Bujinkan Wexford Dojo

Welcome To The Wexford Dojo And Bujinkan na h-Eireann Web Site

Teaching Authentic Samurai Jujutsu and Ninja Ninjutsu Unarmed Combat And Traditional Weapons In The South East Coast of Ireland

No previous martial arts experience is needed

Our classes are for Adults :
( For both Men and Women 18 years of age and older )
Regular classes are held in
Wexford Town

The chief Instructor teaching at the Bujinkan Wexford Dojo is a Japan Certified Black Belt Shidoshi in Jujutsu and Ninjutsu

Learn Many styles of Self-defense both Unarmed and Armed - 3f t staff - Knife disarms - Sword skills - 6ft Staff - Weighted chain - Naginata - Yari - and many more ancient weapons

All our Instructors are registered with The Japanese Bujinkan Instructors Association (Bujinkan Shidoshi-Kai).