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Chairde chilldamhnait

This group was set up in April 2001. The aim of the group is to bring young people living in the area together. The area is in need of new ideas.This would prevent further decline in the area. Since coming together the group have achieved the following projects:

(1) A clean up of the roads on the Atlantic drive

(2) They have obtained stones with the names of the villages on them.

(3) The group also installed portable toilets on the drive for the summer months

(4) The group were also responsible for the setting up of the a youth group which gets involved       with various activities (club foroige chilldamhnait)

Committees members: 
Noírín Gannon (098) 45726
Celine   O Connor (098) 45105
Therese O Connor  (098) 45105

Club Foróige Chilldamhnait

The youths of Kildownet with the help of Chairde Chilldamhnait decided to set up a Foróige club in December 2001. There are 11 members in the group and the members know each other well.
The first aim of the group was to raise funds to maintain the group.A raffle and a cake sale were organised, both of which were successful.The group also participated in helping out a the senior citizens party held on the 4th of January 2002.The Group hope to get involved in the community, and hope to bring all the youths of the area together to achieve something for themselves, and the area.

Cathaoirleach/chairperson Patrick Kilbane (098)45159
Leas cathaoirleach/vice chairperson Matthew Conway (098)45722
Rúnai/Secretary  Conor Molloy (098)45315
Cisteóir/Treasurer  Edel O Connor (098)45105
OAF/P.R.O Brian O Keeffe (098)45762

Coiste Mhná Chilldamhnait

This is a group of the women from the area who are involved in getting speakers in to talk on various subjects including Aromatherapy, they also hold card games in aid of various causes in the community i.e. the senior citizens party. The group's aim is to bring together the women of the community. Chairperson Mary Margaret Ginnelly.

Chomhlacht  Forbacha áitiul Chilldamhnait
This is a group responsible for the development of public resources in the Chilldamhnait area i.e. the car park at Cloughmore pier, the tarmacadaming of the church in the area and other schemes. They were also instrumental in the preservation of the anchor believed to be that of the Spanish Armada.

Secretary/Runaí     Tomás Mac Sheain          (098) 45110

Coiste Pobal ar Aire Chilldamhnait /Community alert

This group is involved in protecting the elderly who live alone in the area.
Contact  number (098) 45110

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