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[welcome to the Cambodia site]

Hello... and welcome to the newly refurbished Cambodia site!

As well as a new design, there has also been some new information included, with lots more additions to the "Photos" section to follow shortly.

I have opted for a simple and easy navigation design, which makes this version of the site a lot easier to use than the last!

Please bear with me while I upload and continue to update the site...
Remember that this site is constantly under construction!

You should find this site useful for a number of reasons, for instance

  • if you're planning to travel to Cambodia
  • doing some research for a school project
  • or if you're just generally interested in the country

Either way, you should find the site beneficial to some degree.

Click on one of the links on the right to get started... Enjoy!


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The Culture

The People

The History



Money & Costs

Getting Around






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