are agent for Etiquette formal hire which supply us with boys' kilts. At least a month is needed in advance for fittings and to place order on time.
How soon should I book?
At least a month is needed before the function date to allow plenty of time for fittings and to place orders.

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How soon should I book?
As most debs are in August / September, bookings usually begin in early July. We recommend you don’t wait too near the day to book as we find every year most debs are between jacket sizes 36 to 40. We have a huge stock but once theses sizes are gone that’s it and it’s generally the small sizes that go the quickest. So book early!
What is the standard outfit for the debs?
The standard outfit is a black tuxedo suit with a white wing collar shirt with cufflinks, waistcoat to complement / match the girl's dress, and a black bow or cravat to match the waistcoat. We also hire black dress shoes which are an optional extra.
What happens when I book?
When you choose your outfit we take a booking fee the day you book which secures your booking. Then you pay the balance of the hire on the day you collect. We also take a security deposit on every suit which is returned when the full suit, neckwear and links are returned. Any lost / damaged items are deducted from your deposit.
What happens if I lose or damage something?
We take a security deposit from everyone the day they collect their suit. The full security deposit will only be retuned when full suit and accessories are returned in the condition they were collected. Any lost or damaged items are deducted from this security deposit. Please note all of our jackets have our label and a specific number on them. On return, we will only accept the exact jacket that was given to each individual. Even if you return someone else’s jacket that belongs to our shop you will only get your deposit back when you return the exact jacket that was hired to you.