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Last updated : 13nd August 2001.

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Trim, Co. Meath.

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Boyne Lodge
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Front of the house, click here to go to the house interior

This is the house that we have just completed building and the house we hope that you will come to visit. The front of the house faces east towards the river Boyne.

On arrival at our house as part of the warm welcome, guests are treated to tea, coffee, biscuits or cake. Boyne Lodge is just the place to relax in peaceful and tranquil rural surroundings. All rooms have TV, internal and external telephone connection, hairdryer, tea/coffee facilities. Rooms ensuite.
Guest also may relax in the sun room or walk through woodland/garden area.


Trim, Co. Meath looking to the east,click here to go to the town page

The town of Trim is about 2½ miles (4km.) to the west of the house. In this image the Boyne can be seen as it has leaves the town proper and heads for Newtown.
Newtown is the location of St. Peter and Paul's cathedral (now in ruins). On the far horizon, the Hill of Tara of ancient folklore can be observed.

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