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Delta 9 Independent Film Resource
The Movie Cliches List, part 1
Microsoft® Cinemania® CD-ROM
Directory of /pub/cathouse/movies/scripts
Drew's Scripts-O-Rama
IMDB: Cardiff UK
Microsoft® Cinemania® 97 - Download Celebrity Tours; CD-ROM
James Cameron Fan Page
The James Bond Movie Page
Video Online Express
Lots of Videos and Laser Discs.
Welcome to
CNN - 'Michael Collins' tackles more than Irish history - Nov. 8, 1996
Some Mother's Son

Education etc.

The Nine Planets
Visit here for a dazzling multimedia tour of our solar system, complete with lots of color photos. The whole thing is very impressive
University of North Carolina Heliocentric Information Map
Take a look at this interesting home page, notable mainly for its circular menu, which places the Chapel Hill campus at the cen
Websters Dictionary


Simon Trezise's Home
Captain Ron's Page
Liz and Gary Forbes
Jafar's Page
The Parallel Universe
Simon's ever growing Page....
"Cindy, Cool American Chick"
Laurie's Home Page
Menolie's Hideaway

Horror and the Supernatural

Blue Fire
De Web Mysteriis (AJL Cthulhu Pages)
H. P. Lovecraft Page
The Cabinet of Dr. Casey - The Horror Web Page
The WWW Virtual Library: Archive X, Paranormal Phenomena
Thelema Home Page


Background Colors
Background Colors
Background Colors
Don't Use These Netscape Extensions!
Reasons not to use Netscape extensions. Of course it hasn't stopped many people including me...
Help! I've been Framed!
How do they do that with HTML?
HTML Primer
HTML+ (Hypertext markup format)
Server-Side-Includes Tutorial
Simple Function Test
Texture Land Junction
The Bandwidth Conservation Society
Transparent GIF's
WWW Related Material

JFK Assassination

Fair Play Magazine
The JFK Assassination Home Page

Medicine and Science

Medsite Navigator
Discover Magazine
The Merck Manual
Medical History
Irish Medical News
Medical Matrix- Guide to Internet Medical Resources
Medline Search
Medline Subset Query Form
The Medical Education Page
The Virtual Hospital
Urbana Atlas Of Pathology
The Butt Page

Museums and Art Galleries

Calvin and Hobbes Comics Gallery
More Anime
Philadelphia Online's Comics
The Anime Art Gallery
The Louvre
The Virtual Gallery
Web Museum


European Community Folk Project
The folk tradition throughout the European Community.
Folk Roots
Highlights from the influential English folk magazine.
Internet Underground Music Archive
This is where independent bands post songs, photos, and info. It is searchable in several categories.
Musical Resources
Columbia House Laserdisc Club Sign-up Offers Info.
PG Music.
Home of Band in a Box!!.
A profile of the Polish singer songwriter who performs dance music with a Jazz Latin flavour
Order Form PG Music Inc.
Roots World
The MOD Page
The Similarities Engine - Site Selector
the ultimate band list
Tower Records
This site simulates the electronic record catalogs you find in Tower stores, and you can order merchandise, too.
Under the Banyan Trees
The Steely Dan Reader
Warner Bros. Records
Welcome to the Metaverse
Ex MTV DJ, or VJ or whatever they call them these days....
Windham Hill Records
The Windham Hill site is as good-looking as the album covers. It includes a full catalog of available titles, and sound clips a

News and Magazines

CNN - Irish eyes smile on Clinton - Dec. 1, 1995
Electronic Newsstand
Lot's of E-zines.
HotWired: Pornscare Index
A response to Time Magazine....from HotWired
Hype ElectraZine
This is currently one of the coolest e-zines on-line, with some dazzling graphics, terrifically entertaining content, and links
Medieval Life
Mercury Center Web
The Mercury News site is one of the first on-line versions of a newspaper and it's still the best.
All the worlds Newspapers.
PA News
Philadelphia Online
The Electronic Telegraph
Time Magazine
tkeuro Magazine INDEX
Trinity News
Welcome to HotWired
Welcome to Pathfinder
Lots of online Magazines...


One Link
Australian City Net...
Confederated Tribes Of Siletz Indians homepage homepage
These pages present guides to several major cities. The information varies in quality and depth.
Gateway to Ireland - Bord Fáilte Tourist Offices Worldwide
New Norcia Heritage Trail
Kingston, New York
Information on Notingham and the University there...
Subway Navigator
A guide to lots of subway systems...
WOW - Paperless Guide to NYC
National Cancer Institute
Mainly deals with York university...

Politics and Issues

ACLU Freedom Network
Public Enquiry into the shootings at Dunblane Primary Sch 13/3/96
Blue Fire
Central Intelligence Agency
Environment Link
Environmental Protection Agency
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Federal Information Exchange List of WWW servers (U.S. Governme
Here's a universal list of government locations. It's the place to start exploring the US government on-line; hundreds of sites
The Page of Provocation
FedWorld Information Network
The National Technical Information Service provides this site for you to look up and order information.
Greenpeace International (Amsterdam)
IO ERROR's Omnipresence
Library of Congress
Marijuana Policy Project
Lobbying Wahington for reform of the Marijuana law...
Marxism '95
Missing Children
Mumia Abu Jamal
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Kids enjoy this site as much as adults. You can get the latest space-shuttle info and take tours of NASA sites around the count
QUB Law School - States of Emergency Database
Statewatch Home Page
The state of Civil Libertties in the UK and Europe.
U.S. Constitution
Welcome to the White House
the one in the USA


Programming Languages


National Public Radio
World Radio Network
News on radio from around the world....

Software and Hardware

Adanced Gravis.
Galt Shareware Zone
ClubWin Chapter 10
Creative Multimedia
CSUSM Windows World
CU-SeeMe Home Page
Dale's Windows95 Themes Page
Diamond Multimedia Systems, Inc.
Directory of /flight-sim/fs5
Frequently Asked Questions about PCN
Games Domain - Games related information site
Internet Telephone Company - WebPhone(tm)
Jasc Paint Shop Pro Description
Micro System Designs, Inc
Drivers Updates
Mustek, Inc. Home Page
Net Ex Unofficial Windows 95 Software Archive!
Number Nine Visual Technology
OAK Software Repository
Scott's DOOM Pages
Sigma Designs REALmagic Home Page
SyQuest Technology Incorporated
The Cisco Educational Archive
The One-Stop Windows 95 Site
The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software
Welcome to
Windows 95 Utilities
Windows95 Annoyances - The Windows 95 Internet Headquarters


GAA Home page
World Wide Web of Sports


Cable Movie Guide!
Highlights of BBC radio and Television.
Hawaii Five-O Home Page
James Dawe's Avengers Home Page
Sci-Fi Channel: The Dominion
Sci-Fi Channel: The Prisoner
The "Mission: Impossible" Home Page
Another "Mission: Impossible" Home Page
The Prisoner
Patrick MacGoohans Cult TV series of the sixties...Be Seeing You!
The Simpsons
Yo Homer!
UK satellite television channel Bravo

The Net

Cool Site of the Day
GEnie HotSpots: Friday, December 1, 1995
Interesting Places for Kids
Internet Town Hall
InterNIC Directory & Database Services
Iscabbs users
Kendall Price' Kewlpage
Microsoft Internet Assistant for Word 6.0 for Windows
NCSA Mosaic for Microsoft Windows Home Page
Netsurfer Digest
Real Audio
SLiRP/TIA and Trumpet Winsock Setup Menu
The Global Network Navigator (GNN)
The Iowa Student Computer Association BBS
About VDOnet
The Net Ater Dark
TwinSock (Troy's Winsock) FAQ
Everything you want to know about the popular SLIP emulator.
Underground Net
It bills itself as "anarchy at its worst" If you're adventurous, you'll appreciate the bizarre, strange, and cool places this p
Useless WWW Pages
America's funniest home hypermedia.
Welcome to RealAudio !
WWW Frequently Asked Questions
Head here to read basic questions and answers about the Web. It's updated frequently with the latest developments.

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The Strawberry Beds
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Dublin Jazz

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