Swords Formal Wear
Pride of Ireland kilt

                We are the agent for ETIQUETTE KILTS and we have eleven different Tartans available including our popular and very attractive Pride of Ireland kilts..

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Bride and father
Weathered Dress Stuart with White Highland shirt

Kilt hire costs €175. This includes:

Close-up of Fly Plaid with Celtic brooch
* Kilt and kilt pin
* Jacket
* Waistcoat
* Shirt and cuff links
* Neckwear
* Belt
* Sporran
* Ghillie Brogues
* Hose (socks) Black, cream, grey
* Flashes
* Skean Dhu
* Fly Plaid & Brooch ( groom only )    €25 extra.
See our F.A.Q. page for details on hire.