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This image shows the outline of St. John's Castle on a December morning sky. The castle was the outpost of the English Pale built by Hugh de Lacy. The English Parliament sat in the town many times. The 1447 enactment required that any Irish man seeking to become English should abandon the Irish moustache and shave both lips. Sky line on winter's morning in Trim
From left to right, St. Patrick's Protestant Cathedral, St. Mary's Abbey & Talbot Castle, Yellow Steeple. (Talbot Castle) A
			view of the northside of the town taken from the grounds of St. John's
The final resting place of Sir Luke Dillon (in renaissance armour) and his wife Jane Bathe. Locally, this altar tomb is known as the "jealous man and woman". Alter
			tomb in St. Peter's and Paul's in Newtown.
One the foremost gardens in Ireland, Butterstream garden was one of the places visited by Prince Charles on his visit here. Butterstream Garden in May
Viewing Trim from the north bank of the Boyne. Left to right, St. John's Castle, St Loman's Catholic parish church, The Wellington Column. Sky line on a May morning

Images from bygone days

Viewing Trim from the south of the town. Left to right, Yellow Steeple, The Wellington Column, St. John's Castle, St Loman's Catholic parish church. Sky line of old.
Looking east over Market Street. In the background, the Yellow Steeple reaches skyward. To the left of the large house at the end of the street is town courthouse which is being renovated at the moment Market Street before the new development.
Trim castle as seen from the nothern bank of the river Boyne. It is in this area that many of the river crossings were filmed for Braveheart, directed by Mel Gibson. The castle has be renovated and is now open to the public. Truely, an experience not to be missed. St. John's Castle .
Taken from an engraving, this image displays St. Peter and Paul's cathedral, Newtown, as seen from the bridge over the river Boyne. This Augustinian see was set up by Simon de Rochfort in 1206. St. Peter's and Paul's, Newtown.

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