CCS 2003
Carndonagh Community School - An Introduction

A Brief History
In 1972, Carndonagh College (based in the Colgan Hall), the Convent of Mercy Secondary School and the Vocational School conglomerated to form what we now know as Carndonagh Community School. The development had to cater for just over eight hundred students. As the new building for CCS was not completed in 1972, students remained in the three schools named above for the first year of operation and were required to move between campuses to attend classes. The now familiar CCS logo was inspired by the Carndonagh Cross which sits immediately outside the school grounds.

In 1973, the new building was finally opened. The principal was Fr. Kevin McKenna who was formerly a teacher in Carndonagh College. The vice-principal was Jim A. McDonagh, who had been principal in the Vocational School. The first appointed Guidance Councillor was Fr. Lagan, a teacher of French who later became Bishop. Fr. McKenna was succeeded as principal in 1991 by Brian Mullins who was followed by the current principal, Paul Fiorentini in September 2000. Mr. Fiorentini was a student at Carndonagh College and later CCS.

The school's membership reached over sixteen hundred students at its height. Unit 5, the Maths Building and, in 1996, the Technology Building (at a cost of 3M) were constructed to cater for this expansion. In 1997, the Aras (an open area adjacent to the Gymnasium) was opened by President Mary McAleese. The school's most recent development, the McKenna Library, was opened in 2002. Leabharlann Mhic Cionnaith was named in honour of past principal Fr. Kevin, who was present on the night to cut the ribbon.

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